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Captain America superpowers
Ah, Captain America. The First Avenger. The one who really started... Read More
Gambit Powers
Top 10 Gambit Powers  Gambit, Remy Etienne LeBeau, was... Read More
Best X-Men Comics
25 Best X-Men Comics Every Fan Should Read A band of outcasts,... Read More
Simply put, Thor is a god. He is not mortal. He comes prepackaged... Read More
ironman vs batman
Here's who would win in a Batman vs Ironman fight Tony Stark and... Read More
Iron Man vs. Hulk who wins
What will happen if we pit a (metal) man against a (green) beast?... Read More
Gal Gadot, the actress who plays Wonder Woman in the DC Extended... Read More
Awesome Con 2018
DC’s premiere comic convention, Awesome Con, returns to the Walter E... Read More
5 things about Cheetah
When you think of an iconic DC female supervillain, who pops into... Read More
Captain Marvel Movie
Brie Larson is Captain Marvel In the comics, Carol Danvers was a... Read More
Best Superhero Games
The 15 Best Superhero Games To Play on PC Right Now There was a... Read More
With the unparalleled success of Marvel movies and other fan... Read More
Thanos Can't Win, Can He? Thanos, the gigantic bluish-purplish... Read More
Earth is about to get a little more Super! So who is excited about... Read More
Thanos, the evil and twisted Mad Titan hellbent on gaining power, is... Read More
There's something coming... Thanos, a being from within our own... Read More
Marvel vs Capcom is a franchise that is almost 20 years old (more if... Read More
There were a lot of complaints about the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite... Read More
Superhero costumes are always evolving, whether it’s through new... Read More
Avengers Marvel Cinematic Universe
Marvel’s cinematic universe is rich and intriguing, full of the... Read More
There have been so many wonderful actresses amidst the line of Diana... Read More
10 Actors That Can Make A Real "Hulk Smash!" Hit So right off the... Read More
avengers infinity war
With no official plot details released, all we know for sure is that... Read More
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