Metal Gear Solid Series: 10 Things We Love Most About The Metal Gear Games

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The Metal Gear Solid series has been an open-world staple for gamers ever since it’s initial launch in 1998. Since then, the franchise has been evolving while still staying true to what made it great in the first place. Below are 10 of the main characters/traits/elements of Metal Gear Solid that make the Series so special.

Here’s a full list of Metal Gear Solid Games:

Metal Gear Solid                                                1998
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty                     2001
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater                         2004
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots              2006
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes                     2014
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain               2008

Things We Love Most About The Metal Gear Solid Games:

10. Psycho Mantis

Better not let this guy near your computer!

Most villains usually come from a troubled past, and this one is no different. After having an unpleasant experience with his telepathic ability, Psycho Mantis turned on humanity and eventually became Solid Snake’s formidable foe.

Considered to be one of the greatest video game villains of all time, Psycho Mantis has characteristics that are usually unseen on other war game villains. He holds the abilities of telepathy and psychokinesis, being able to control minds and manipulate objects with nothing but his thoughts. This brings us to…

9. 4th Wall Breaks

These people know everything!

One of the great elements of Metal Gear is creativity, which is perfectly portrayed at all the iconic gameplay 4th wall breaks.

When Psycho Mantis attempts to control your (the player’s) mind, he directs his speech to the outside universe. In the console games, you must even physically switch your controller to another port! There are several other instances where other game characters acknowledge your presence, and refer to objects (usually the game console) outside the Metal Gear universe.

 A few other games do this, making you feel even more connected with the characters and the mission at hand.

8. Big Boss (not to be confused with The Boss)

 Alas, the greatest soldier of all time.

Hailed by many in his universe as “The Greatest Warrior of the 20th Century”, this Metal Gear Solid character bridges the gap between the beginnings of the FOXHOUND organization to the main protagonist’s universe.

Few other video game characters are as dynamic and have such a rich backstory as his. From his apprenticeship with the also legendary Mother of Special Forces to his final confrontation with our protagonist, Big Boss brings in an unparalleled level of depth and reality to the game.

7. Solid Snake

Just another day at the office…

The face of the Series, Solid is nothing but a badass soldier. Genetically engineered from Big Boss himself, Solid repeatedly slays villains and saves the world from terrorist threats, too many of which come from members of his own family.

Throughout the various games of the franchise, we can see Solid Snake growing and maturing as a soldier, eventually renaming himself Old Snake due to his aging. Gamers all across the board were sad to see his story’s conclusion a few games ago. However, in a franchise as creative as Metal Gear Solid, the possibilities are truly endless.

6. Konami Ghosts

Hope you aren’t scared of video-game developers.

Another great touch of creativity (and real-universe references) comes from the “ghosts” that can be seen at certain points of the game. Better yet, these are the Konami developers themselves, adding an awesome element to the game.

 Even though these ghosts don’t really have an impact on gameplay, you have to admit that it blends well with the already ominous nature of underground terrorist fortresses.

5. Mission Progression

Sure, there are many other action video games out there that involve infiltrating enemy bases and saving the world from terrorist ploys; however, almost none of these can compete with Metal Gear Solid in terms of story and mission progression.

Here we go again!

One of the great things about the Metal Gear series is the continuity of the story, which always seems to transition seamlessly throughout the games. The detail behind the stealth tactics, weapon arsenal and enemy compounds are a sight to see. Even years after the first Metal Gear Solid installment, many gamers’ favorite moment when playing still is sneaking into a highly secure enemy compound filled with strongly armed guards.

4. Quiet

Introduced only later on Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Quiet is another top-notch character addition to an already loaded cast of badasses.


Who wouldn’t like to be a super accurate sniper while also being able to move at superhuman quantum speeds? Although this elite female sniper was not on the classic Metal Gear installations, her skillset and silence complements the dense dialogue from other characters pretty well, making Quiet a very unique character loved by many fans.

3. Wolf Pup

A Special Ops Commander’s best friend.

Finally something to aw over in an otherwise intense game! Finding and being able to train the wolf puppy to help you out on your missions adds another layer to the Metal Gear open world.

For a game so focused on neutralizing Special Ops Commandos, disarming nuclear warheads and making sure you are not shot by your enemies, raising the wolf pup brings another type of enjoyment so common to open-world games: being able to invest your time into something and see it grow.

In the wolf pup’s case, we get to see this cute animal grow into a ferocious wolf, whose loyalty to you is continually proven throughout the game. What’s not to love?

2. Stealth

I bet they won’t see this one coming!

Big part of Metal Gear’s popularity and appeal came from its popularization of stealth tactics, which are now used on several other counter-terrorist games. As fun as it is blowing up grenades and lighting up with Solid Snake’s military weapons, guiding Solid through bunkers and terrorist compounds undetected have to be one of the highlights of this great game.

The whole concept of stealth as a battle tactic also fits well with the Metal Gear Universe, where fighting the opponent head on with weapons may not be the best way to go. After all, Solid Snake is constantly trying to get rid of dangerous weapons of mass destruction, and alerting the enemy he’s close by can get dangerous!

1. Storyline

Few other gaming storylines get as intriguing –and as realistic- as Metal Gear Solid’s. Sure, the convoluted political conspiracies, genetic cloning and military ploys seem a little farfetched for the real world, but they blend together perfectly to make Metal Gear Solid an addictive military experience.

As the franchise extends, we can see Solid Snake staying true to his warrior roots, while still getting involved in dangerous military operations to disarm nuclear warheads and neutralize other Special Forces units.

While playing MGS you get to be a part of a legacy, which spans several years and a few generations. No matter what stage you are playing at, Solid Snake’s saga always seems fresh and relevant, naturally adding on to the gameplay as technology allows.


Metal Gear Solid is an established video game franchise, and has the potential to continue its legacy with its newer installations. Be it mind-reading villains, cute trainable wolf-puppies or the usual brotherly rift, MSG has it all, packaging all of it with a well elaborated storyline that is the perfect backdrop for stealth action gaming.

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