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With the most recent patch, some pool 5 cards have moved down to pool 4, we’re going to take a look at which cards are the best, most versatile and useful in your other decks.

Unfortunately, not all pool 4 cards are easy to put in your deck. Some are even very rarely useful. We’ll see which cards you should consider buying in the Token Shop for your decks and which cards you should hope you don't randomly get while leveling your collection. 

11.Agent Coulson


Agent Coulson is a nice card that can possibly give you good cards that you can play in later turns. His effect will add a random 4-cost and 5-cost card to your hand once you play him.

He doesn’t currently have a place in a meta deck and you’ll rarely see him be used. He has some synergy with Devil Dinosaur, because he adds cards to your hand. If you have him, you might as well run him in case you don’t pull Moongirl before turn 4.



Helicarrier is a decent card that can either give you 10 power on board or give you 3 random cards. Its effect activates when it’s discarded and it adds 3 random cards to your hand. It’s a good card in discard decks that want to have a few more options to play.

This card isn’t necessary in discard decks, but it’s a decent option. Since it costs 6 energy Lady Sif will be able to target it if it’s in your hand when you play it. This will give you 3 cards that might be good or bad. I don’t think you should really run this card in discard, since there are way better options, but if you like RNG, you should give this strategy a go.

9.Maria Hill


Maria Hill is a niche card that will give you a card that you’ll almost always be able to play. Her effect will add a 1-cost card in your hand when you play her.

She doesn’t see much play, but her effect can be useful in Devil Dinosaur decks. She has synergy with cards like The Collector, Quinjet and the other cards that also add random cards to your hand. 



Orka is a useful card that can bring a lot of power to a single location for 6 mana. Orka’s effect will give him +5 power if he’s the only card on your location. This can be very useful if you want to win a location that neither you or your opponent has played on until the last turn.

Getting 14 power from a 6-cost card is good, but Orka is very situational and you can’t easily build a deck around him. Most decks rely on filling up the locations as much as possible and combining the effects of their cards. Still, it can synergize well with cards like Klaw, Green Goblin and Hobgoblin.



Atumma is a high-powered card with a drawback, but luckily, you can avoid that drawback and still make this card quite useful. His effect will destroy him if you have another card at his location which falls into the theme of cards from Atlantis wanting to be alone on a location.

His effect might look way too bad for him to be useful, but actually all you need to do is play him on a location that has Armor on it, or use Zero before playing him to make him really useful. In any case, he’s great at contesting a single location with only 4 mana. If you’re running him in a Zabu deck, his usefulness will increase even more because he will be cheaper!




Bast is a good card that fits in a few decks and gives your weaker cards a little more power. Bast’s effect will set the power of all of the cards in your hand to 3. This can be a really useful effect, but you have to build your deck with it in mind, since you don’t want to weaken your strong cards with Bast.

Bast finds its place mostly in Kazoo decks, since it can give a little more value to your weaker 1-cost cards. Since there aren’t many good 1-cost cards in pools 3, 4 and 5, this is one of the better support cards that combos well with Kazar. The only downside is if you can’t run high-cost cards, but most Kazar decks don’t run cards with a lot of power. It also has a place in Cerebro 3, since it can buff Mystique and Cerebro up to 3 power and let them be boosted by Cerebro’s effect as well.



M’Baku is a useful card that can be very useful in the right decks. His effect actually activates from the deck. If M’Baku is in your deck at the end of the game he will jump to a random location.

This can be quite useful, since there’s a lot of locations in Marvel Snap that restrict cards being played on them. If you’re lucky M’baku will jump to that location and possibly win you the game. The deck that makes the best use of M’Baku is undoubtedly Cerebro 2, since if you’re having a good game, it will get even better if an 8 power M’baku shows up at the end of the game.

4.Super Skrull


Super Skrull is a risky card that depends on the meta and your opponent’s cards, but when it works, it can change the course of the entire game. Super Skrull’s effect copies all Ongoing effects that your opponent has on the field.

If your opponent has a few Ongoing cards on the field you can, not only catch up to the difference with Super Skrull, you will probably get a lot more value out of him, than your opponent did with his cards, since he’ll copy ALL Ongoing effects from your opponent.



Valkyrie is a great card that can make a huge difference on a single location when played. Her effect sets the power of all cards on a location to 3. This can really change the tide of your game if your opponent over-commits to a single location.

She’s most useful in Cerebro 3, since you’ll have a lot more power than your opponent on the location that you play Valkyrie at. Your opponent will probably lose a lot of power, while the downside of her effect is negated by Cerebro.

2.Black Panther


Black Panther is a very useful card that can end up having way more power than your opponent expects. Black Panther’s effect will double his power when he’s played. This in and of itself makes him a 5-cost with 8 power which is decent, but you’ll never want to keep him at only 8 power.

Black Panther is most often used with Anim Zola and Wong, which can create a LOT of power on board. If you play him on a location that you’ve previously set-up with Wong, you’ll have a Panther with 16 power already. But, when you play Anim Zola on that location afterwards, you can duplicate both of them, and if you’re lucky with Anim Zola’s order, you’ll have two Black Panthers with 64 power on the other locations, which should be enough to win you the game.



Shuri is a really useful card that can greatly increase the value of your strong cards. Her effect will double the power of the next card you play. This can really bring a lot of value if you’re running a deck with cards that have a lot of power.

Shuri fits in a lot of decks, but she has the most synergy in Black Panther and Anim Zola decks, or in decks that run Taskmaster and cards like Red Skull and Typhoid Mary. Shuri doesn’t only double the power of the next card, it  makes strong combos, way stronger and that’s exactly why she’s the best pool 4 card.

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