Batman vs Ghost Rider: Here's Who Would Win

Batman vs Ghost Rider Who Would Win, Batman vs Ghost Rider
Batman takes on a Soul of Vengence.

Batman vs Ghost Rider: Here's Who Would Win

Johnny Blaze and Bruce Wayne in a fight to see who’s the better combatant. Though Batman has fought countless villains far stronger and more powerful than himself, will his wit and physical attributes be enough to beat someone like Ghost Ridder?


Batman Powers And Abilities

Batman stalking the streets at night.

When Gotham is in peril, the city can always rely on Batman to save them. Fighting crazed clowns, solving impossible puzzles, or bringing a bulked up luchador to his knees, the Dark Knight won’t let his city down.

When he’s not watching over the city in his mask and cape, he’s Bruce Wayne, the billionaire orphan in charge of Wayne Enterprise, his father’s old company that was left to Bruce. Using his extensive wealth, peak physical body, and genius mind, he’s made not only Gotham but the whole world a much better place. 

He’s funded the Justice League, and he’s used his company, Wayne Enterprise, to research and develop incredible solutions to the world’s problems. There’s very little this human superhero can’t do.


List of Powers

  • Peak Human Strength: capable of lifting over 1000 pounds
  • Peak Human Agility: running faster than the fastest Olympic runner
  • Peak Human Endurance: able to fight over 24 hours
  • Ingenuity: easily coming up with creative solutions fast
  • Genius-Level Intellect: capable of solving the hardest puzzles and inventing incredible tech
  • Martial Arts Master: mastering 127 different forms
  • Master of Stealth: vanishing from plain sight with ease
  • Master Tactician: strategizing and planning for every possible scenario
  • Master Detective: solving the most unsolvable cases


Ghost Rider Powers And Abilities

Johnny Blaze with his flaming skull and spike leather jacket.

Johnny Blaze became Ghost Rider after selling his soul to a demon named Mephisto in order to save his father’s life. Gaining supernatural powers from hell, he rides his fiery motorcycle to protect the innocent and destroy evil. 

At night and around evil, Johnny Blaze’s flesh is consumed by fire as his head becomes a skull and he gains a spiked leather jacket and chains. Johnny’s motorcycle is like no other vehicle. It can go faster than any conventional vehicle, ride on water and verticle surfaces, and produce hellfire around it which burns its victims. 

As Doctor Strange once stated, Ghost Rider could be one of the most powerful beings in the universe, even stronger than Hulk. With the power of hell on his side, evil does not want to stand in the way of this Spirit of Vengence. 


List of Powers

  • Supernatural Strength: capable of lifting well over 25 Tons
  • Indestructible: bullets and knives pass through his body without causing harm
  • Immortality: said God created him and only God can destroy him
  • Interdimensional Travel: capable of traveling through time and other dimensions
  • Projects Hellfire: can create hellfire around motorcycle and from self which burns the soul
  • Produce Chains: can create chains from his throat or chest
  • Rides a Mythical Motorcycle: capable of doing things normal vehicles cannot
  • Penance Stare: locks eyes with an opponent and induces self-mortification


How the Battle Would Go Down

Ghost Rider and Batman are pitted in a fight against each other with no prior knowledge of the other. Is Batman smart enough to find a way to beat his opponent?

For Ghost Rider, he has a lot going for him. He’s over 50 times stronger than Batman in physical strength alone and virtually indestructible. Physically there is no way Batman could match his strength or endurance, even with his technology and gear.

Even in a fight using their vehicles, Ghost Rider has the upper hand. His motorcycle can keep up with even the likes of the Flash, let alone Batman’s many Batmobiles, jets, motorcycles, etc. As I said earlier, Batman can’t rely much if any on his tech in this fight.

Ghost Rider could simply use his Penance Stare as well to subdue Batman. Bruce Wayne has plenty to repent for, and would easily fall victim to Ghost Rider’s ability.

There isn’t much going for Batman here. If someone like Ghost Rider can take on the likes of the Hulk and win, Batman isn’t much competition, even with his wits.


And The Winner Is...

Ghost Rider. Batman is one of the strongest human superheroes in the DC Universe, but when it boils down to it that is all he is, a human. He has nothing to combat Ghost Rider with unless he got help from someone like John Constantine, which isn’t possible in this fight, so Ghost Rider takes the win easily.


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