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Anodyne (2013)

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A dream world has been opened - inside Young's head. White-haired, goggled and with his trusty broomstick, Young travels into the bizarre pixelated world of his dreams, from towering cliffs to dangerous swamps, underwater caves to mysterious worlds dominated by machines. 

A Zelda-esque adventure hearkening back to classic action-adventure games, Anodyne drops players into the strange world of the subconscious, where reality and fantasy co-exist, and often coincide, where what is real and what is not, can even be a pointless question.

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pepekin's picture

pepekin 8 years 10 months ago

Anodyne is a generally good game with great music. The music is all original compositions by one the game's creators, Sean Hogan, and it's a perfect mix of electronic sounds and instrumental. The haunting, eerie music in this game can make your hair stand on end, and the Oriental music brings to mind images of cherry blossoms swaying in the wind as somewhere in the distance, a paper-panel door slides shut. Besides the music, Anodyne is full of exploring a substantial number of worlds, each with its own theme, like ancient South American or arctic. There are tons of puzzles throughout the game. Some of these are interesting, but others are more repetitive. There's some good humor in the game and an interesting storyline, and I'd say that it's definitely worth at least trying the demo on Newgrounds.