[Top 3] Marvel Snap Best Sera Decks And Why They're Good

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Sera is a powerful card that’s been in the meta a couple of times already. Currently, she’s not the strongest card in the meta right now since she’s been overtaken by Thanos and Shuri, but she’s still a very viable and fun option for decks that like to play many cards. She’s great because she lowers the cost of your cards for the 6th turn, so that you can play more of your cards in the late stages of the game. All Sera decks are countered by Sandman because he lets you only play one card per turn, which can really screw with your pace. We’re going to take a look at all of the best decks that Sera enables and makes more viable, so strap in, and see if you’d want to build some of them.

3.Sera Surfer

Previously, this deck was the king of the meta, nothing could overpower it and if you didn’t stop it with Cosmo, you’d lose. Silver Surfer is obviously the main man of this deck, and Sera helps him produce even more value by letting you play 3 3-cost cards on the last turn. The game plan with this deck is to play out your 3-cost cards early on in the game and then finish it with Silver Surfer. Brood is essential for this deck since playing him for 3 mana gives you 3 bodies for Silver Surfer’s effect. As mentioned above, in most situations playing Sera on turn 5 is beneficial. You get to play 3 3-cost cards one of which will most probably be Silver Surfer. Since you need to draw Silver Surfer anytime before the 6th turn, this deck is pretty consistent and powerful as long as you draw him. You’ll want to play Maximus on the last turn to avoid giving your opponent any value from his negative effect and you can use Juggernaut to help you secure the game if you don’t want your opponent playing on a location.

What Is Great About This Deck:

  • Sera lowers the cost of all the cards in your hand by 1, this lets you play multiple 3-cost cards on the last turn and you will have more information than your opponent, but beware of unexpected Cosmos since your opponent most often has reveal priority while you’re playing this deck
  • Your aim is to play as many 3-cost cards as possible and buff them all with Silver Surfer at the end of the game, Brood helps with this incredibly by giving you 3 targets for Silver Surfer’s effect for only 3 mana
  • Maximus, Killmonger and Juggernaut are great cards to save for the last turn, Maximus gives you a lot of power and his downside doesn’t affect you since your opponent can’t play any more cards. Juggernaut stops your opponent from playing on a location making sure that you win it, and Killmonger is great against all Kazoo and Thanos match ups
  • You have some good cards that you want to play on curve - Nova gives you a little more power and you can play him on turns 1 and 4 and he’s way more valuable if you play Killmonger in the same game. Scorpion and The Lizard just give you decent value for their cost and they are great if you draw them early on and play them on curve

Card List:

  • Nova
  • Scorpion
  • Lizard
  • Brood
  • Mister Fantastic
  • Silver Surfer
  • Cosmo
  • Juggernaut
  • Killmonger
  • Polaris
  • Maximus
  • Sera


2.Sera - Mister Negative

This deck is really good at swinging in strong late in the game with cards whose power and cost was swapped with Mister Negative. The goal is to play Mister Negative as early as possible and draw as many of your powerful cards as possible. Cards with strong effects are balanced by having a low power. Mister Negative decks love those types of cards and can change them into cards with a low cost, strong effect and a good amount of power. One of your stronger combos is playing Iron Man into Mystique, obviously this is even more valuable if their power was swapped with Mister Negative. The one problem with this deck is needing Bast and Valkyrie to make it very strong. You don’t want to play Bast too early in the game because you want to target as many cards in your hand as possible. Valkyrie is great at finishing games, because if your opponent commits a lot to a single location, you can change all of their cards’ power to 3 and then play another card on that location for an easy win. Sera is here so that you can play her on turn 5 and then dump all of your entire hand which should hopefully be swapped with Mister Negative’s effect on the board.

What Is Great About This Deck:

  • Since you play all of your powerful cards on turn 6, your opponent can’t accurately read your plays and they might not retreat because of that
  • Magik creates Limbo, she’s a really good alternate turn 5 play, and she’s even better if she costs less from Mister Negative’s effect, you just have to be careful since if you think your opponent is running Storm, Rhino, Scarlet Witch or Thanos, they can change Limbo on turn 6 and stop you from playing all of your powerful cards on the 7th turn
  • Sera lowers the cost of your cards for the last turn and helps you play even more cards in the last stages of the game. A lot of the cards in your hand should be pretty cheap after you use Mister Negative and Sera, so you’ll be able to play a lot of strong cards - if you play them correctly you should be able to overpower a lot of decks and win games with this deck
  • Bast is an essential card that will make the cards that Mister Negative didn’t swap have a little more power. She helps your curve plays a lot and doesn’t let you fall too far behind before you play all of your cards on the last turn
  • Playing Iron Man into Mystique can almost guarantee that you win two locations, their effects are even more useful if Mister Negative swapped their cost and power. Doubling the power on a location can really easily let you pull ahead of your opponent

Card List:

  • Bast
  • Angela
  • Psylocke
  • Ironheart
  • Mystique
  • Bishop
  • Mister Negative
  • Iron Man
  • Blue Marvel
  • Magik
  • Valkyrie
  • Sera


1.Sera Control

This Sera deck is really good and really fun to play, because unlike other card games, Marvel Snap doesn’t have that many Control decks. Sera makes this strategy a lot more viable by giving you a powerful turn 6 as long as you know what your opponent is planning on doing. This deck has a few tech cards that let it get an advantage in the late stages of the game. Shang-Chi can shut down decks that focus on putting big bodies on the board, Enchantress shreds Ongoing decks like Cerebro or Patriot and Killmonger is a great counter for Thanos or any Kazoo deck for that matter. This deck likes to play slower compared to other decks you will encounter. You almost never want to have reveal priority and your aim should be to respond to your opponents plays. You can play Sera on the 5th turn and dump your entire hand on the 6th turn. Cards like Shang-Chi or Killmonger are really valuable on the last turn and Mysterio can prevent your opponent from using Aero.

What Is Great About This Deck:

  • You have strong tech cards that counter a lot of decks and this deck wants to use tech cards to secure games. Shang-Chi can remove big bodies off the board and Killmonger can clear your opponent’s entire board if they’re playing a Thanos deck
  • Sera gives you a lot more options going into the 6th turn. She lets you play more cards than your opponent can try to predict and swarm the board. Of course, not a lot of your cards are strong, so you should be very careful with the placement if you want to win games
  • Bishop and Mysterio are a very strong combo, Mysterio’s Illusions all count as being ‘played’ so Bishop will get +3 once you play Mysterio, which is quite a lot of value for only 2 mana to play Mysterio
  • You can use Enchantress to shut down your opponent’s Ongoing effects, this is really useful in the current meta since a lot of decks like Thanos are often running some strong Ongoing cards, and you are always ahead some of the other decks like Cerebro and Patriot 

Card List:

  • Nova
  • Angela
  • Armor
  • Scarlet Witch
  • Sentinel
  • Mysterio
  • Lizard
  • Bishop
  • Killmonger
  • Shang-Chi
  • Enchantress
  • Sera


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