Marvel Snap: 11 Best Cards To Play With M.O.D.O.K.

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M.O.D.O.K. is the newest card featured in the Season Pass. Second Dinner is trying to stray away from adding Meta defining cards like Zabu and Silver Surfer which were really strong and easy to build a deck around.

MODOK is a great support card for many types of discard decks. He is great in Hela decks, he makes the Dracula-Apocalypse combo significantly stronger and he’s even defining a new type of discard deck which focuses on buffing up cards like The Collector and Morbius. We’ll go into the most important cards that you can use to build those decks with MODOK.

11.Lady Sif

Lady Sif gives you nice power on board when you play it, and it helps make your Apocalypse stronger. Her effect discards your most expensive card from your hand, which is usually going to be Apocalypse.

This card doesn’t necessarily combo well with MODOK, but it helps keep the decks with MODOK more consistent with your other win condition Dracula. You can run Lady Sif with Apocalypse, but consider not using her in combination with Hela, since you don’t want her to be discarded in most cases.

10.America Chavez

America Chavez is a great way to increase your turn 6 consistency in most decks. Her effect makes her drawable only on turn 6 and not before then.

After you play MODOK on turn 5, you’ll want something to play on the next turn. If you’ve had good luck with your draws, Apocalypse should be the only card in your hand, or you could maybe be holding a few Swarm’s as well. America Chavez makes it so that you have an assured additional 9 power on turn 6 since you don’t want to play Apocalypse if you have Dracula on the field.

9.The Collector

MODOK is able to make The Collector viable in discard decks. The Collector’s effect gives him +1 power whenever a card enters your hand from anywhere but your deck.

Luckily, this effect activates every time you discard Swarm and get 2 more copies of him. The Collector’s effect procs every time you discard Apocalypse as well, so he actually becomes a very big source of power for only 2 energy, but you’ll want to be playing Wong and MODOK to get the most out of The Collector’s effect.


Wong is a great way to buff other cards while using MODOK. Wong has an Ongoing effect that will double all On Reveal effects that happen on that location. 

If you’re playing Wong and MODOK together, you’ll want to fill the deck out with cards that can get a lot of power like The Collector, Morbius and Mystique. The best way you can get a lot of power for all of those cards, is to continually discard Swarm from your hand and keep duplicating them.

7.Invisible Woman

Invisible Woman is a key card that makes the Hela and MODOK combo work. Her effect hides all of the cards that you play on her location until the end of the game.

This is one of the few ways that you can discard your whole hand with MODOK and then bring the whole hand back on board with Hela’s effect. MODOK and Hela is a combo that’s hard to pull off since Hela needs to stay in your hand until after MODOK is played, so Invisible Woman comes in clutch and fixes that problem.


Dracula is a great card that usually has a lot of power, costs only 4 energy and is a lot harder to play around compared to other cards. His effect lets him discard one card from your hand at the end of the game and gain all of its power. 

MODOK adds a lot of value to the Dracula and Apocalypse combo, since if you draw Apocalypse before the 5th turn and play MODOK, you make sure that Dracula can discard Apocalypse at the end of the game and gain all of his power. 


Mystique is a versatile card that can copy any Ongoing effects, but it finds its place in the discard deck by copying only one card. Mystique is going to be used as a second Morbius.

By having 2 cards that get +2 power everytime you discard a card, and playing MODOK on the 5th turn, you instantly have a lot of power on board. Especially if you’re running cards like Wong and Swarm, you can really make two very powerful cards out of Mystique and Morbius.


MODOK unlocks the full potential of Swarm and makes it an amazing card. Swarm’s effect activates when it is discarded. You get 2 copies of it that cost 0 energy. 

If you set up the board with Morbius and Mystique, you can play MODOK on a Wong location and discard a lot of Swarms from your hand. This can really increase the power of your other cards like Morbius, Mystique and The Collector.


Hela is a great way to get a lot of value at the end of the game. Hela’s effect will bring back all of your discarded cards to random locations. Luckily, now we have MODOK who will easily discard many targets for Hela’s effect.

You will need Invisible Woman for this combo to work. Hidden behind her effect, you can play MODOK and Hela, and put your entire hand on the board with their effects. You just need to consistently pull out those cards and watch out for the opponent's Cosmo that can ruin this combo.


Morbius was always a good card in discard decks that would give you a lot of value for a cheap cost, but with the addition of MODOK, Morbius becomes a lot more viable. Morbius’ effect gives him +2 power each time you discard a card.

You can combine Morbius with cards like Mystique and The Collector and try to power those cards up as much as possible. I really like how the introduction of MODOK made a completely new discard deck viable, and I’d say this deck is one of the more fun ways to play discard.


Apocalypse is a card that can grow a lot in power before you get to play it on turn 6. Apocalypse’s effect gives him +4 power every time he’s discarded. If you get lucky, Apocalypse can grow to A LOT of power by the end of the game, but usually, he brings you at least 12-16 power.

Since MODOK will discard your whole hand on the 5th turn, all you’re going to be left with in your hand is Apocalypse, if he was in your hand before you played MODOK. He will get +4 power and if you play whatever you draw on turn 6, Dracula will surely discard Apocalypse and give him +4 power again.

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