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Deadpool 2 Release Date

Originally slated to open on the first of June this year, Deadpool 2 has been pushed up to May 18th instead. This puts Deadpool’s opening night just ahead of the new Star Wars movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story, hits theatres on May 25th. All of this year’s X-men movies have been moved around, actually, with The New Mutants being pushed back almost a year to February 2019 and Gambit pushed back to June 2019. So we’re lucky to be able to see Deadpool even earlier!

Deadpool 2 Story

Image Credit: 20th Century Fox

The powers-that-be in charge of marketing for Deadpool 2 have done a great job of reeling us in with hilarious Deadpool being hilariously Deadpool. In most of the trailers, we get next to nothing about what will actually be in the film, other than the knowledge that Deadpool himself is in it, as well as Cable and Domino, and the cab driver we met in the first film. The most recent (and likely last) preview trailer we get, however, gives slightly more insight.

Cable, who comes from the future (and, incidentally, is the son Scott Summers (Cyclops) and of a clone of Jean Grey (The Phoenix) in the X-men comic books) and is a cyborg with telekinesis, has come to… kill a kid? There must be something special and disastrous about this kid. Wade “Deadpool” Wilson is a dick, but he’s not totally heartless. He’s not going to let someone kill a kid.  

Instead of standing aside and letting the super-duper-scary Cable get his gun-hands on the kid, Deadpool recruits whoever he can to help. We see Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead from the first Deadpool movie, as well as the aforementioned cabby (who has become a fan favorite, and Deadpool’s unnoficial getaway driver). His stunningly beautiful girlfriend, Vanessa, will also make an appearance, although it isn’t known whether she will take on the superhero identity from the comic books, Copycat.

Also joining the team, which Deadpool has nicknamed “The X-Force,” will be Domino, with the powers of luck, Shatterstar, with sword-wielding superpowers that create shockwaves, and Bedlam, whose powers involve messing with anything electrical in nature, including human brains.

Based on the cast list, we will also see Zeitgeist, who vomits acid and is part of the X-Force in the comics. He’s a blast at parties. For the returning lovelies not imbued with powers or cybernetic parts, we will again see Wade’s roommate, Blind Al, and his bartender friend, Weasel.

Deadpool 2 Cast

Ryan Reynolds, Zazie Beetz, and Josh Brolin at the Deadpool 2 Premier. Image Credit: Dave J Hogan

Many favorites from Deadpool 1 are back for this adventure. Ryan Reynolds, of course, whose name is synonymous with the titular character. Morena Baccarin (of Firefly fame) will be back as well, playing Vanessa Carlysle, his much-hotter-than-anyone-else girlfriend, and (most likely) future superhero, Copycat.

Weasel, the smart-aleck bartender that helps Wade pack up his guns in the first movie, played by T.J. Miller (who voiced Fred in Big Hero Six, and Tuffnut in How to Train our Dragon) joins us again, as well as the tough, blind roommate with an arguably dirtier mind than Wade, played by Leslie Uggams (who has been acting since 1962, but is most recently known for playing Leah Walker in Empire), and the love-struck cab driver, Dopinder, played by Karan Soni (who played Srinivas Bollimpalli in the Goldbergs).

Cable, the rock hard, cybernetic villain, will be played by none other than Josh Brolin. This is an awesomely odd occurrence because Brolin is also the evil giant Thanos in the rival Marvel Cinematic Universe. We do get to know his character a bit in an official Marvel-released video, titled Meet Cable.

The kid, who we know next to nothing about other than his name (Russel), the fact that he’s got fire hands, and the fact that Cable wants him dead, will be played by the hilarious Julian Dennison (from Hunt for Wilderpeople).

Joining Deadpool in the fight against Cable in the new X-Force will be Domino, played by Zazie Beetz (a relative newcomer, this will be her breakout role), Bedlam, played by Terry Crews (one of America’s treasures, known for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, The Expendables, and White Chicks), Zeitgeist, played by Bill Skarsgard (Pennywise in the new It remake), and Shatterstar, played by Lewis Tan (who was in the Marvel series Iron Fist, but will likely garner new respect for the role in Dedpool 2).

Oops, I almost forgot the lovely Peter, played by Rob Delaney, who is there to be the glue that holds the whole X-Force team together.

Deadpool 2 Trailers

Deadpool 2 | The Trailer

Deadpool 2 | “Wet on Wet” Teaser

Deadpool 2 | The Final Trailer

Deadpool 2 News

•Tim Miller, the director of the first Deadpool movie, apparently had a falling out with star Ryan Reynolds during the filming of Deadpool 2. He has since begun work on a new Terminator film with James Cameron, while David Leitch took over the helm of Deadpool 2. Leitch helped rocket John Wick to action-movie magic, as well as Atomic Blonde.

•It’s time to excite your senses a bit, because the new Deadpool 2 will open in Theatres on May 18, 2018. Even more excitingly, he will show every dirty inch of himself in IMAX theatres as well! 

•Ahh, Peter. Wait, who is Peter? Played by Rob Delaney, Peter is n official part of Deadpool’s X-Force. He has no powers, but apparently, the superheroes love him. He also runs their official Twitter account.

Disney all but owns Fox now, which could have easily thrown a wrench into the cogs that make up Deadpool 2. However, from the looks of things, Disney executives plan on letting Deadpool and the X-Force continue as it began. While the Disney acquisition is still technically under review, and there is a possibility of being outbid, the X-Force is as safe as it can be.

Joi Harris, via Facebook, Deadpool via 20th Century Fox

•Joi  “SJ” Harris has died on April 14th, 2017, on the set of Deadpool 2 in what appears to be a freak accident. She had been practicing a motorcycle stunt, and instead of stopping when the stunt was completed, she continued down another flight of stairs. Eventually, her bike struck a curb, and she was thrown through a window.

•Wade Wilson’s love of Celine Dion is well known to fans of the first movie. According to sources, Ryan Reynolds wrote a “heartfelt letter” to Celine Dion, asking her to be a part of the movie. The singer responded by creating “Ashes,” a music video just for the Deadpool soundtrack! Watch the video here!





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