10 PC Games with the Best Storylines

Gather 'round for some great tales!
Gather 'round for some great tales!

The best video game stories ever told...

There’s an unfair stereotype that video games don’t have good stories. While this was mostly true in the early ‘80s, by the ‘90s, developers were already beefing up their efforts to tell strong, imaginative yarns that not only entertained, but also spoke to gamers on a more personal level.

Thanks to the advent of more powerful technology, the new millennium has seen developers supplementing their scriptwriting with great visuals and sound, giving rise to more well-rounded storytelling styles. This, in turn, has led to interactive experiences with some truly memorable tales – paving the way for the acceptance of the video game as a legitimate art form capable of stimulating the deepest of thoughts and emotions.

PC games started telling wonderful stories long before console games ever did. So we’ve decided to honor our favorite storytelling medium with a list of the 10 PC games with the best storylines.

So let's start with PC game #10...

10. Grim Fandango

Grim Fandango 01

The Grim Reaper never looked this suave

While console owners were stomping on goombas, computer game developers like LucasArts were making point-and-click adventure games for the PC, which, at the time, was the home of video game storytelling.

Released in 1998, when the craze for the adventure game genre was all but dead, Grim Fandango was a huge risk. Set in the afterlife’s Land of the Dead, players fill the shoes of Manny Calavera, a travel agent ferrying departed souls into the Ninth Underworld.

Thanks to its well-crafted, humorous story, fascinating visuals, and extraordinary characters, Grim Fandango defied all expectations, and now lives on in many a gamer’s heart as one of the best video game stories ever told.

Our rating – 5/5

Grim Fandango 02

Grim Fandango 03


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