[Top 10] Marvel Snap Best Pool 2 Decks That Are Powerful

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Pool 2 (222 - 450) gives a lot of support to the decks that were previously seen in pool 1. Each deck has been upgraded, and the standings have changed greatly. 

10. Spectrum Ongoing

We have another Ongoing deck with Spectrum at its forefront. It features many good ongoing cards that we’ve seen before from pool 1, but with the addition of pool 2 it becomes slightly better. It’s still not the best deck to play, but it has a little more versatility now.

Since each card in this deck has an ongoing ability, you will really want to have Spectrum in your hand at turn 6 for that massive increase in overall power. We’re still running cards with Ongoing effects that have the highest chance to give you a lot of points, and with the addition of Warpath, you can ditch the third location and focus only on fighting over the other 2 in some games.

9. Destroy Discard

Destroy Discard has been upgraded with Swarm and Sabertooth, which may not look like much, but they are able to power this deck up significantly from its pool 1 version. 

Swarm and Sabertooth both give you the ability to play cards at 0 cost, which is amazing if you by some chance got a game with a location that copies the played card. If not, if you’ve discarded Swarm it becomes 2 0 cost 3 power cards, which is just free value. You’ll often have few cards in your hand, so Strong Guy is likely to get to use his ability, and you have America Chavez which will serve as a good finisher for the game.

8. Dino Destroy

Here we have a version of a Devil Dinosaur Deck that is aided with good destroy cards that can collectively give you a lot of value if played correctly. Bucky Barnes and The Collector can easily give you a lot of power for a very low cost.

Bucky Barnes transforms into The Winter Soldier most games, and when he does it’s insane value. Killmonger can serve as a great removal for your opponent’s one drops AND he will destroy Nova if you’ve played him, giving all of your other cards +1 power. Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur are your usual combo which is back again, except this time Moon Girl can power up your Collector as well.

7. Infinaut

A new deck, which hasn’t been seen in pool 1 is one that centers around The Infinaut. Sunspot and The Infinaut are the key new cards, since Sunspot slightly lessens the damage of not playing a card for a whole turn to bring out The Infinaut.

We’re running Storm to combo her with Jessica Jones, or to surely win a location quickly if you’re ahead at turn 3. If you’ve certainly won a single location, you can focus all of your power (and Infinaut) on the second location that will win you the game. Shang-Chi and Killmonger are great utilities, but be careful not to needlessly destroy your Sunspot with Killmonger. America Chavez is there to give you a good turn 6 play if you didn’t draw out The Infinaut in the entire game.

6. Odin and Black Panther

Black Panther is the newest addition to the game and he quickly found his place in the On Reveal deck, where Odin can proc his effect once more. Pool 2 has a lot of good On Reveal effects that pair very well with these two.

Iceman, Nakia, Scorpion and Okoye are new additions that either buff you (Give more power to cards in your deck, or lower the cost of some cards in your hand) or harm the opponent (Reduce the cost and power of cards in your opponent’s hand). Good finishers in this deck are still Wolfsbane and White Tiger, and now you’ve got Black Panther. Black Panther and Odin will surely win you a single zone. Plan accordingly to win another zone, and the game.

5. Devil Dino

This Dino deck is quite similar to the first one that appeared on this list, but this one focuses a lot more on creating cards in your hand in order to buff The Collector allowing you to finish the game with Devil Dinosaur and America Chavez.

Agent 13, Mantis, Cable, Moon Girl and White Queen all add cards to your hand and give +1 to The Collector each time. The added drawing power also means more power for Devil Dinosaur if you haven’t played Moon Girl the turn before. You should be able to easily buff angela a lot with this deck even if you don’t draw The Collector early. Devil Dinosaur and America Chavez as always, have a lot of power that can help you close out the game.

4. Discard

This deck, unlike the previous one, focuses solely on discarding. Apocalypse is a great finisher in most games, since you will discard him at least once, and Swarm can… well swarm the board nicely if discarded.

Blade, Lady Sif and Sword Master are your cards that discard when played, Morbius becomes stronger every time you’ve discarded a card, and Apocalypse gets stronger if you discard him. Angela, Bishop and Nakia are cards that can help you get a stronger board state easily. And you have America Chavez to finish the game if you didn’t draw Apocalypse, or if, unfortunately, you didn’t discard him during the game.

3. KaZoo

KaZoo is also back, this time at a lower rank than before. This version changed a bit from the original KaZoo with the addition of some different one cost cards, but the premise is pretty much the same.

Iceman is a good 1 drop that wasn’t available in the pool 1 KaZoo and Okoye is a card that can help you a lot if you play it early. You will still want to swarm the board with 1 cost cards and then power them up with Kazar, Blue Marvel and Onslaught.

2. Odin On Reveal

Odin is back once again, with new cards that have good On Reveal effects that weren’t available in pool 1.

White Tiger and Jessica Jones are still good options that give a lot of power however you play them. New additions are Iceman and Scorpion which sabotage your enemy nicely in the early game. This deck has another option to play at turn 5 next to White Tiger, which is of course, Spider-Woman. She can generate massive value on a single zone, and if you play Odin on the same zone on turn 6, you’ve easily won it. Angela, Killmonger and Enchantress are nice utilities that can change the flow of the game if played at the right moment.

1. Heimdall Move

Cloak, Vulture and Vision are new additions that completely change this deck’s standing in the meta compared to pool 1. A lot of versatility is added and the skill cap is way higher in the pool 2 variant of the move deck.

If you manage to attach Hulk Buster to Multiple Man and move him around (you have a lot of tools to do that), you can generate a lot of value with cheap cards and good placement. Vision is a way to secure your victory on turn 6, and it can even pair well with Kraven. All cards synergise with each other, and Heimdall on turn 6 gives a lot of value, if your placement was correct.

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