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5. Vault Missions

Vault Missions video.

In Marvel’s Avengers, you have to level up two things. Your character XP and your power level. Both things naturally increase in level as you play the game. But what if you want to level up faster? Specifically, your power level so you can tackle those missions restricted behind a higher power level?

There are multiple ways to increase power level fast. One of which are the Vault Missions. These missions are designed to challenge the player by throwing waves of many at the Avengers, all the while trying to unlock the vault.

Succeed, however, and you will be rewarded with gear that are higher in power level than what you have. In turn, you can swap out your current gear or use the higher-level gear to upgrade the current gear you have. In the end, you will have a higher power level than before.


4. Vendors

Vendors video.

While gear is primarily earned by fighting enemies and completing missions, you can also purchase gear for a quick power level boost. There are four gear vendors available in the game located in the Chimera, Shield Substation Zero, The Ant Hill, and Birnin Zana.

In those four outposts, you can approach the gear vendors located there and purchase gear. Sometimes, you will find gear that are stronger than the ones you have. Other times, you will find gear that are just slightly stronger. I recommend saving your resources by purchasing gear that are three or four levels higher than your current gear.

If you want a significant boost in your power level, the faction vendors offer stronger gear. Only available in special vendors located in Shield Substation Zero and The Ant Hill, the faction vendors are the only vendors that offer ISO-8 gear.


3. Corrupted Vibranium

Corrupted Vibranium video.

With the introduction of War for Wakanda, Corrupted Vibranium has become a strong source of powerful gear to rapidly increase your power level. While the Corrupted Vibranium is only available in the Wakanda region, the Corrupted Vibranium event allows the Vibranium to spread to other regions.

Ideally, you should take advantage of the event to get powerful gear. However, the event only happens within a week, and it is entirely up to Crystal Dynamics when that event will happen. You can still use the Corrupted Vibranium located in Wakanda in the meantime.


2. Hive Missions

Hive Missions video.

Hive missions are gauntlet missions that lets you plough through enemies and floors. Each floor will have strong enemies and powerful loot, and will sometimes randomly spawn a chest containing gear with a higher power level than what you currently have.

All Hive missions are great way to grind for loot, but you should focus on doing the Last Avenger Standing Hive as well as the Mega Hive. Completing the Mega Hive mission chain will reward you with powerful gear, as well as an exotic. Completing the Last Avenger Standing Hive will reward you the same thing, with a chance to earn an exotic.


1. Chests

Chests video.

The quickest way to level up your power level with gear is chests. Chests are everywhere in Marvel’s Avengers, and there’s no shortage of them. Finding them is even easy, as the game maps out where the nearest chests are. Of course, there are the hidden chests, but those are easy to find with flying characters like Thor and Iron Man.

Vault missions are the best way to speed up the power leveling process, as the opening area of Vault missions are loaded with chests. Find a DNA chest, and you will certainly get a much more powerful gear.

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