The 11 Best Disney Games You Can Play Today

Getting that longing to re-live your childhood a little?

Disney games aren’t just for kids. Disney knows their audience, and have made sure their games are fun for adults as well as children.

But with Disney pumping out so many games, how do you choose which ones are the best?

Keep reading to find the Best Disney Games you can play today! 

11. DuckTales: Remastered

DuckTales the TV show was a late 80’s/90’s kid after school staple. Rip open that Lunchable and settle down in front of that thick bubble-butt flat screen kids!

The original DuckTales video game was released in 1989, but Disney must have decided they owed the fans more (yes please!) because now we have DuckTales Remastered!

The animation and game play is very clean with beautiful bright colors. It has a similar feel to the original game, but combines 2-D and 3-D elements for great gameplay.  You get pretty big flashes of nostalgia while playing, especially when you bop your enemies on the head and they flash and “fade” to indicate damage.  The characters look just as if you peeled them out of the modern DuckTales TV show

Pogo your way to the treasure on Scrooge McDuck’s cane!

10) Disney Infinity

I love the idea of Disney Infinity.  Collecting the statues and characters to be able to play them in the game. Disney knows people love to collect things, and that they those their minds over anything that you have to have a whole set of (Anyone ever run into a Disney Pin Trader in the wild? Shudder.) It’s a little annoying you have to purchase other sets to get characters, but they start you out with three solid characters. Mr. Incredible, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Sully from Monsters Inc. How could you go wrong there?

I like the visuals of the game play. The characters in this world have more “cartoony” oversized features, unlike the hyper-realistic typical Pixar animation. But I think it works, especially since that style matches the way the statues are designed.

You start with three play sets,, one for  Monsters University, Pirates of the Caribbean, and one for the Incredibles. Each world and character have their own campaign and objective! Three games for the price of one! A great bonus is the two modes with Disney Infinity. You’ve got the “play set” which is each character in their respective world, but then you have Toy Box mode. You can create and build any world you want in Toy Box!
The little things are the best part of this game in my opinion.  For example, they’ve got Jack’s run perfect; the way he runs with his arms loose and a slightly swaying jog.

The campaigns are fun, as any game where you can accomplish a goal and win.  But I almost think Toy Box mode is more enjoyable!  World creation games are still popular for a reason I guess. (I mean, a certain “Mine” game ring anyone's bells?)

Look at that Captain Jack smirk! 

9) Where's My Perry?

There may be 104 days of summer vacation, but there's only one Where's My Perry! 

A spin off of the original Disney game “ Where’s My water”, featuring Swampy the bath-loving alligator,  Where's My Perry stars the totally not-a-spy platypus of the Disney channel show Phineas and Ferb

Perry needs to get to his headquarters, but he gets stuck in the tubes of the sewer on his way there.  The player needs to manipulate the water through a series of obstacles to then trigger an elevator system to send Perry on his way!

This game is decidedly different than Where’s my water”, and that’s what makes it fun. You can transform the water from liquid form into ice or steam sludge. Anything to help you beat the level faster and get Perry to the secret headquarters!

Phineas and Ferb is praised for its animation style and humor, and the creators of the game have integrated that style perfectly.  The visuals are so like the TV show you may think you’ve switched to Netflix by accident! And it’s fun as well as challenging to find the most efficient way to have the water flow, while avoiding the schemes of Dr.  Doofenshmirtz.

I might have to spend all 14 days of my yearly PTO playing this game! (The days of summer vacation are long gone once you are an adult, kids, enjoy it while you still can.)

Choose which way to guide the water to help Perry make it to his secret agent hideout!

 8) Toy Story 3: The Video Game

This game certainly has got a friend in me!  

 The story follows the events of the 3rd movie pretty closely, which I liked a lot.  (If you haven’t seen the third movie go watch it, what you live under a rock or something?)

 You can play as either Woody, Jessie, or Buzz. Each have their own abilities. Buzz is the strongest so he can throw other characters long distances, Jessie can nimbly balance and work her way through small areas, and woody uses his pull-cord to swing himself from place to place.

 The feel of the game is almost exactly the movie animation.  I love the fact that you can switch seamlessly between the three playable characters on a lot of the levels. You need to work together as all three to complete a lot of the tasks! 

Defeat Lotso Huggin Bear!

7) Club Penguin Island

 So, Club Penguin Island got a lot of negative publicity after Disney bought it out and got rid of their original interface a few months ago. The original game was called simply “Club Penguin” and had been around more than 10 years.

People do not like the new Club Penguin Island, and I believe it’s because us, as a species, just don’t like change!

 Club Penguin Island has all the original appeal of the game, with a more modern style. But it also throws in a dash of adventure! Go on treasure hunts, complete tasks for in game money, or just hang out and chill with friends like the original Club Penguin!

Disney promises more updates will come in time.  I also love the fact that you can play it on a phone or any mobile device. That shows that Disney knows their market. The target age for Club Penguin Island is ages 8-14 years old, and when was the last time you saw ANY 8-14 year old without a mobile device?

Keep your eye on this one, it could prove to be better than the old Club Penguin ever was! 

Hang with all your buddies!

6) Disney Infinity 3.0

 This is the third and final installment to the Disney infinity series.  This series focuses on both the original Star Wars trilogy and sequels, and comes with two star wars figures.  Additional sets released were also Finding Dory and Inside out, along with many others. With this final installment, and with all play sets released, you have over a hundred characters to play over all 3 Disney Infinity games!

Actually, one of the best parts of this Disney Infinity game is the Toy Box level once again. They put in a cart themed racing game, and one of the levels is sugar rush from Wreck it Ralph.  Disney knows how much gamers love their racing games. (A famous racing game featuring a very adapt plumber and his friends is one of my favorites! ) 

 There’s also an expanded toy box level where you can bring all the characters together. Ever want to see Elsa on the same screen as Kylo Ren? You got it! 

Defeat Marth Maul and other enemies of the rebel alliance!

5) Epic Mickey

A dark love-letter to forgotten Disney characters, including the famously lost but now returned Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. This game, with its weird imagery and “transformed” Disneyland was right up my alley.

Mickey has snuck into the wizard Yen Sid’s work shop through a painting, and found a model of Disneyland that Yen Sid created has painted. Mickey, ever the narcissistic trouble maker, decides to paint a picture of himself, (for what reason? Who knows) and accidently creates a ghoul-like ink blot who wants to steal his heart. Mickey gets sucked into the “Wasteland” of forgotten Disney rides, shows, and characters.

 Play as Mickey, armed with Yen-sid’s magic paint brush and paint thinner, while you battle multiple the ink blots and forgotten Disney rides to restore your heart, so you can return to the world that loves you!

 The whole game, especially the “Wasteland” has a very mono-chromatic, muted colors that look and feel just like Disney shorts of long ago. Even Mickey appears different than we’re used to, looking more like Steamboat Willy mickey than “Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.” I love the plot too, not something we’d ever seen from a Disney game, and I like that they were kind of poking fun at themselves. Admitting that most people don’t remember the original shorts or characters besides Mickey that made Walt famous. 

The first game where Oswald and Mickey are together!

4) Star Wars Commander

A pure Strategy game if there ever was one. You can build your army and attack other players. You can be with either the rebel alliance or the galactic empire (always go with the dark side, they have cookies and Kylo Ren, Yum)

Appearances by your favorites of course, like Darth Vadar, Han Solo, Chewbacca and Leia.

Create your own base and earn coins.  Upgrade by attacking other players and winning!

Build your base up to protect it from attacks! 

3) Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

Disney loves remaking their old 8-bit games. And in this case, same as with the aforementioned DuckTales, they did it right.

Although the objective is the same as in the original Castle of Illusion (Save Minnie from the evil witch Mizrabel) the smooth animation and impressive graphics keep the player enchanted. (HA!

Get it, enchanted?) I really like how they kept the side-scroll effect, since it helps preserve the integrity of the original game for the 1990s.

Just as in the original, Mickey’s main form of attack is his “bounce”, to either jump higher or beat his enemies. That’s also how he defeats Mizrabel (who, too me, looks like some poor man’s Maleficent what you are playing at Disney with that so called “Witch?”)

Super fun and the nod to the nostalgia cannot be beat with this game!

You have to save Minnie!

2) Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game 

Lego Pirates of the Caribbean gameplay

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Lego movies and games.  The little Lego people are just so adorable, and I love their little painted expressions.

This game is fun because it came out in 2011, and subsequently covers the first four “Pirates” films,

By using a two player drop out system you can play as a few of your favorite characters, which is always a good way from crying “ARRRR this is boring!”  Jack, Barbossa, Davy Jones, Will Turner and other characters are all playable.

Disney outdoes its self again with the little details, including the unmistakable Captain Jack walk, which is perfectly recognizable even in Lego form.

I really enjoyed the story telling method as well. It’s pretty unique due to no spoken-dialogue or text to move the narrative. You rely on cut scenes only for the plot.. Different for sure, but not 

How could you not love this Lego kraken? 

1) Disney – Pixar’s Brave

 The Disney Company writes some decidedly strong female characters, that’s for sure.  But in my opinion, one of the most kick-butt character ever would be Merida from Disney Pixar’s Brave.

She wields that bow like no one’s business. I think even Katniss Everdeen would cower in fear.  Not even her unruly red mane can get in her way!

The game is a perfect way to frame her abilities as a master archer.  The evil Mor-du has been corrupting “waystones” which interferes with the local witches magic and causes the transformation of Merida’s mother and brothers.

 You have to defeat the evil Mor-du by clearing the “waystones” with your bow and arrow, which will fix the problems the witch is having with her magic and allow Merida’s mother and brothers to be turned back into humans.

You can play as both as a single or a co-operative, with the other player controlling the will-o-wisps.  There are also elemental charms to encounter along that enchant Merida’s arrows and sword with fire, earth, air or ice.  

The charms make it easier to defeat certain enemies, who may be more vulnerable to one element over another.

The game is done all in earth tones, gold, green and brown the major color, with background music of cheerful Scottish tunes. The original voice actress does Merida’s lines, so the feel is very much the same as the movie. 

Fun adventure gameplay, with enough puzzles and action hold your interest. I couldn’t “bear” to be without this game! 

Defeat the magic and transform your mother back to human form!

Disney is not all princess crowns and magic! They make movies that people from all around the globe and all ages enjoy. It makes sense that their games would hold the same level of fun, adventure, style and creativity that their movies do! Next time you’re looking for a new game, don’t rule out the mouse!

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