Meet the Newcomers of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

There were a lot of complaints about the Marvel vs Capcom Infinite roster for a while. “Too many returning characters” and “the lack of X-men” due to the fact that the game is MCU based are the usual complaints heard in the fighting game community.

But there is hope on the horizon. Gamora, Jedah, and Black Panther are coming to Marvel vs Capcom Infinite as new challengers. They are considered first time characters to be introduced into the Marvel vs Capcom franchise and have never before appeared in any other Marvel vs Capcom game.

Gamora is a guardian of the galaxy and the daughter of Thanos. The first time we saw her was in the story trailer back in E3 seeking the help of her father but it wasn’t until the Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament in Evolution 2017, during an exhibition match that we saw gameplay footage of her. She was available as a playable character in San Diego Comic Con Marvel vs Capcom Infinite panel.

Gamora in her default skin looking like the comic character

She has sexy short hair, her trademark green skin and wears white armor similar to the one she uses in the comics. She uses guns and swords and has a gameplay similar to Deadpool who appeared in UMVC 3.

Jedah was the final boss in Darkstalkers 3

Jedah is a character from the Darkstalker games. He is a Shinigami (god of death/grim reaper) and he is making his first appearance in the marvel vs Capcom franchise. Jedah was also revealed in the EVO exhibition match but since then, he was nowhere to be seen. Jedah and Megaman X are the only new additions to the Capcom side of the roster, and probably the only ones according to the leak. That make Jedah kind of special character, he is a new addition to Capcom’s roster and his gameplay looks refreshing using his scythe to perform combos.

A glimpse of the Black Panther in the story trailer

Little is known about the Black Panther, as he is going to be available with the purchase of the deluxe edition of the game along with 6 other unannounced characters. We saw a glimpse of him in the story trailer back in E3 and he looked like his Marvel Cinematic Universe counterpart.

Megaman X, Captain Marvel, and Ultron are the other new additions to Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite roster although they have appeared in older games in the franchise. The game will be released on September 19, 2017.

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