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Artgerm is an Illustrator, designer, concept artist and many more things. His art is unique and it looks very realistic and captivating. In Marvel Snap his variants are very easy to recognize and they are always really beautiful.  Artgerm variants look like someone brought the comic characters to life and took a picture of them. I think they’re one of the most aesthetically pleasing variants in the game, and I love how each Artgerm character is so beautiful, especially the female heroes.

10.Doctor Doom

Doctor Doom is a Latverian politician who serves as the Monarch and Supreme Leader for the Kingdom of Latveria. He was scarred from an accident and wears an iron mask and armor to hide his true face. He is considered one of the most brilliant minds and scientists on the planet Earth. Victor Von Doom just looks so menacing in this variant. I love his pose and the gloomy weather behind him and especially the lightning effects that we can see on the screen. His mask and clothing is so detailed and good-looking you just have to appreciate this variant.

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9.Invisible Woman

Sue Storm received her powers by being exposed to a cosmic storm, and was originally known as the Invisible Girl. She possesses two powers: invisibility and force fields. Her invisibility power deals with bending light waves and allows her to render herself and other objects invisible. This variant is really cool for me because it’s the first one on this list where we can see the beautiful female characters by Artgerm. Sue Storm looks gorgeous and smug as she's creating a force field. I love the look of the force field around her hands, especially once you upgrade the card further.

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As a brilliant Chinese architect and rising young elite, Lei Ling wants to build a better, balanced and more beautiful Shanghai. She works incredibly hard to achieve an unprecedented level of success for herself and her city by balancing her career and life as a Super Hero. This is widely regarded as one of Aero’s best variants. Aero is usually depicted as a gentle and kind character and this variant is no different. I love the detail on her hands that look like they’re made of air and the amazing special effects that give the card extra depth once you upgrade it.

All Aero Variants



 Mystique can psionically alter the formation of her biological cells at will. As a result, she can cause herself to look and sound like an exact duplicate of any human, humanoid or semi-humanoid being of either sex, wearing virtually any kind of clothing. The Artgerm Mystique variant looks plotting and seductive. I really like this variant because it reflects her personality perfectly. She’s supposed to be seductive and tricky and she looks amazing while doing it!

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6.Black Cat

Felicia grew up as the daughter of a world-famous cat burglar named Walter Hardy. Walter taught her to be confident and to seize life by the horns. Assaulted by her college boyfriend Ryan, Felicia began to train in martial arts and acrobatics, her ultimate goal to kill her rapist. I really like how in this variant the background is pitch black and all we can see is Felicia’s smug face and her seductive look. Black Cat is a character that’s shrouded in mystery and this variant really plays toward her strengths. 

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Jennifer Walters becomes She-Hulk after being shot in a mob hit and receiving a blood transfusion from her cousin, who happens to be Bruce Banner. The Hulk blood then mixes with her own, seeing her “Hulk out” in her own way. Look at She-Hulk’s styling in this variant! It’s absolutely amazing. I love her get-up and the gold earrings add a lot of flavor to her character. She looks amazing and that smile is just beautiful! 

All She-Hulk Variants



Betsy was kidnapped from the Alps by Mojo, brainwashed, given cybernetic eyes, and, as "Psylocke," became the star of his new show "Wildways." Brian and the New Mutants rescued her, after which Betsy moved to the X-Men's mansion to recover. I love the Japanese aesthetic in this variant. Psylocke looks extremely stylish while wearing the ‘Amigasa’ straw hat and wielding a katana. A lot of Psylocke’s variants revolve around showcasing her in a Japanese setting and outfit, but I just love how calm and collected she looks in this variant.

All Psylocke Variants


3.Scarlet Witch

Wanda Maximoff is a native of Sokovia who grew up with her fraternal twin brother, Pietro. Born with the latent mythical ability to harness Chaos Magic, she developed a hatred against Tony Stark and rallied anti-American protests after the Novi Grad Bombings killed her parents. This variant was released as part of a Valentine’s day bundle that had the variants for Scarlet Witch and Vision. It’s definitely one of the coolest Artgerm variants because of just how crisp it looks. Wanda is a very determined character and you can see that as soon as you take a single glance at this variant. The circle around her hand looks amazing once you upgrade the card and it really stands out nicely.

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Carnage was once a serial killer known as Cletus Kasady, and became Carnage after merging with the offspring of the alien symbiote called Venom during a prison breakout. The symbiote amplified his psychotic nature making him even less mentally stable than he had been previously, and therefore even more dangerous. The amount of detail on this variant is just insane! You can see Carnage’s muscles and the Symbiote fluid that’s crawling all over Carnage. I just love the look of Carnage done in a realistic art style. He looks so menacing and his evil grin clearly shows his personality at first glance.

All Carnage Variants


1.Jane Foster

For many years, Foster was a nurse, employed by Dr. Donald Blake, Thor's first mortal host, before becoming a doctor herself. Foster is later revealed to be deemed worthy to wield Thor's hammer Mjolnir when the former is no longer able. During this period, she adopts the mantle of Thor, and joins the Avengers. For me, this is the ultimate Artgerm variant. It’s all about the facial expression and Jane Foster’s pose that perfectly represent her character. She looks so kind and righteous at the same time. This is the best example of Artgerm female heroes looking stunningly beautiful.

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