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Cards with On Reveal effects are very common in Marvel Snap. Whether you’re using just a few because of their good effects in your deck or you’re making a whole deck based around On Reveal effects, you’re going to encounter them often and you should know which ones are the best to include in your decks or which ones you should be vary of in matches.

Since Marvel Snap is a card game that features a lot of combos, most of the cards here aren’t there just because they have a good effect but because they can combo well with other cards that are also on the list. You need a few good cards to build a deck around them, so we’ll go over the most useful cards that have an On Reveal effect.



Ultron is a late game finisher mostly found in Patriot decks. His effect will fill all locations 1-cost, 1-power Drones without any effects. It’s not the most flexible effect a card can have, but it’s an incredibly good finisher for Patriot and Kazar decks that will buff these Drones.

It’s very important to note that you have to be careful when playing Ultron, since you’ll want your opponent to reveal first in case he has a Killmonger waiting to wipe out all of the Drones at the end of the game, leaving you defenseless. When all goes well, Ultron and Patriot will give a lot of value to all of your locations and give you the victory.

10.Black Panther


Black Panther was featured in a Season Pass a little while ago, and now he’s slowly making his way to Pool 4. His On Reveal effect doubles his power, which can lead to some very crazy plays.

If he’s combined with Arnim Zola, you can get 2 16-power cards on different locations. That’s a great way to win games, but it gets even crazier. If you’re playing Black Panther, you’ll probably also want to play Wong to increase his power even more. And if you manage to add Arnim Zola at the end of that combo, you’ve probably won the game with two 64-power Black Panthers.

9.Arnim Zola


Arnim Zola is a card that can generate a lot of unexpected value when played. Arnim Zola’s effect is to destroy a random friendly card on that location and add copies of it to other locations. It usually means abandoning one location to play what you want copied and then play Arnim Zola.

He’s most often used in combination with Black Panther and Wong on a location which lets him create copies of both cards on other locations to give you a lot of value. You can also use him after using Wave to lower the cost of cards with a lot of Power like Giganto, letting you have 2 Gigantos on other locations.



Killmonger is a rather cheap card that can counter a lot of decks and even foil opponents combos. Killmonger’s effect will destroy all 1-cost cards that are on the field at the moment he’s played.

Killmonger can be found in a lot of decks and he’s a hard counter to Ultron and Kazar, rendering their decks pointless when he’s correctly played. Killmonger can’t be played in every deck, but decks that run him, like Silver Surfer, can play against Patriot and Kazar with confidence if they’ve got Killmonger in hand.



Leader is a late game card that you play to finish out a game. His effect will play all of the cards that your opponent has played this turn on your side. This can sometimes backfire for you since you don’t know what you’re getting but most of the time, you’ll be able to get a good board state after turn 6.

Leader is the type of card that you can build an entire deck around, but he’s also good in most decks that don’t have a good turn 6 play. As long as you’re leading in two locations by turn 6, you can safely play Leader and keep that comfortable lead in most situations. You’ll want to be wary about how you position your cards since Leader can’t copy cards to a full location.

6.Absorbing Man


Absorbing Man is a good card that lets you get a little more creative with your On Reveal abilities. He copies the On Reveal effect of a card you previously played if it had one. Absorbing Man is used in a lot of decks but his most notable combo is with Spider-Man and Zabu.

You can play Absorbing Man after playing a card with a strong effect on a location with Wong, or you can use it in synergy with Spider-Man and lockdown your opponent’s locations. The card is dropping down to pool 3 which will make it more accessible to newer players!



Brood is an amazing card that brings a lot of value to decks that it’s played in. Once you play Brood it will also add 2 Broodlings to its location with the same power.

You’ll encounter Brood mostly in Silver Surfer or Patriot decks. Since it's a 3-cost card that gives you 3 targets for Silver Surfer’s effect it’s definitely one of the most powerful 3-cost cards to play in that deck. Patriot decks benefit by getting 2 cards that don’t have any effects that can be buffed by Patriot, for only 3 energy.

4.Silver Surfer


Silver Surfer has been the king of the meta for 2 seasons and for a good reason. His On Reveal effect gives +3 power to all 3-cost cards that you’ve played this game. He’s guaranteed to give you a lot of value when he’s played!

You usually build decks around Silver Surfer since his effect is very situational. He’s a good centerpiece of a deck and the value that he brings is insane. He works great with all 3-cost cards in the game, and his amazing effect can be boosted by Wong.



Leech is a card that will instantly make your opponent mad once it’s played. Leech has an On Reveal effect that removes all effects from the cards in the opponent's hand. 

Leech has a strong effect that doesn’t have much counterplay except predicting it with Cosmo. Your opponent can still win the game by drawing out a good card on turn 6 or having Infinaut in his hand, but most combo decks will be screwed after Leech is played and your opponent will be forced to retreat.



Odin is a great card to build a deck around in the early game, but it’s also a rather useful finisher in higher ranks. Odin’s On Reveal effect will repeat all the On Reveal effects on the location that he’s played at. This, in combination with Wong’s ability to double every On Reveal effect, is quite often very deadly.

You can combine Odin with White Tiger to swarm the board with Tiger Spirits. Or you can play it to get a lot of power on that location with cards like Black Panther or Wolfsbane. Odin has many uses, but the best combo is undoubtedly with Hazmat and Wong, which will lower your opponent’s cards’ power by a very significant amount if you’ve also played Luke Cage to protect your cards.



Spider-Man is a great utility card that your opponent’s will rarely expect. His On Reveal effect will prevent the opponent from playing on that location the next turn. If you play him on turn 5, you can freely play cards on that location without worrying too much about power changes in most match-ups.

However, Spider-Man is most useful when he’s combined with Zabu and Absorbing Man (or Moongirl). Because of Zabu’s effect, you can play both Spider-Man and Absorbing Man on turn 5. This will leave only one location that your opponent can use to play his cards, or if he’s filled out a single location during the duration of the game, you can prevent him from playing any cards at all!

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