[Guide] All Marvel Snap Pool 5 Cards And Where To Use Them

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Pool 5 cards are the most difficult to get in Marvel Snap. You either have to get really lucky with your pulls from Collector’s Reserve’s or collect 6000 tokens to buy a card from the shop.

As such, they usually have the most game-changing effects and you can either build a deck around them or they greatly increase the effectiveness of decks that you already own.



Dazzler is a good card that benefits from you playing a lot of low-cost cards and swarming the board. Dazzler’s effect gives her +6 power if you have 4 cards at all of the locations.

She has the most synergy with Kazar decks that like to run a lot of low-cost cards. You can also use her in combination with Ultron who will guarantee that all of your locations are filled up at the end of the game. 

10.Shadow King


Shadow King is the newest card that has been added to the game. His effect resets all of the cards on his location to their original power. He’s new and he hasn’t been seen in many decks yet, but we can assume how he will be used.

Shadow King is a good counter to cards like Silver Surfer and Black Panther, that add a lot of power to either themselves or other cards. Shadow King doesn’t work against Ongoing cards, so he’s quite limited in what he can do. But since the meta currently favors Silver Surfer a lot, consider running him if you manage to get your hands on Shadow King.



Shanna is a good support for KaZoo decks by quickly adding more 1-cost cards to the field. Shanna’s effect will add a random 1-cost card to each location.

She is obviously meant to have synergy with Kazar. Kazar will buff all 1-cost cards, and straight after that, next turn you can play Shanna and another 1-cost card if you have it in your hand. She will add a random 1-cost to each location and give you more targets for Kazar’s effect.



Sentry is a good card with a drawback, but luckily, if you build your deck around him, you can easily avoid that drawback. Sentry can’t be played on the right location and when he’s played he will summon a Void with -8 power to the right location.

Sentry will add a lot of power for a low cost to whichever location you play him to. You can then use Viper to send the void to your opponent, or just use cards like Deathlok and Carnage to destroy the void so that you’re not behind on the right location. He is very useful and he gives a lot of power to your side of the board with the correct preparation.



Sauron is a card with a strange effect that finds its place in decks with high powered cards with negative effects. Sauron’s effect will remove all Ongoing effects from cards in your hand and in your deck.

It has the most synergy with cards like Ebony Maw, Red Skull and Typhoid Mary. You can then freely use those cards without worrying about their bad effects. You’ll also want to include Taskmaster in a deck with Sauron, since he can copy the power of the cards you played previously. 



Thanos is a great card that functions a lot differently from all of the other cards in the game. Thanos’ effect is that at the beginning of the game he will shuffle 6 infinity stones in your deck, all stones cost 1 energy and have good effects that will boost your board state.

The strategy with Thanos is to play all of your stones, you will get a lot of card draw, beneficial effects like lowering the power of enemy cards and giving Thanos +10 power if you’ve played all of the stones in a single game. You can run him with Kazar to boost all of your stones, or you can play some strategies where you quickly cheat Thanos out on the board.



Zabu is the newest Season Pass card which quickly became a big part of the meta. Zabu’s effect lowers the cost of all 4-cost cards in your hand by 2. This can let you play many more strong cards for a lot less energy.

Zabu is a part of a lot of decks. Most notable strategies are - playing Spider-Man and Absorbing Man on turn 5 to prevent your opponent from playing on 2 locations on turn 6. Or discard decks that mainly focus around playing Dracula and discarding Apocalypse on turn 6 for a lot of power. Since there are a lot of good 4-cost cards in the game, it’s rather easy to build a deck around Zabu. 



Knull is a great late game card for destroy decks, that in combination with Death can bring an insane amount of power to your board. Knull has the combined power of all cards that were destroyed during the game.

Knull is pretty self explanatory, if you plan on destroying a lot of cards, you can also benefit even more by playing Knull at the end of the game. He is great in destroy decks, but he also has a lot of synergy with Galactus, since he can get a lot more power in those decks.

3.Silver Surfer


Silver Surfer was featured in the last Season Pass and it quickly became a meta defining card. His effect gives +3 power to all other 3-cost cards that you’ve played before.

Silver Surfer decks are quite easy to build and they’re often very strong. There are a lot of good 3-cost cards in the game like Rhino, Cosmo, Killmonger that let you prevent your opponent’s plays. On turn 6, you just need to play Silver Surfer and give +3 power to all other 3-cost cards and you should have enough power to win the game.



Darkhawk is a card that can give you a lot of power on board if you build your deck around him. His effect will give him +2 power for each card in your opponent’s deck. Depending on the locations, Darkhawk can become a really good addition to the board, or you might want to avoid playing him.

On turn 6 your opponent will have 3 cards left in his deck, if no locations interfere with it, but you can also artificially increase the number of cards in your opponent’s deck by playing cards like Rockslide and Korg. This will make it more likely that your opponent doesn’t pull out some of their main combo pieces, while giving you more power for Darkhawk. He works best in Zabu decks, since both him and Rockslide are 4-cost cards.



Galactus is a card that won’t be very useful to you if you’re early in pool 3, but if you get some good support for him, you can play an amazing deck that will give you a lot of cubes. Galactus’ effect will destroy all other locations if he’s your only card on the location that you play him on.

Since he costs 6 energy, you’ll want to find a way to cheat him out earlier, if you want to get the most of him. The best way to do that, is to play wave on turn 3, and play Galactus straight after her. You can then fill up the location with cards to get as much power as possible and defeat your opponent. Knull is a great option in Galactus decks, since all other cards will be destroyed and give Knull a significant power boost.

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