Top 15 Best Comics About Technology

Best Technology Comics
The Futures Blast in the Past

How’s it going readers, technology is around us all day. I mean it’s the only way you're seeing this, but in the world of comic books we’re able to take the next step seeing the unlimited potential imagination can push technology. But what comics rule the pages of cyberspace, find out in the top 15 Best Comics About Technology.

15. Flash Forward: An Illustrated Guide to Possible (and not so possible) Tomorrows

The ideas of today represent the future of tomorrow

A comic dedicated to bringing readers up to date about the possibilities that technology is bringing us. From speculation to thought provoking realities, Flash Forward gives readers a visual guide to possibilities the world could unfold into.


14. Unplugged and Unpopular

One Bad Dad leads to the journey of a lifetime 

We all love the benefits technology can bring us. But just like anything too much is a bad thing and our protagonist Erin learns this the hard way, after getting unplugged she begins to notice a series of events that all lead back to aliens and technology! Now her and the only other people not plugged in around her town must stop the aliens before it’s too late. 


13. Blue Beetle #1

No power no problem technology has his back

Unable to unlock the scarabs powers like his mentor Ted Kord, a genius scientist knows the Blue Beetle’s legacy needs to be upheld. Using all the technology at his disposal he even has a nifty flying bug (yes a flying bug),Blue beetle gun, and many other zany weapons. Ted Kord with the power of technology turns himself into a worthy successor of the mantle Blue Beetle.


12. Glitch: A Graphic Novel

Living a dream can become a nightmare

Izzy is a young girl who is living a dream, she can jump in and out of the game she created. Follow as our young genius battles her own creation, learns to balance her life and learns more about the technology in the world she created.


11. Science Comics: Rockets: Defying Gravity

The technology to provoke the dreams of today

The Technology that defined a generation, and gave countless others dreams of other worlds. Rockets and spaceships are quite literally out of this world for most of us to even imagine being on board. But with this comic you can learn the ins and outs of the history of rockets and the hardworking scientists, and astronauts who make this amazing technology even possible.


10. Sonic #25

Eggman uses technology to make the a superior Sonic

After failing with badnik after badnik, Doctor Eggman decides to use his technological genius and build the ultimate counterpart to the blue blur. Doctor Eggman unleashes Metal Sonic; the robotic counterpart to Sonic the Hedgehog. How will Sonic be able to best the technologically enhanced version of himself? Eggman really has done it this time.


9. Science Comics: Robots and Drones: Past, Present, and Future

Technologies that will push us into the future

If there’s any current technology that’s a hot topic and has vast possibilities for the future it’s robotics. From how we perceived them in the past, to how we view them now, to what they’ll become in the future. With a fun spin Science Comics: Robots and Drones helps fill in the blanks you might be missing on the ever evolving world of robotics.


8. Science Comics: Electricity: Energy in Action

Learning about the technology we are the most thankful for

In an action packed issue, a mech is needed to save the day but unfortunately he’s struck by lightning. Now we must learn how to use electricity to repower the robot. Will our heroes harness the power of technology or will the giant monster obliterate the city? Find out in this informative, action packed issue of Science Comics.


7. Booster Gold (1986) #1

The futures blast in the past

Booster Gold isn’t your average hero, originally a man from the future who took all the best technology the future had to offer went back in time so he could be known as a hero. A funny title with fun powers packed into all the future technology, Booster Gold is a great comic when you want something easily digestible and a fun look into what the future’s technology has in store for us.


6. Science Comics: Cars: Engines That Move You

Speeding into the future

Have you ever looked at your car and thought how does this work? Probably not that’s what mechanics are for right? Well now you don’t even need the mechanic with this comic you can learn how cars work, how they originally were built, and get a broad scope of the technology that drives you forward every day.


5. The Comic Book Story of Video Games: The Incredible History of the Electronic Gaming Revolution

Gaming from niche to art

From novelty to household item. Video games have had a turbulent history. But as video games became less of a fad turning into a hot commodity it’s proven to be one of the most revolutionary technologies of the current generation. In this comic you can learn how video games came to be and the future of gaming.


4.The History of the Computer People, Inventions, and Technology that Changed Our World

The most influential creation of the century

When we think of technology a lot of us probably envision a computer since we are surrounded by them on the daily. This informative comic allows the reader an in depth look of the technology that changed the world as we know it.


3. Tales of Suspense #39

The best technology in Marvel from it's smartest man

The tale that kicked off the riveting adventures of the most known technologically powered hero; Iron man. Captured, injured, waiting on his fate Tony Stark with aid from a new found friend must put his ingenuity to use if they want to live. Constructing the original Iron Man Suit Tony is able to free himself and use his new found technology to benefit mankind.


2. Futurism: Cartoons from Tomorrow: A Futuristic Comic Collection

Where we may be in the future

The idea of technology can seem daunting to many, it’s ever evolving at a rate a single person can’t keep up with. With Futurism: Cartoons from Tomorrow we get a humorous look at the expectations we perceive of new technologies and then showing how the technology actually benefits mankind in a fun new look at the ever evolving world of technology.


1. Justice League 4

The defintive Aquaman book and the defintive book on technology in the DC universe

As the battle with apokolips grows ever more out of control a young man with his entire life ahead of him tragically becomes a victim due to Darkseid's wrath. But having a Dad who's a scientist has its perks. Victor Stone becomes Cyborg half man half technological phenom. Now using his tragedy to stop the same evil that destroyed half his body, has Darkseid inadvertently created the Hero to stop him?

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