Top 15 Best Comics About Bullying

Best Bullying Comics
Bullies beware, they have a hulk.

How’s it going, all of you fantastic comic book readers. Life can be hard sometimes, and when life is getting you down if you're like me and many others you may escape into the colorful, imaginative world of comic books looking for your favorite heroes to give you hope. 

If that’s you, look no further, as we dive into a list of 15 comics of your favorite super heroes.

15. Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.S #1

New School, New Bully, life for Courtney couldn't be worse 

Stars and S.T.R.I.P.E.S 1 follows young protagonist, Courtney Whitmore as Her Mom divorces her Dad She’s whiay from Her former life. A new house, a new high school, becoming a superhero, and a brand new bully in Cindy Burman. With all of the adversity facing Courtney, how will it be possible for her to persevere?


14. Spectacular Spider man (Vol1) -1

Sometime's things aren't always as they seem

In this character defining comic, we learn of the long time past trauma of Spider-Man's most infamous bully; Flash Thompson. As Spider-Man comes face to face with his bullies darkest fears, they learn not everything is as it seems and to try and make up for the past.


13. DC Superhero Girls: Wonder Woman Three Big Bullies

Teaching Bullies a lesson wonder woman style

the younger readers, who may be trying to navigate a brand new world. Wonder Woman’s Three big bullies teaches children that not everyone will always be nice, teaching them ways to handle bullying in a flashy superhero style.


12.  Denying the Bullying Feeling Comic

How do you deny the feeling

This comic takes a perspective look at someone plotting being a bully, as She’s confronted with the reality of the actions She takes, she comes to understand the full implications of being a bully. 


11. What YOU Can Do About Bullying by Max and Zoey

Max and Zoeys on the case

A fun story for the younger readers, Max and Zoey takes a look at common bullying practices young kids may experience while growing up. Teaching young readers how to spot and identify bullying, and ways they can go about handling the situation. Something I bet we could have all used at some point in our life’s.


10. Graffiti University Comics Anti-Bullying Book: Anti-Bullying

Defeating bullies one school at a time

In this comic by, Ashshahid Muhammad, he tackles bullying from multiple different perspectives and angle’s from children across from all nationalities. Showing that just because someone is different doesn’t mean you have nothing in common. With a positive message to end bullying of others nationalities this comic is a must read for anyone.


9. How to be a Hero: A Comic About Bullying

Real life heroes tell their stories 

In this comic we can learn to recognize patterns of behavior and common signs of someone suffering from bullying. Through tales of victims we learn their story and how to stop others from experiencing the same trauma.


8. Amazing Spiderman on Bullying Prevention

Spiderman gets to know his villian

Discovering that Spiderman and the new villain in town shared highschool bullies growing up. Only Peter Parker was helped while Brace was left to suffer. This book opens up the issues of speaking with friends and families about problems you may be dealing with at school or home. Where Peter comes to realize the importance of speaking up for others around you.


7.  Avengers No more Bullying 2014

Bullies beware they have a hulk

The avengers have had countless battles, from addiction, to all out war. But in this issue they tackle issues that hit closer to home. In this issue your favorite heroes must navigate the battlefield of bullying. Will they come out unscathed?


6.  Ms Marvel 1

Ms Marvel teaches bullies a lesson

In this issue Ms Marvel, must deal with bullying in not your normal way but dealing with a person who was confused about her culture. Battling stereotypes isn’t fun, how will Kamala Khan handle this in the jam packed first issue of Ms Marvel.


5. Avengers No more Bullying 2015

Avengers are back to take on bullying

The heroes are back. Helping the kids suffering from bullying with their updated 2015 edition of No more Bullying. With a new year brings new challenges and the Avengers understand you must start from the ground up. Helping the young who have suffered from bullying, teaching them to become the heroes of the future and end bullying, will be no easy task but they're not Avengers for no reason.


4. Static Season 1 #1

Static is back, bullies beware

A re-telling of Static’s origin story, but in this version they give a more in depth look at the ridicule Static receives over his new found power. As well as shining a light in discrimination as the victims of the brawl must live with their new found powers.


3. Rise: Comics Against Bullying #1

Comic book legends come together to end bullying

With an all star team behind it, Rise released a collection of stories written with the purpose to bring bullying to justice. The stories are written from an entertaining perspective while tackling hard issues such as peer pressure, exclusion, and online harassment.


2. Bullying Is No Laughing Matter

Icons from the past battle the problems of the future

This amazing comic takes 36 different characters from classic comic strips from the past and revamps them into a new light, discussing the issue of bullying in a series of adventure’s. Bringing the classics to the youth while dealing with a topic that may affect them is a perfect blend of history and modern touch giving us this masterpiece comic.


1. Amazing Fantasy 15


With great power comes great responsibility

The tale that started it all, Peter Parker after receiving his extraordinary powers, was faced with a choice to use his powers for good or evil. At school Flash Thompson bullies him relentlessly, Spiderman is conflicted but after Uncle Ben's tragic fate. Spiderman learns to use his powers for good. “With great power comes great responsibility”.






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