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Prepare for adventure and high sea battles in these pirate games.

8) Puzzle Pirates (2011)

Yeah, it’s sort of like that.

Developer: Three Rings

Genre: MMO Puzzle Adventure

Theme: Puzzling Piracy

Not all pirate games need to consist of running through scallywags and tearing through their ships with cannons. Puzzle Pirates is a rather unique game even apart from its theme of piracy, seeing as it is an MMO that primarily consists of puzzle mini-games. Everything from naval combat to blacksmithing consists of different puzzle games.


Players exist in a persistent world with their avatar, waiting to make friends or enemies as they take to the high seas. There are many different classes of ships and even different housing available as you progress in the game.

If you want a truly unique MMO experience, one need look no further than Puzzle Pirates. The way is clear, and the game is free to play so there’s no need to wait for another cargo ship arrive before you begin your adventure.

7) Tempest (2015)

Daring assaults and a beautiful ocean, what more could you want?

Developer: Lion’s Shade

Genre: Action RPG

Theme: High Seas Piracy with Supernatural Elements

Tempest is an early access, nautically themed RPG with some fantastic elements. As with all games under the early access flag, it needs to be noted that features may not be implemented as they are when the game is done. It features a robust naval combat system, and you’re not limited to being just a pirate, it’s perfectly possible to take on a number of roles that the captain of a ship might provide.

Getting devoured by a giant, tentacle beast of the deep is a role, right?

With customizable ships and a plethora of weapon types, it’s rapidly apparent that this is a game made to focus on ship combat. In addition to the normal day-to-day plundering, pillaging, and the like you will also encounter a strange cult, and mythical beasts such as the Kraken and Leviathan on your adventures. All detailed in beautiful 3D graphics with impressive weather effects.

You can level up your crew, gain access to legendary artifacts that can call down meteors or summon some of the eldritch horrors from the bottom of the sea to destroy your enemies for you, and explore three vast regions. This game looks to be killer when it’s finally released and is definitely worth the early investment.

6) The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition (2015)

An exciting story will keep you coming back for more.

Developer: Lucas Arts

Genre: Point and Click Adventure

Theme: Hilarious, Inept Adventure

It’s hard to overestimate just how much the adventures of Guybush Threepwood meant to early gamers, it was a different time. Point and click adventure games were a serious genre, not just a novelty or something for casual folks to pass the time with. And the Monkey Island series followed the hilarious adventures of a bumbling would-be pirate as he combatted the dreaded Captain LeChuck, tried to win the love of Elaine Marley, and become the most infamous pirate of them all.

Oh Guybrush, observe your ill-fated misadventures.

Action and combat weren’t the focus here, it was instead on moving forward with the story. Utilizing the typical inventory system of the era, you followed the plot. Now masterfully redone, with new voices and much, much prettier animations this throwback to an earlier era was released last year and is a must have for both those who experienced the game in its earlier form and those who might want a glimpse into the past without the need to sacrifice their eyes to the pixel Gods of an earlier aeon.

5) Sea Dogs: To Each His Own (2012)

A bit dated, but ever so tantalizing.

Developer: BlackMark Studio

Genre: RPG

Theme: Piracy in the 17th Century

Sea Dogs: To Each His Own casts you as of Charles de Maure, a young Frenchman who has arrived to aid his brother, and as we all know, that is only the beginning. The graphics may be a bit dated on this Russian gem, but the gameplay certainly isn’t.

Close quarters dueling? I’m in.

With a robust combat system, alchemy and crafting, and deep… everything, really there’s nothing not to like provided you can get over the dated graphics. With an open world and a large assortment of ships to utilize, there’s not much to do except for learn the system and begin on your own great adventure into piracy.

Engage in ship fights and epic duels, command the high seas, your destiny awaits in Sea Dogs: To Each His Own.

4) LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean: The Video Game(2011)

No false advertising here, just LEGO and pirates.

Developer: Traveller’s Tales

Genre: Action/Adventure

Theme: Piracy and blocks

As must inevitably happen to all licensed properties, Disney’s fun swashbuckling movies fell under the LEGO spell. What we are presented with is an action game that follows through the course of all four of the Pirates of the Caribbean films allowing you to play as your favorite characters as you continue forward with all of the usual LEGO twists like silent characters.

He doesn’t look as drunk and dirty as I remember, but the likeness is remarkable.

If you’re looking to get the little ones into some piracy action, this is a great option. The LEGO games continue onward, quite unabated, and this is another gem worth the trouble. With the option to play as various different characters, and a plot that spans the four movies there are certainly much worse places to turn for some action on the high seas. It’s a simple action game really, but it’s a good way to dip your toes in if you’re an established landlubber, and especially if you’re just a fan of blocks.

3) Naval Action (2016)

Realistic naval combat in sail ships? Yes please!

Developer: Game-Labs

Genre: MMO Action, Simulation

Theme: High Seas Naval Combat

The first thing you will notice about this early access game is that it is gorgeous, the graphics are absolutely breathtaking. Taking place in the 1800s this game places you as the captain of a vessel of one of various nationalities. You gain your gold through trading or combat, and since we’re talking pirates here, raiding other ships is definitely the way to go.

That stern though…

The combat is very true to actual naval combat, focusing on positioning and wind direction. As usual, orientation of your ship to broadside is required, and the various ammo types ensure that you can damage a ship in the way you wish to. Enemy vessels can also be boarded and captured, and of course their cargo sold off to line your own coffers. The combat is deep, and allows for a wide array of tactics both in the ship-to-ship combat and boarding phase.

It’s in early access right now, which means things can only go up from here as features are added and the existing gameplay architecture is better defined. If attacking enemy ships and nautical realism is your favorite part of being a pirate, this game definitely suggests a serious look.

2) Pixel Piracy (2015)

Cute maybe, but most definitely a brutal simulation.

Developer: Quadro Delta, Vitali Kirpu

Genre: Adventure Simulation

Theme: High Seas Piracy Simulation

Pixel Piracy is one of those games that’s easy to dismiss with a first glance, but it hides a surprisingly deep system of gameplay. You’ll take the control of a captain with the goal of becoming the best pirate in the world by defeating… well, the four best existing pirate captains in the world. Starting with a boat that’s not much more than a raft you begin to undertake your quest by pillaging enemy ships, conquering islands, and hiring more shifty scoundrels to fight alongside you. As you sail on the high seas, you will also deal with two scourges that are rarely dealt with in simulations, scurvy and the constant accumulation of waste from both pirates lacking basic potty training and the constant seagulls overhead.

No kill like overkill.

The combat goes from carefully measured in the early stages, to frantic melees as you venture deeper from your home port. Each of your pirates has individual statistics and equipment to manage as you delve deeper into the game, and eventually your boat will become a veritable fortress and each individual piece can be hand designed using a simple system as time goes on. Your pirates die permanently if they fall in combat or to disease, but they’re easily replaced at the various taverns in towns you encounter as you venture forth. Plunder enemy ships, dig for treasure, meet interesting tribal island people and kill them, all in pursuit of ever increasing prowess and material gain. Just like a real pirate.

In the end, the frantic combat, amusing graphics, and sometimes surprising sense of depth contained within the game makes this another must have game for those interested in the high seas.

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