Aquaman: 10 Most Interesting Facts You Need To Know About Him

Aquaman Jason Momoa
Aquaman doing some serious commanding of the ocean

What's so great about Aquaman?

I don’t know about you, but when I think of superheroes, Aquaman doesn’t even cross my mind, thanks to his reputation as a wussy ‘hero’ that isn’t very useful out of the water. However, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman looks set to change how we all view the aquatic hero; it turns out Aquaman is a lot more impressive than we all thought. In honour of the upcoming movie, due to be released next year, here are 10 of the most interesting facts you need to know about Aquaman:

10. The film is based on Geoff Johns’s 2011 Aquaman comic

Aquaman getting ready to poke someone.

In the comic, Aquaman’s father was a lighthouse keeper named Tom Curry, and his mother, called Atlanna, was Atlantean royalty. This is one of the most popular origin stories for Aquaman.

9. Aquaman’s real name is Arthur Curry

Aquaman battling some seriously creepy creatures.

Yeah, that really tough looking guy’s name is Arthur. I love it.

8. Aquaman needs to be in contact with water at least once an hour

Aquaman making sure he doesn’t die, at least for the next hour.

If he doesn’t touch water, he’ll die. Not very practical, but luckily there’s always water nearby.

7. Contrary to popular belief, Aquaman doesn’t actually talk to fish

Aquaman NOT talking to fish.

He controls them with telepathy. Apparently, fish can’t have very interesting conversations. I’ll take his word for it.

6. Aquaman has some pretty sweet powers

Aquaman being bulletproof, with his love Mera.

He can withstand bullets (not that evil henchmen ever seem to have good aim), and has impressive tactical abilities and fighting skills. This means he’s considered one of the greatest fighters and tacticians in the DC Universe. He also has super strength, super speed and enhanced reflexes. And obviously, he can breathe underwater. He’d be pretty useless otherwise.

5. Unlike some other superheroes (looking at you, Batman and Spider-Man) Aquaman is not opposed to killing

The lesson here? Don’t piss off Aquaman.

He once commanded sharks to tear a villain apart. So brutal.

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4. He is one of the seven original founding members of the Justice League

Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Superman, Green Lantern, Batman and The Flash, the original 7 members of the Justice League.

The new Justice League movie will show Batman recruiting the members of the league, including Aquaman.

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3. Aquaman will be using the Trident of Neptune in the movie

Aquaman harnessing the power of Neptune’s trident to dampen the city.

The trident, given to him by Neptune himself, lets him control the weather, and gives him the ability to command the sea, change living things into other things, and make things disappear.

2. Jason Momoa, AKA Aquaman, played Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones

Jason as Drogo in Game of Thrones.

He was also set to play the role of Drax in Guardians of the Galaxy, but he turned it down because he didn’t want to be typecast; only playing ‘giant warrior men’. So what does he play in Aquaman? A giant warrior man.

1. Aquaman once punched Death, right in the jaw

Loving his cool one-liner too.

This last fact is possibly my favourite one, because of the sheer bad-assery. Has your favourite super hero ever done anything like this?

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I’m so excited to see how Jason Momoa brings Aquaman to life, now that I know how interesting and awesome Aquaman really is. The little snippet of him we saw in Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice was definitely encouraging, and it will be cool to see how director James Wan approaches the character.

Aquaman is set for a December 21st 2018 release in the US. Before that, though, the Justice League movie comes out in November of this year. View the trailer below to see Aquaman and the rest of the gang in action.

The official first trailer for the Justice League movie.

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