Why Marvel Snap Is Popular: 10 Reasons Players Love It

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Marvel Snap is a great new card game that has been released recently. It’s already become a name among the other card games and with some great reasons for that!

10.There Are Always New Cards And Locations Being Added

While this is not so important for the new players, it’s still nice to know that the game is regularly receiving new Locations and Cards that greatly shift the meta and always make the game fun and new.

The game is actually incredibly well balanced, there aren’t many cards that feel like they’re broken, they’re just strong staples that anyone can have. All cards have their own place and when a new card is being added it doesn’t feel too strong compared to the rest of the cards.

9.The Deck-Building Is Simple To Understand

In card games where your deck has around 40 cards, it’s hard to make your own deck because that requires a lot of synergy and careful planning since you might not always draw the cards you need and your deck needs to feel consistent.

In Marvel Snap your deck has 12 cards. That’s greatly less than other card games, which makes the deck-making process simpler. That’s great for new players, and it doesn’t feel boring once you’ve played the game for a long time, since at that point you’ll know how all decks function and you’ll know how to make variations of them with whatever cards you own at that point.

8.Locations Are Always New And Greatly Alter How Each Game Feels

Each game you’ll be met with 3 random locations that have their own effects which will change your strategy for each game. This is an underrated aspect of the game, since card game decks usually have one strategy that changes depending only on your opening hand, but here it’s mostly affected by locations.

Some locations don’t let you play cards, some increase the effectiveness of destroy decks, while some won’t let you destroy cards at all. Locations make you think about your card placement at all times, since if you’re carefree and play cards whenever, you’ll be in a lot of trouble.

7.Cards Are Fun And Satisfying

There’s over 200 cards currently in the game, and there’s always new cards being added. A lot of cards are made with a place for them in mind, so there’s not a lot of throwaway cards that you will never use.

The effects are quite simple, but fun. Like Silver Surfer that lets you build a deck around 3 cost cards, or Luke Cage that doesn’t let your cards get their power reduced so that you can use Hazmat to lower only your opponents power. There’s a lot of variety between decks and they all have a fun playstyle.

6.Snap And Retreat Mechanics

In other card games you can’t retread in the middle of a game to minimize your losses. At first this mechanic looks a little weird, but it makes the game way more fun. If you get a really bad hand and notice your opponent is doing great, you can dip prematurely and avoid a loss.

There’s also some mind games involved with the Snap mechanic, since your opponent is likely to think that you’re confident in winning the game after you Snap, so it can be even used for bluffing, making some high-risk, high-reward situations.

5.Card Art Is Always Really Cool

There are so many cool variants in the game that you can use in your decks. Most of them are done by some comic artists or resemble epic events that happened in the comics.

You’re going to be able to get enough Gold so that you can buy those variants if you really love them, but you’ll also be unlocking variants from caches while you play. You can get variants from the Season Cache, Collector’s Cache or Collector’s Reserves.

4.The Rules Are Simple, But You Can Make A Lot Of Exciting Combos

A lot of cards interact with other cards to increase their power, move them, destroy them… So of course, on turn 6, you’ll be playing your most powerful cards that can give you a lot of power on board, which usually means pulling off a nice combo with your cards.

It’s very satisfying when you get a location that works well with your deck and a good hand. You can really get creative with your solutions to the enemy’s moves which is always fun and slightly unpredictable.

3.You’re Always Unlocking New And Fun Cards

Marvel Snap is different from other games with its card acquisition. You don’t save up currency and buy packs hoping that you get cards that you need, instead you just level up your Collection Level and along the way you will unlock cards and caches that can drop cards.

This in my opinion is way more intuitive and rewarding for getting cards that you need in your decks. Especially since there’s now a Token Shop where you can hunt down the most important cards that you need for your decks and buy them with Tokens. It lets you slowly acquire all cards but still have the most important cards for your main decks that you want to play.

2.It’s Quick And Easy To Learn While Still Being Hard To Master

Once you start playing the game your deck is filled with beginner cards that either have no effects or have some very simple to understand effects. The game is at that point fun and new and you don’t need to think too much to make the right plays.

But after a while, the cards you unlock start having more intricate effects that combine well with other cards - and the game starts becoming more and more fun and the difficulty cap increases. You’ll learn what cards your opponents are playing as soon as they play their first 2-3 cards, and you’ll be heavily focusing on trying to not let them get their combo off while yours gets you as many points as possible.

1.Second Dinner Studios Regularly Balance And Update The Game

Marvel Snap was released in October last year and it managed to win the Mobile Game Of The Year award in that short time. The developers are being very careful and are regularly updating the game with new and fun cards, events, locations, variants and such.

The game is in really good hands and it’s always receiving major changes that increase the game’s quality. Second Dinner Studios listen to the community and they are always trying to better Marvel Snap.

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