Rise of the Tomb Raider Will NOT have a multiplayer option!

...Or will it?

 As most of you know, Rise of the Tomb Raider is the sequel to the 2013 hit-game "Tomb Raider" and as of now, the game is to be released for Xbox 360 and Xbox One in early November (10 & 13) 2015, PC in early 2016 and PS in late 2016. 

Following the great success of it's predecessor, the game promises to take us on new adventures and dazzle us with new gadgets and weapons, crafting systems, a weather system and a day to night cycle. 

Set after Tomb Raider, Croft's experience of the supernatural on Yamatai has been covered up by the Trinity organization. In order to prove she is not insane, she becomes obsessed with finding the truth behind myths around the world. Rise[italic] follows Lara and Jonah Maiava as they search Siberia for the ancient city Kitezh as the story unfolds and the barrier between reality, fiction and madness become thinner each day.

That all sounds fun and amazing to play, but the key problem in all of it is that the game itself will not have a Multiplayer Platform at all.
 Crystal Dynamics (The developers of Tomb Raider & Rise) have this to say about the whole deal: "With multiplayer cut from the experience, Crystal Dynamics needed to make this core campaign as entertaining as possible."


Onward to Multiplayer Land!

 If this would have been the Only & Final statement on this matter I'm pretty sure a mob of angry fans holding pitchforks and torches would start marching towards the Crystal Dynamics HQ any day now, but, it turns out that even though they've cut the traditional form of a multiplayer that we all know, they're planning to integrate some other type of system in the game. Microsoft went as far as to state that Xbox One and Xbox 360 will probably have some way or another to play with friends, or as they say it: "Including how players will be able to extend their single-player campaign and compete with their friends."
 That all somehow makes it sound al right (except for the those poor PC gamers), because let's face it, in order for people to not care about having a multiplayer option or not, it would have to be ONE HELL of a Singleplayer experience.

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