[Top 10] Marvel Snap Best Pool 1 Decks That Are Powerful

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Once you start the game it’s hard to figure out which cards you should be using, which decks are good and what to actually play. There are many sites online which can help you find decks that may be interesting, but even then, you need to know what you’re searching for.

That’s why in this article I’ll show you 10 interesting decks that all use pool 1 cards. You should be able to make a few if you’ve gotten some cards already. If you’re over collection level 214, you already have all pool 1 cards, and you can make and modify any of the decks that are on this list.

10. Odin Control

This is a take on building a deck with Odin that doesn’t run all of the expected pool 1 cards. It features some very useful and expensive On Reveal effects like Jessica Jones, White Tiger and Gamora which can be game winning when paired with Odin.

Rocket Raccoon, Star Lord and Gamora can give you a lot of value if used correctly, and if you miss their effect you will have a shot at a second opportunity when you play Odin. Jessica Jones and White Tiger give you a lot of value, however you play them. This deck runs Scarlet Witch and Enchantress as additional ways to control the game.

9. KaZoo

This KaZoo deck runs a lot of one drops and cards like Wolfsbane and Captain America which can give you a lot of value in a deck that likes to swarm the board.

The bread and butter of this deck are, of course, Kazar and Blue Marvel, which will strengthen your other cards. You’ve also got Wolfsbane and Captain America which can probably win you a location together. And Armor can serve as a way to protect Kazar and Blue Marvel, or your one drops from cards like Killmonger.

8. Apocalypse

This Apocalypse deck doesn’t only focus on discarding like many others (it’s best to wait until pool 2 for that), but instead, it gives you a bit of everything. You have Nova, Angel and Carnage that focus on card destruction and Lady Sif, Blade and Sword Master that fall into the discard archetype.

Apocalypse can grow if you’re lucky to discard him with Sword Master or Blade, and he will always get at least +4 if you play Lady Sif while he’s in your hand. Wolverine can be both destroyed and discarded and he will give you value. Iron Man and America Chavez are there to give you a bit more stability and power in dire situations.

7. Devil Dino & Onslaught

This deck combines Devil Dinosaurs’s ability to become a very large beatstick, with Onslaught’s effect that can make him an even bigger threat. This deck can easily win you a single location at turns 5 and 6 if you play 2 of your 5+ cost cards.

As so, if your goal is to secure a single location before turn 5 with cards that can become powerful like Angela and Ant-Man. You have cards like Moon Girl that can make your Devil Dinosaur a big threat and White Queen that can give you a bit more utility in your hand.

6. Klaw & Onslaught

This deck has Klaw as its center focus; you can win points that your opponent will not expect by playing Onslaught at Klaw’s location. You have cards that can secure other zones like Angela, Medusa, Captain America, Punisher and Ant-Man.

Namor and Klaw can easily win you a location if positioned right. You also have Blue Marvel which can power up each of your other creatures, which can become even more significant if you combine it with Onslaught.

5. Devil Dino

This is the most classic combo you will see with Devil Dinosaur in pool 1. Simply, you double your hand size with Moon Girl and play Devil Dinosaur which can make him a very powerful 5 cost card.

You’re almost sure to win the location that you play Devil Dinosaur on. You still have other cards like Carnage and Nova which can boost your whole board state and Deathlok which is a strong 3 cost card.

4. Spectrum Ongoing

This deck is filled exclusively with cards that have Ongoing effects… and Nightcrawler. You have a lot of powerful cards which can win you zones like Namor if he’s alone, Iron Man which can almost surely win you a single location and Blue Marvel that boosts your overall board.

On turn 6 you will want to play Spectrum if you have her in hand, since she will give +2 to every card that you’re playing, which makes a gigantic difference in board state. Captain America, Ant-Man, Mister Fantastic and The Punisher are all strong cards that can secure locations by themselves, let alone if they’re boosted by Blue Marvel and Spectrum.

3. Heimdal Move

Move decks in low ranks are very powerful because it can be very hard to keep track of every effect if you’re a beginner. At turn 6, depending on if you play Heimdall or not, you can have 2 very VERY different board states. It’s very hard to keep up with that if you’re in the lower ranks.

Your key cards are Multiple Man and Kraven because they synergise with movement that Nightcrawler, Iron Fist, Doctor Strange and, of course, Heimdall offer. Wolfsbane and Captain America can give you a lot of power and Scarlet Witch is there to help you out if the location’s effect can make you lose the game.

 2. Odin On Reveal

On Reveal Decks with Odin are very satisfying and rewarding to play. A lot of your cards have very powerful effects that combine well with each other. Key cards that can give a lot of power on board are Jessica Jones, Wolfsbane and White Tiger.

Odin at turn 6 wins you games. Depending on how contested the location that he’s on, you should be setting up with cards like Iron Heart and White Tiger or Wolfsbane and Angela, so you can get the most out of his ability. Iron Heart and White Tiger boost your other zones significantly, and getting their effects once more with Odin can be very influential.

1. KaZoo... Again

KaZoo is quite probably the best deck you can make with pool 1 cards, due to how easily it puts a lot of power on board. A lot of one drops in this deck like Elektra, Hawkeye, Rocket Raccoon and Ant-Man have abilities that can give you even more power (or in the case of Elektra, decrease the opponent's power).

Once you have a lot of cheap cards on the board, it’s time to play cards that buff all of them. Kazar will give +1 to all one drops, Blue Marvel will give +1 to all other cards, and Onslaught will double those buffs. It’s insane how much value this brings in on turn 6 if you play all three of those cards.

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