The 5 Most Famous Characters in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

Marvel vs Capcom is a franchise that is almost 20 years old (more if you take into account x-men vs street fighter) and there are characters that define the game. These characters are iconic in both Marvel and Capcom sides and of course they are making their return for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

In this article, we will be talking about the world’s most famous superheroes that can be played in MvCI. These characters have been present since the so called silver age of comic books and now they are more popular than ever since their introduction to the marvel cinematic universe (MCU). So let’s take a look.  

5. Thor

Thor and his hammer mjolnir.

Thor Odinson was one of the latest additions to the Marvel vs Capcom franchise. He was an assist character in the original Marvel vs Capcom game but made his debut as a fully playable character in Marvel vs Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds. Thor was created in 1962 by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby making his debut in the comic “journey to the mystery” number 83. He is one of the original avengers, and one of the most powerful superhero in the Marvel Universe.

Of course his importance in the Marvel Cinematic Universe had a lot to do with it. He appears in the 2011 Thor movie, the 2013 sequel Thor: The Dark World and both Avengers movies. He is portrayed by Chris Hemsworth in the MCU. He has an important role in the story trailer released in June last month as the main villain Ultron Sigma had taken Asgard and made Thor’s comrades slaves. The warrior Thor skin can be purchased in the game, and it looks like Chris Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok - with short hair, a beard and shirtless.

Warrior Thor skin.

4. Hulk

Thor and Hulk will fight each other

Everyone has had a bad day, and when Stan Lee created the Hulk, along with Jack Kirby in 1962, he envisioned a monster that was a product of all the rage accumulated in a bad day he had. So this is Hulk, pure rage and fury personified. Hulk has made his appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe portrayed by several actors. His first appearance was in 2003 in the Ang Lee movie Hulk, portrayed by Eric Bana, which was not well received by critics. Next he was portrayed by Edward Norton in the 2008 reboot. Currently the character is being played by Mark Ruffalo who has made his appearance in both Avengers movies and we will see him again in the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok film.

Hulk has been in the Marvel vs Capcom games since the earliest games in the franchise and he is making his return to Marvel vs Capcom Infinite with his signature moves gamma bomb and gamma quake. There is also a pre order skin for Hulk, the gladiator Hulk, similar to the one he used in the planet Hulk comic and the thor ragnarok movie.

Kurt Russell must be jealous.

3. Iron Man

Iron Man ready to fight since day one.

The armoured avenger is the most popular character in the MCU and of course he’s going to make his return to Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. He made his appearance in day one along with Ryu, Megaman X and Captain Marvel in the first trailer of the game. Ironman was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, Don Heck and Jack Kirby and made his debut in the comic Tales of suspense in 1963. He is portrayed in the MCU by the charismatic Robert Downey Jr and has appeared in six MCU movies since 2008.

A fun fact is that he made his debut in marvel vs Capcom 2. In the original marvel vs Capcom was war machine the playable character. I suppose that he was not as popular in the 90’s. Ironman was played in an exhibition match in EVO 2017 and for the first time we could see Tony Stark’s face in a marvel game.

2. Captain America

The first avenger makes his return to the Marvel vs Capcom franchise. Of course you cannot have a marvel game without freaking Captain America. He made his first appearance in the marvel vs series in 1997 in the Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter and he has been on the roster since.

He was created in 1941 by Joe Simons and Jack Kirby to fight the axis powers in world war 2 and he's been kicking ass ever since. Chris Evans is in charge of giving him life in the MCU.

He is the heart of the avengers and of course he has an important role in the story mode. There is some controversy around the design of this character, particularly his face, but this is not the first time cap isn’t looking as good as he’s supposed to. Remember that drawing with the gigantic chest in the 90´s?

Now he doesn’t looking so bad in the game.  (Image by Rob Liefeld)

1.    Spider-man

There is no doubt about it: Spider-man is one of the most beloved and popular characters in the marvel universe. If you asked Stan Lee, he is going to tell you that Spider-man is one of his favourite. He has been in the marvel games since the very beginning and now looks better than ever.

He was created in 1962 and his first appearance was in “Amazing Fantasy” number 15, a comic that in mint condition has been sold for over $1million dollars. He is portrayed in the MCU by Tom Holland in Spider-man homecoming which is his latest MCU solo movie of 2017.

Spider-man was a playable character in SDCC and they made some changes with his mobility and a super that evades green goblin’s blade pumpkins (prompting us to think if there might be a green goblin DLC in the future?) that looks fantastic. The voice acting is quite of childish but it´s emulating Tom Holland’s Spider-man.

 Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is going to be available on September 19, 2017

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MaxwellDenton's picture

MaxwellDenton 6 years 1 month ago

An excellent list of the most famous characters. These are also the list of characters that most people my age have grown up with. We've seen different incarnations of each over the years. If Capcom decides to make another Marvel vs. Capcom, I hope these guys are on the list of playable characters.

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