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Captain Marvel Powers
The beautiful Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel's Powers Are Pretty Awesome

Carol “Captain Marvel” Danvers was once an Air Force pilot, who rose the ranks quickly due to her skills and intelligence. She worked alongside Nick Fury and Wolverine, developing a very close bond with Logan. Eventually, she began working for NASA, and eventually became genetically altered in a freak accident, bonding with an alien warrior, named Mar-Vell. 

Her upcoming movie, coming to the United States on March 8, 2019, will focus on her origin story, and also answer the glaring question: why has she not shown up on Earth until the beginning of the Infinity War. She’s certainly one of the more powerful heroes in the Marvelverse, but what exactly are her top powers?

5. Her Human Side

She was an (extra)ordinary human once… Image credit: Matt Baron

Since she was raised into the military, and then NASA, she is adept at many “mundane” humanesque things. Things like hand to hand combat, marksmanship, and she was even known to do a little spying in her day. As a human, she was awesome enough to fight alongside such greats as Nick Fury, and battled next to Wolverine against his brother Sabretooth. She is even credited with saving his life more than once, which is a gift he gladly returned. She is also an accomplished pilot.

4. Superhuman

One of the first set photos from the upcoming Captain Marvel movie

No superhero would be complete without super strength, endurance, and speed, and Captain Marvel is no different. Already strong before she was melded with the Kree warrior Mar-Vell, she was lucky enough to become a “perfect” hybrid of the two species. This means she got the best from both sides of her new self. She also gained resistance to poisons and illness from the merging.

3. Flight

Carol carries Spiderman through the sky, because of course she does. Image from the Avenging Spiderman, Volume 1 Issue 9.

I mentioned before that Carol Danvers is an accomplished pilot, both for the US Air Force and for NASA. What I forgot to mention until now is that she can fly fairly well without the help of any aircraft. So well, in fact, that she is said to be able to fly at around Mach 6, which is six times faster than sound travels.

2. Absorption

Captain Marvel absorbs the sun while we absorb her visage… Image from Marvel War of Heroes

Given the power to absorb different types of energy, she can use those to strengthen herself. This means she gets super super strength and speed, as well as a limited “sixth sense,” partially able to predict future events. When she absorbs enough power, she becomes something… else, entirely…

She uses this ability to absorb pretty much everything Ultron’s sentries can throw at her in Mighty Avengers #6. Any kind of energy, from the force exerted by punching her, to beams of… whatever… she was able to absorb and turn back around on the sentries in blasts of yellow energy!

1. Binary Energy

“Excuse me; I’m looking for the nuclear wessels…” ~Pavel Chekov, Star Trek IV. Image credit Marvel War of Heroes

At one time, Captain Marvel could tap into the energy of a white hole, which is the opposite of a black hole (in theory, anyway. It emits matter and light, but cannot be entered, whereas a black hole absorbs matter and energy which cannot escape). While connected to this phenomenon, she is able to control stellar energy, which includes heat, electromagnetics, and even gravity.

This link was eventually severed. However, if she absorbs enough power from other sources, she can still access some of the powers she once held. For instance, she can fire electricity or other forms of explosive energies from her hands and is even said to be akin to a nuclear weapon. How’s that for badass?

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