[Top 15] Marvel Super War Best Heroes That Are Powerful (Latest Patch)

msw marvel super war best hero tier list latest patch updated 2022
The start of another 3-month-long Ranked PvP Season for NetEase Games’ Marvel Super War is here!

So, who are the best heroes to use in Marvel Super War for this current season?

With all the new superheroes, anti-heroes, and supervillains regularly being added to the hero selection pool, recent patches with buffs and nerfs being applied to help balance the game, and new tactics and compositions continually being discovered by players worldwide, it is true that climbing the ranks in MSW can be a bit challenging - especially if you don’t know which heroes to pick.

In this article, we will review the most powerful heroes across all roles, to help you choose which of these strongest heroes might just win you your next ranked match.

So, whether you’re new to the game, maybe you want to try a new hero in dominating the ladder, or, you just want a refresher on the current hero selection meta for MSW, we got you!

Here’s our [Top 15] Most Powerful Heroes in Marvel Super War, as of the latest patch:

15. Mantis (Support)

Eastern Emerald skin - Mantis Ranked Gameplay

Let’s start this off with a solid pick for a Support Hero, Mantis.

If you're looking for THE generic Healer Support Hero for MSW, this hero is the one to pick. Even after multiple tweaks, this favorite antennaed Guardian of the Galaxy of ours is still considered to be one of the top healers, and with that, still one of the most powerful Support-class Heroes throughout the game. 

Mantis' familiar and easy healer playstyle makes her remain to be a fairly common support pick in many tiers of ranked matches, with her excellent sustain and top-tier support capabilities that are very useful for ANY team setup. Her passives and basic abilities allow her to protect her team’s Bottom Lane Marksman to farm early game via her consistent team heals and counter-gank capabilities, while also effectively harassing the enemy from a safe distance at the same time.

While playing as Mantis, it is easy to babysit your Bot MM with your continuous heals, and it’s almost as easy to continuously harass your enemies as well with your long-ranged bouncing poke skill. If needed, and as long as you’re sure that your ally Marksman is in no danger of being left alone for a short while, you can roam a bit, to back up your Jungler when they’re nearby, or visit your Mid Laner for a quick assist. Just make sure you get back to your MM and continue taking care of them, at least until they can farm and advance lanes safely on their own. Once you get your ultimate, a single-target 2.5-second sleep paired with some damage over time, it can then be a sudden nightmare for the enemy - especially for a greedy attacker who may have just dived into their own demise. You can even pair it up offensively with a Blink to surprise a lone enemy, forcing them to sleep, as your teammates rush in and follow up on the kill.

What Makes Mantis Great: 

  • Excellent sustain with low-cooldown team heals
  • Passively procs team heals as she deals ability damage
  • Has a long-duration single-target CC hold (ultimate) that can counter a lone enemy dive or disable key enemy heroes during a clash
  • Her bush-reveal passive can help against enemy ganks and surprise attacks

Mantis details: Marvel Super War - Dark Mantis


14. The Thing (Top/Tank/Support)

The Thing is SO GOOD now!

It was an accident in space that gave Benjamin Grimm and the rest of the Fantastic Four their powers, turning Ben's skin all rock-ey, but it's not an accident that The Thing made it here to our Top 15 list.

What The Thing brings to the table for him to be considered as one of the most powerful heroes in MSW is his reliability as a tanky initiator, whether he goes solo at the Top Lane or as Support for his team's Marksman down at the Bottom Lane. He has all the qualities of a good generic Initiator Tank: a charge/blink skill, a big AOE+CC skill, good followthrough with skills/attacks, some shields/durability/sustain for survivability, a ranged poke/harass skill, and extra mobility. 

In playing as The Thing, your most notable skill would be your ultimate that deals AOE damage and CC as you charge towards a specified location far away. This powerful initiation, paired with a followthrough skill that gives you shield stacks while dealing continuous AOE damage and slow over the skill's duration, not to mention a passive mobility boost allowing you to leap onto a target enemy within range every few seconds, makes you a big threat and a noteworthy hero to watch out for during team clashes and enemy chase-downs.

What Makes The Thing Great:

  • One of the best tank initiators, with his charge+AOE+CC ultimate and shield generation
  • All skills deal significant AOE damage and CC
  • Has occasional mobility boost from passive, good for chasing or better positioning
  • Has a ranged poke that allows him to safely harass enemies during the early game and on downtimes

The Thing details: MARVEL Super War - Pirate Thing


13. Hulk (Top/Tank)

Hulk Ranked Gameplay - SWEET BUFF!

Speaking of reliable and powerful Tank Initiators, we can't leave out Dr. Bruce Banner and his powerful green monster transformation, the Incredible Hulk.

Here in MSW, Hulk is in many ways very similar to The Thing, as both are tough and reliable initiator tanks who can play either Solo Top or Bot Support, with just a few key differences. They both jump onto enemies when initiating clashes via their ground-targeted, area-of-effect, damage + crowd control ultimates, they're both tanky, both have some mobility boosts with their skills, both have a ranged poke, and both have good follow-through skills after initiation. Their common and unique qualities make them truly deserving to take spots and represent their role/position as Tank-class Heroes here in our Top Hero list.

When you play as Hulk, you're the team's main initiator, instigating fights as much as possible whenever your ultimate skill is ready. After initiating/counter-initiating, you can then follow through offensively or defensively, either with another AOE damage+slow skill, or with your single-target CC that grabs and thrashes the puniest enemy hero in range a good couple of times, Loki-style (Avengers MCU scene reference). But don't forget to insert normal hits in between your skills, as your passive skill also enhances your next basic attack to deal bonus damage and grant self-healing whenever you use an ability. Your single-target skill also becomes a ranged AOE poke when there are no heroes within range to toss about, so you can use it to instead throw a huge boulder towards your enemies, harassing them from a safe distance.

What Makes Hulk Great:

  • Another phenomenal tank initiator with his charge+AOE+CC ultimate, and durability/sustain
  • Deals significant damage and CC with all his skills
  • Highly durable, has self-heal sustain and mobility bonuses via passive procs
  • Also has a ranged poke that allows him to safely harass enemies during the early game and on downtimes

Hulk details: MARVEL Super War - Hulk Hero Spotlight


12. Sersi (Support)

Sersi Ranked Gameplay - INSANE DAMAGE for a Support Hero!

Sersi, of the Eternals, uses her energy and matter manipulation to provide a wide assortment of situational utility skills for her team, being able to counter most enemies with her great skill set.

This makes her one of the top choices for Support-class Heroes, especially in higher ranks, easily putting her here on our list as one of Marvel Super War's Best Heroes at this time. 

Sersi's broad and extensive ability toolkit includes healing, shields, def-break debuffs, slows, knockdowns, stuns, zoning, ranged pokes, and circumstantial high damage output. What she lacks is some kind of ally move-speed buff, but her highly reactive/counteractive playstyle that's able to protect and defend her team from various enemy attacks makes up for this lack of mobility boost, as she can stand her ground to resist, repel, or reverse enemy advances to their team's advantage.

As Sersi, you are able to harass and poke your enemies early game with your ranged damage+CC skills. During the mid-game when everyone's starting to roam around the map, you will have counteractive skills and abilities to help defend yourself and your allies from enemy ganks and advances. And while towards the late game, your outstanding supportive capabilities would be carried over as you participate in more team clashes, your relative damage-dealing output would then start to fall off compared to when you were still laning/roaming.

What Makes Sersi Great: 

  • Can shut down advancing or retreating Assassin/Fighter/Tank-class enemies with zoning and crowd control
  • Can provide cover against ranged attacks and skills from enemy Marksman/Energy-class Heroes with her ultimate
  • Has good early/mid-game harass damage and CC output
  • Also has passively-triggered team heals for protection/sustain

Sersi full details: #MARVELSuperWar - Sersi


11. Ikaris (Bot/Marksman/Mid/Energy) 

Marksman Ikaris Is OVERPOWERED!

Some may argue that other Marksman-class Heroes are better picks for this spot since only two MM’s made it to this Top 15 list - well, it is a fact that all MSW marksmen are indeed truly powerful especially during the late game once they’re properly geared, and each would have unique characteristics that make them better over each other in lots of different aspects - but, everything else considered, I'm still giving this spot to the Eternals’ Ikaris.

My main reason why Ikaris, is that for me, it's a big bonus that his Energy Mid version can also be considered powerful as well. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone. Ikaris's passive transforms his skills and damage type from Physical (Bot/Marksman role), into Energy (Mid/Energy role), depending on the gear type you equip him with.

As a Physical-Type Ikaris (Bot/Marksman), you would spam your basic skills along with your enhanced normal attacks to deal overpowering sustained DPS to your enemies. This barrage also involves constant blinks and movement speed boosts as you pelt your enemies down. The quick movement bursts help in adjusting your position offensively or defensively during a fight, another big advantage for Bot/MM Ikaris that the other Marksmen don't have. Your ultimate in this form involves firing a wide projectile that sweeps the map in a straight line, damaging all enemy units in its path, perfect for skillshots and global "assists", which is another plus for this Marksman.

If you choose the Energy-Type route and go Middle instead of the Bottom Lane, you would still have the same fast-paced gameplay with your fast attack speed and shortened skill cooldowns, spamming your basic abilities in between your enhanced normal attacks to nuke your enemies with intense burst damage. Your ultimate in this form no longer has unlimited range (range is still insanely long, though), but it trades that with a stun and some area crowd control to the target that the projectile hits. As a Mid/Energy Ikaris, you would have good AOE damage and mobility bursts, coupled with a bit of CC from your skills, which make you a good source of damage in lane-clearing and flash-farming, and in solo/group fights. 

What Makes Ikaris Great:

  • Fast attack speed, quick skill cooldowns, good mobility on both modes
  • Physical Form gives high single-target sustained DPS with penetrating and splashing damage
  • Energy Form gives good AOE burst damage with some CC
  • Has an extremely long-ranged ultimate (both modes), great for initiation or picking off enemies

Ikaris details: #MARVELSuperWar - Ikaris


10. Phoenix (Top/Mid/Energy) 


Jean Grey enters our Wakandan Battlefield (and our top hero rankings) having unlocked her Telekinetic, Psionic, and Phoenix Force powers, skillfully fusing these three power sources to invoke various spells and abilities according to her wants and needs. All hail the all-powerful Phoenix.

Phoenix's challenging playstyle of juggling through 10 different spells by selecting a specific combination of her 3 different power sources is already seen in a different hero/character in a different game/MOBA, but her compatible character lore and different skill set selection options make her unique in her own way, and not look like a mere cheap knockoff. Phoenix wouldn't be on this list if she were. Admittedly, she is indeed quite a complex hero to master, that’s why even with her great potential to become truly overpowered, the high player skill and learning curve needed to play her effectively causes her to get bumped a few spots down this list.

When using Phoenix, your skill options would allow you to lane your character either Solo Top or in Mid. This is due to the versatility of your fused skills’ effects that range from various Damage/AOE/CC/Shield/Regen options, depending on how many of your Phoenix Force, Telekinesis, and Psionic Energy instances are active. Among the 10 skills on your spellbook, the most notable is your "ultimate" skill, which makes you send out some sort of psychic wave from yourself that ripples throughout the entire map, which when placed and timed well can be a lot of pain for your enemies, wherever they may be. Not only that, you also have a passive ability that allows you to resurrect, if your enemies don't break the protective barrier you automatically conjure when they first defeat your hero.

What Makes Phoenix Great:

  • Has a good selection of spells to choose from depending on the situation
  • High damage output that mirrors the high skill level needed to use her effectively
  • Good defensive capabilities make her also tough to KO
  • Her ability to resurrect can easily upset team fights if not handled well by the enemy

Phoenix details: MARVEL Super War - Phoenix


9. Spider-Man (Jungle/Assassin)

Spider-Man: No Way Home - Black and Gold Suit Gameplay

Peter Parker, our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, swings his way into our list of strongest heroes in Marvel Super War.

As expected with his source character, Spider-Man has amazing mobility and athleticism that he applies thrillingly in combat. His remarkable ability to roam around and weave through in and out of fights easily across the map, paired with his spectacular skills and attacks that connect well with all of his web-swinging and web-slinging, makes this hero a truly exceptional Jungler and Assassin.

When playing as Spider-Man, your main mobility skill allows you to become airborne, ignoring terrain as you move with improved speed, and allowing you to chain enhanced versions of your basic skills and normal attacks as you swing around. This makes you great not only in jungling and ganking, but also in wisely repositioning yourself to evade mid-fight attacks as you fly over walls, other units, or bushes, to and fro. This skill is also used to completely disengage and safely retreat from fights since your base defense is really not that high in being an Assassin-class Hero (which makes many users opt for tank items on Spidey in this current meta, to improve his survivability). Your ultimate also activates and becomes usable if there's a stunned enemy hero in range, encouraging you to participate in teamfights where there's a higher likelihood of a CC’d enemy to toss around with your webs.

What Makes Spider-Man Great:

  • Amazing mobility that seamlessly jives with his attacks and abilities
  • High burst damage output, good disables and CC
  • Using a tank build on this hero makes him extremely hard to KO, in addition to his escape/evade mechanics
  • His passive skill gives him a visual cue showing the direction of nearby enemies, giving additional map awareness advantage in jungling and in fights

Spider-Man details: MARVEL Super War - Arcade Spider-Man


8. Venom (Top/Fighter)

Venom Ranked Gameplay - TOO MUCH DAMAGE!

Eddie Brock hosts an alien symbiote that makes him highly proficient in physical combat, with extreme toughness and regenerative healing factor (even to the point of being able to reassemble and resurrect himself when KO'd here in MSW). A supervillain-antihero, Venom, now enters the fray.

Venom is one of the game's best bruisers. He sports high damage output, coupled with durability and self-sustain, making him able to take a beating himself as he slices down and eventually slaughters his enemies. In fights, he can link to and leap towards his enemies to initiate or adjust his position, helping him cleave down even retreating enemy heroes who are unable to withstand his relentless butchering.

To play Venom efficiently, you need to be aggressive in your coordinated team initiation during clashes or in your solo ganks and pick-offs, maximizing your synergetic skills’ correct sequence and combos and taking advantage of the extra attack bonus you get when you defeat enemy heroes infected by your ultimate skill. Your base toughness, HP recovery, and enemy crowd control help you to unrelentingly extend battles for your team. In the event that you do get taken down, prepare yourself to reanimate offensively or defensively, either to reset your carnage in lashing the weakened enemies anew, or to disengage and safely lunge towards safety, planning when and where you will next wreak havoc on your opponents for another time.

What Makes Venom Great:

  • Has high burst damage, and he gets stronger if he KO’s enemies he infected by his ult
  • Great self-sustain paired with his durability and damage
  • Good mobility for initiation, repositioning, and pursuit
  • Passive resurrect can turn the tide of battle if enemies don't react well

Venom details: Venom Trailer | MARVEL Super War Venom Trailer


7. Magik (Top/Fighter)

Magik Ranked Gameplay - She's SUPER STRONG!

Having experienced a dark past getting transported into a different dimension, Illyana Rasputin, aka Magik, became a formidable warrior and superhero under the wing of the X-Men, wielding teleportation skills and manifesting dark energy from the Limbo where she had been forcefully trapped.

Magik is one of the best and most consistent damage dealers throughout the game, being able to deal sustained damage and continuous enemy harassment, with her ranged pokes and skills. While attacking, she also accumulates stacks of Dark Energy, which when full, will allow her to enter an enhanced Darkchylde state, giving bonuses to her normal attacks, basic skills, and movement speed within a brief timeframe. Aside from that, her situational ultimate skill that transports a single enemy hero target together with her in an alternate confined space, can do great in isolating enemy heroes for easy picking, or in rendering key heroes useless in a clash. Alternatively, she can use it to simply trap these heroes, buying time for her allies to catch up to her original position and help finish the kill in case she's unable to defeat the enemy within the skill's duration.

The key to playing Magik well is for you to make sure that your hits and skills connect, and that you are able to manage your damage output with your Darkchylde states, maximizing the bonuses given during these brief windows of time by doing timely burst attack combos. Another good thing to note is the various additional effects of your skills, such as damage reduction, HP recovery, crowd control immunity, enemy slow/CC, etc., which are all detrimental to your survival, especially during your early-game laning phases. It also takes practice and experience to know when it will be best to use your ultimate, and to whom or which hero you will need to use it on during a clash.

What Makes Magik Great:

  • Great harass capabilities and sustained DPS with her skills and attacks
  • Skills also provide some mobility and self-sustain, as well as enemy CC
  • Able to amp her damage output further upon reaching full Dark Energy stacks and entering her Darkchylde state
  • A well-placed ultimate can make or break clashes by isolating key enemy heroes

Magik details: MARVEL Super War - Magik


6. Black Knight (Top/Fighter/Jungle/Assassin)

Black Knight Crit Build is RIDICULOUSLY BROKEN!

A recent nerf pushed Black Knight a few steps down the rankings, but he still remains to be a viable and effective hero for his role even at this time. Dane Whitman, equipped with the Ebony Blade he inherited along with his trusty winged steed, Aragorn, dons the Black Knight armor and title, as a superhero fighting for justice.

I'm not sure if it's only me, but I just love to see Aragorn's cute trot animation during downtimes. And depending on whenever he's a teammate or an opponent, when he then changes his animation into a deathly charge, I get hyped, or otherwise ghastly terrified.

Black Knight has great mobility allowing him to engage and burst down enemies quickly. He doesn't have too much defense, but he compensates by having extremely high damage output and mobility, with multiple dash/charge/blink abilities in his skill lineup.

When you use Black Knight, you need to have some kind of battle plan, by timing and sequencing your skills and basic attacks as you charge through the enemy lines. Your common attack pattern would look like this: charge/dive in, do burst attack sequence, and then disengage or reposition. Charge, burst, reposition. Rinse and repeat until you eventually trample over all your enemies, or, until you choose to fall back and pull out from your offense, wisely beating a hasty retreat to take on this battle for another time.

What Makes Black Knight Great:

  • Highly mobile, great for engaging and initiating, repositioning, and chasing
  • Extreme burst damage with CC that can catch enemies off-guard when paired with his surprise dives
  • Has a bit of self-sustain with his chained attacks
  • Cute horsey ride

Black Knight details: MARVEL Super War - Video of Black Knight


5. Lady Sif (Jungle/Assassin/Top/Fighter)

Lady Sif is BROKEN! Too much DAMAGE!

And we're down to our Top 5!

A lot of powerful Jungle and Top heroes made it to our list, but among them, Lady Sif is one of the most notable ones. This Asgardian warrior masterfully utilizes her personal arsenal of swords and blade skills, letting her slice through her enemies with precision and ease.

Lady Sif combines exceptional damage, good mobility, and strong crowd control and zoning capabilities, making her truly one of the best and most powerful heroes of Marvel Super War. Her collection of skills gives her control over the battlefield, being able to zip in and out of fights as she dishes out a great deal of damage and crowd control, especially with her ultimate that adds zoning to the mix. She's one of the few MSW characters that have a great zone toolkit, which limits and disrupts enemy movement or makes kills within these specified areas significantly easier.

In playing as Lady Sif, like all the other Jungle/Assassin-class Heroes on our list, since you do not have as much tankiness as the other Fighter-class Heroes, having a calculated engagement+damage+disengagement attack pattern is the way to go. You do have some immunity and crowd control with your abilities to help with your survivability, but it is still best to constantly reposition yourself during fights, making sure to manage the high risks that come with dangerously overextended assaults, before fully committing to a kill. Lady Sif's skills also call for an implied or guided ability/attack sequence due to some stacking bonuses upon skill use, so, to maximize your damage output, you also need to master the specific order of activated skills and enhanced normal attacks depending on the situation. 

What Makes Lady Sif Great:

  • Great mobility, allowing for a good initiate/followthrough
  • Able to establish zone control with her skills, limiting enemy movement during fights
  • Skills and attacks also apply crowd control (slows and mini-stuns), further enhancing her mobility advantage over her enemies
  • Outstanding sustained damage with her basic skills and enhanced normal attacks

Lady Sif details: MARVEL Super War - Lady Sif "Goddess of Asgard"


4. Doctor Strange (Mid/Energy)

Dr. Strange's Legendary Skin - Eastern Mystic Gameplay at MAX GRAPHICS and 60 FPS

While Doctor Stephen Strange may not be able to get his Christine Palmer in any universe, well, at least, he gets this top 4 spot on our MSW best hero list, I guess?

Doctor Strange is an extremely tough hero for his enemies to deal with, making him one of the top picks (and bans) across many tiers in ranked. His damage and utility toolkit mixes superior long-ranged area-of-effect energy damage abilities with his situational non-damage utility skills, which, more than anything, further enhances his own supreme nuking capabilities and survivability.

Positioning and targeting is key when playing as Doctor Strange. As much as possible, you need to make sure that your Bolts of Balthakk bounces off an obstacle to proc its extra damage, that your Time Manipulation skill targets which correct hero you want to rewind back in time, and that the placement of your Inter-Dimensional Portals and Sorcerer Supreme ultimates are perfect to ensure maximum damage against your enemies. With that, as long as you are able to freely cast your skills effectively during teamfights and ganks, while also being always at the ready to react to enemy advances towards your hero and your team's backline, you can confidently stay on top of your game.

What Makes Doctor Strange Great: 

  • Massive sustained AOE damage
  • Extended skill range that allows him to hit enemies with his spammed skills from a safe distance far away
  • Has built-in survivability tools that make him a bit difficult to KO if enemies do try to engage him
  • Enemy team will have to put in considerable effort just to counter him and take him down

Doctor Strange details: MARVEL Super War -Video of Doctor Strange


3. Mysterio (Mid/Energy)

Mysterio Ranked Gameplay - HE'S ALWAYS BANNED!

I'm still mad at Mysterio for what he did to Spiderman in the MCU causing plenty of problems for a lot of people, but hey, at least here in MSW, I don't hate him as much - I mean, unless of course, he's on the opposite team.

Mysterio has an interesting mechanic and playstyle which takes some practice to get used to, but totally worth it once mastered, enough for him to be one of the heroes who almost always faces the banhammer in many ranked matches due to his potential to become too overpowered and extremely hard to KO in a match.

If somehow, you do get to pick and play Mysterio, one of the most important things to have is good map awareness. Being constantly aware of the set-up and positioning of your own hero, your allies, your enemies, and your conjured fog clouds and illusions, especially in the middle of an action-packed clash, is highly detrimental if you want to make the most of your hero's confounding skills.  

Your aerial Deadly Orbit skill gives you some “mobility” with some shields and CC-immunity, by gliding in a circle to damage enemies on your path, while also adding effective range and coverage to your other abilities that you can cast mid-flight. With this, your homing Lethal Element nuke ability can become an extremely long-shot burst poke, able to hit and pick off low-health opponents who think they’re safe at the back lines or behind their towers (unless other enemy heroes are willing to cut in and block your inbound shot). You can use your Mirror Illusion skill either as an offensive positioning ability great for ganking/chasing and surprise attacks, or as a defensive retreat skill by allowing you to switch back and forth your summoned body double that mirrors your movements. Lastly, your Holographic Assault makes a target hero enemy see all other hero units within range as Mysterio for a short time, possibly causing friendly fire or at least making the targeted enemy be cautious in attacking or casting their skills while they’re under your induced hallucination.

What Makes Mysterio Great: 

  • Brings steady harass damage from his skills that quickly become dangerous bursts of far-reaching, homing magic death as the fight progresses
  • Extended skill range allows him to hit backline enemies with his unit-targeted abilities
  • Has great mobility skills for ganking/chasing, or otherwise juking and retreating
  • His ultimate skill can add some chaos and confusion that help disrupt an enemy's advance

Mysterio details: MARVEL Super War - Mysterio


2. Star-Lord (Jungle/Bot/Marksman)

Star Lord Ranked Gameplay - CRAZY CRIT DAMAGE!

Where are all the marksmen? At this time, only one MM hero gets to sit this high among MSW's most powerful few. We'll now be going retro with a freely roaming marksman who seems to not have any care in the world, the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter "Star-Lord" Quill.

Star-Lord is one of the most mobile heroes of the game, able to happily skip and prance around from one corner of the map to the other in a breeze. As a Marksman, he dishes out lots of damage with his basic attacks and his abilities, able to clear minion waves, jungle camps, or lone enemy heroes with ease once geared. His ultimate is a slowly-moving AOE air strike that rains down on opponents over a few seconds, which can also damage towers and the enemy base. I mean, that skill set just screams "split-push" outright, right? Roaming carefree to create and maintain lane pressure especially during the late game is where Star-Lord truly shines.

As Star-Lord, whether you position yourself to farm Jungle or Bot, you just need to secure your farm and gear yourself up as fast as possible. Admittedly, you’ll have a bad early-game output and performance compared to other Junglers or Marksmen, and are vulnerable to hard crowd control even with your enhanced mobility, but just trust the process, and continue farming even if you or your team gets behind. When the appropriate time comes, you will then be able to independently focus on the actual main game objective of actually pushing and clearing the enemy lanes all the way up to the enemy's main base. Of course, you get to participate in clashes and ganks and chase-downs every now and then, but those shouldn't be your sole priority. Pushing wins games, not kills. Go farm and push.

What Makes Star-Lord Great:

  • Has one of the best mobility skills in the game
  • Great potential late-game damage output as a marksman
  • Mobility + AOE siege damage = makes him extra good at split pushing
  • Mobility + good single-target damage = makes him extra good at picking off lone/retreating enemies

Star-Lord details: #MARVELSuperWar - Star-Lord's new skin "Street Rocker"

Bonus: Honorable Mentions

Before we get to the most powerful hero in MSW as of right now, let me mention some noteworthy heroes who sadly didn’t make the cut. I would’ve included them here if I could. Each of the heroes here in Marvel Super War belongs to various classes and positions that have different roles to play, and while some do perform generally better than others, every hero has their own characteristics and aspects that make them strong and an essential member of their team.

So, here are my honorable mentions, grouped per Role/Class:

  • Top/Fighter/Tank: Captain America, Wolverine, Heimdall, Hulkbuster, Colossus
  • Jungle/Assassin: Juggernaut, Taskmaster, Deadpool, Proxima Midnight, Ghost
  • Bot/Marksman: Yondu, Gambit, Green Goblin
  • Mid/Energy: Magneto, Luna Snow, Jubilee
  • Support: Polaris, Professor X, Groot

And now, our current Best Hero in Marvel Super War:

1. Thanos (Top/Fighter)

Mecha Thanos + SNAP! - MOST EXPENSIVE SKIN In Game!

There's a reason why this purple-skinned strongman is the most banned hero in MSW ranked matches. The Mad Titan, Thanos, holds the top most powerful spot among all the available heroes, seated on his Space Throne, looking down on everyone else.

A skilled Thanos player can either play as a highly efficient Jungler/Assassin, a hard-hitting Solo Top Fighter, or even an extremely durable Solo Top Tank if needed. His crazy skill set combines high mobility and high damage with a bit of survivability and crowd control, which is further specialized and enhanced by choosing which Infinity Stone to apply to his abilities. This wild versatility and adaptability, paired with his insane damage output, make him able to dominate team fights and solo kills even from as early as him reaching level 6.

In playing Thanos, the first thing you need to do like with other multi-role/class heroes, is to set and clarify your role/position at the Hero Selection phase, making sure that you also have the best equipped Power Core and Tactic loadout for that chosen role even before the start of the actual match. From there, as long as you perform well and complete your role's objectives effectively and efficiently, while also gearing your hero with the appropriate equipment and choosing the best Infinity Stones to upgrade your abilities, you are sure to easily own the game from start to finish. And there's more. The best part of playing Thanos is that by completing game objectives and eventually collecting all six Infinity Stones, you can further open up another huge lead opportunity for your team, by decimating and reducing your enemies to dust, with nothing but a mere well-timed Snap.

What Makes Thanos Great: 

  • Fits and performs different roles effectively with his awesome skill set
  • Has high-mobility, high-damage burst skills, and some durability+sustain, all perfect for initiating team fights, racking up kills, and completing game objectives
  • Able to snowball easily through the mid and late game if his early game goes well
  • Can create a lot of space and a big advantage for his team during the late game, by instantly defeating half of the enemies' surviving heroes through his Decimation (Thanos Snap) skill

Thanos details: MARVEL Super War - Thanos's Ultimate will be upgraded!

Final notes for this Top 15 ranking:

As mentioned, since this is a cross-class ranking, many other viable heroes across the game's different roles and positions didn't get included in this list. 

We can't really pit different Heroes who have distinct tasks and goals against each other, especially since all of us also have our own definitions and views on what makes a Hero "good" or "strong". But there are certain characteristics and aspects that can clearly distinguish a well-performing Hero from someone who's not. This is reflected by how the game's players choose and ban these Heroes during matches, establishing what we call "meta" heroes for the game's current state - which is what this article aims to describe by listing the top hero picks for Marvel Super War at this time.

Good news though, if you want class/position-specific rankings you may check the links down the recommendations below, towards the end of this article.

So, esteemed Watcher, what are you waiting for?

Take these heroes out for a test drive now!

They might just be the next heroes that will carry you through, as you progress through the ranks in Marvel Super War.


Credits and thanks to Althanor Gaming for the great Marvel Super War gameplay footages: https://www.youtube.com/c/AlthanorGaming

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