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Bulletstorm (2011)

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Grayson Hunt is part of the Dead Echo team, commissioned by Star General Sarrano to take out criminals - until they discover that Sarrano is using them to kill innocent civilians. Realizing they have been deceived, Dead Echo team deserts and become space pirates, escaping into the farthest fringes of space to avoid Sarrano's forces. Ten years later, in an attempt to take revenge on Sarrano, Grayson rams his ship into Sarrano's, causing both ships to crash on the tropical planet of Stygia, inhabited by dangerous mutants and carnivorous plants.

In this outrageous sci-fi shooter, players perform ludicrously creative kills, chaining together weapons and environmental objects to eliminate their enemies in the most ingenious ways possible, all while trying to exact the final revenge on Sarrano.

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ArthurGBlake's picture

ArthurGBlake 2 years 1 month ago

Grayson Hunt is one of the more memorable characters I can recall when playing games, the reason, honestly, the man is a legend, an underrated one at that. His gruff tone that came across as "awfully" suave and comedic made the game a lot of fun to play and also revisit. I have waited for years to play a sequel to this game because I knew that there was so much more to do with the story. Honestly I never really let this game go once I started with it, it's one of those types of games that grabs you by the collar and basically pulls you all the way through to till the end. Definitely one of the legendary titles out there.

thepn's picture

thepn 8 years 11 months ago

A few years down the line, I don’t remember the story of this game at all. I do remember using a whip to yank someone towards me before kicking him in the crotch and blowing his face apart with a shotgun. Sound good to you? Have fun.