Spiderman Best DLCs (All DLCs Ranked Worst To Best)

Best Spiderman DLCs
Ah yes, the perfect example of a superhero landing.


3. The Heist

“The Heist” is the very first DLC featured in “The City That Never Sleeps” expansion pack for Marvel’s Spider-Man. This DLC features the Black Cat, otherwise known as Felicia Hardy. She’s a professional thief and one of Spidey’s past lovers. Black Cat’s character is the best part of this DLC. Spider-Man’s dynamic with Black Cat is different than any dynamic he’s had with a previous character. She’s always confusing Peter. Felicia’s role in the plot of this DLC bewilders Peter and, therefore, bewilders the player. There is a brewing conflict between Hammerhead and the four other Maggia Dons. Hammerhead is actively stealing from his fellow dons and is having Felicia do his dirty work. 

At first, it seems like she’s been hired by Hammerhead, and then, it appears as if she’s being blackmailed. As the story continues, it gets more and more complex. The tension makes it extremely captivating. The whole story has the feeling of an old crime film. It feels whimsically similar to iconic flicks like Scarface and The Godfather. In terms of gameplay, Peter doesn’t get any new gadgets, weaponry, or attacks; however, there are new enemies for him to face. The minigun enemies are introduced in this DLC. They have the damage and durability of the brutes, the range of a sniper, and the highest fire rate of any enemy in the game. To summarize, the minigun enemies are OP. It’s almost impossible to web them up completely or web them to surfaces. Using electricity is the best way to handle them. 

“The Heist” is very charming and an enjoyable experience overall; however, it features a few unnecessary plot threads and concepts that don’t add much to the DLC as a package.

Purchase this DLC if: 

  • You want context for the “Turf Wars” DLC
  • You enjoy old crime films
  • You’re a fan of Black Cat
  • You’re a fan of Hammerhead
  • You want more story content for Marvel’s Spider-Man

Score: 7/10


2. Turf Wars

“Turf Wars” is the second DLC featured in “The City That Never Sleeps” expansion pack for Marvel’s Spider-Man. This story dives deep into the character of Yuri Watanabe. Yuri is a police captain who works with Spider-Man to stop criminals. She shows up very frequently in the base game and is a significant side character. In “Turf Wars”, she’s deeply connected to the main conflict. Hammerhead hurt her in a cruel and sadistic way, and she struggles to live her life as she did before this incident. Yuri is constantly filled with hatred, rage, and malevolence, which brings some tension into her professional relationship with Spider-Man. 

Hammerhead is cunning, cruel, and remorseless, but to those who’ve already played Marvel’s Spider-Man, he may seem like a bit of a cliche. He lacks the depth of previous villains and can come off as more of a plot mechanic than a character. On a more positive note, “Turf Wars” features the best level design out of all three DLCs. The polished, detailed, and dynamic environments are exhilarating to run, crawl, or swing through. Each room feels like it’s been lived in. Every place you visit has a history. The spectacular level design greatly complements the old crime film feeling established by the first DLC, “The Heist”. Additionally, “Turf Wars” adds one new enemy to the mix, the jetpack enemy. The jetpack enemy is much more interesting than the minigun enemy. He is similar to a shield enemy, but he has much more mobility and range. There are many unique and enjoyable ways to defeat these enemies. Making use of different gadgets to trick these enemies into making themselves vulnerable is especially enjoyable. 

“Turf Wars” is a polished, thrilling, and entertaining DLC that adds to the foundation established by the first DLC. Its original levels are the greatest out of the three DLC, but it also tends to reuse old environments the most. 

Purchase this DLC if: 

  • You want context for the “Silver Lining” DLC
  • You enjoy old crime films
  • You’re a fan of Yuri Watanabe
  • You’re a fan of Hammerhead
  • You like jetpacks
  • You enjoy nice level design
  • You want more story content for Marvel’s Spider-Man

Score: 8/10 


1. Silver Lining

“Silver Lining” is the third and final DLC featured in the “The City That Never Sleeps” expansion pack for Marvel’s Spider-Man. This story expands upon the relationship between Silver Sable and Spider-Man. Silver Sable is the princess of Symkaria and the owner of Sable International, a private security force. She is originally antagonistic towards Spider-Man until she learns to respect him near the end of the base game; however, everything changes in “Silver Lining”. Hammerhead’s goons steal Sable's weaponry and use it to terrorize NYC. Due to Peter’s inability to stop Hammerhead, Sable partially blames Spider-Man for the loss of her weaponry and technology. As the story continues, Sable must learn to trust Spider-Man again so they can finally stop Hammerhead together. 

“Silver Lining” is a very satisfying story to play through. It’s an amazing conclusion to everything the previous DLCs have so beautifully built up. This DLC has the most twists, surprises, and references out of all three DLCs. “Silver Lining” has the largest scale of any DLC in the “City That Never Sleeps” expansion. Although the level design is not as polished as it is in “Turf Wars”, the areas are much larger and more expansive. There are more enemies, set pieces, and bases to explore. Silver Sable’s assistance in combat makes webbing up criminals so much more enjoyable. The tone seems much more bright and lighthearted than that of “Turf Wars” or “The Heist”. There is a lot of enjoyment in wrapping up every plot point and solving every mystery. Additionally, this DLC has the best unlockable suits out of all three DLC. 

“Silver Lining” is a sensational, spectacular, and astonishing conclusion to “The City That Never Sleeps”. It’s a near-perfect adventure with enjoyable twists and wonderful costumes, but the most wonderful thing about it is that at the very end, the city finally sleeps. 

Purchase this DLC if: 

  • You enjoy lighthearted and positive stories
  • You played “Turf Wars” and “The Heist”
  • You’re a fan of Silver Sable
  • You’re a fan of Hammerhead
  • You like large-scale stories 
  • You want more story content for Marvel’s Spider-Man

Score: 9/10


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