The 10 Best League of Legends Wallpapers

What better way to start off a list of League wallpapers than an old classic? “Akali vs. Baron.”

A Game Running Since 2009 Has a Lot of Great Art to Choose From


1. Pool Party

With the release of these festive pool party skins, Riot also put out this sun-soaked official wallpaper.

2. Blood Brothers

The “Blood Brothers” wallpaper shows off the relationship between Drayven and Darius. 

3. Lissandra Release

The official artwork released to tease Lissandra’s debut makes for an awesome wallpaper done in soothing, icy cool tones. 

4. Zombie Brand

The splash art Riot released for their specialty skins in Halloween 2012 make for good spooky wallpapers

5. Redesigned Poppy

Poppy’s redesigned artwork makes for an attractive addition to any player’s desktop.

6. Sunset Teemo

Teemo, looking adorable for once, stares into a delightful sunset. 

7. Heartseeker Ashe

With her charms, Heartseeker Ashe can even keep the beastly Tryndamere at bay.

8. Popstar Ahri

Be careful with Popstar Ahri, as she can be a real showstopper on your home screen. 

9. Mafia Graves

Mafia Graves is going to make you sleep with the fishes, see. 

9. Firecracker Jinx

Riot released Firecracker Jinx with this fantastic official art in February of 2015. 

10. Star Guardian Lux

Released just this year in 2016, the Star Guardian skins’ official art ought to give a few fans a healthy dose of nostalgia. 


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