Marvel Snap: 12 Best Cards To Include In a Hazmat Deck

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Hazmat is a popular and fun deck which focuses on lowering the power of your opponent’s cards instead of increasing your own power. It’s a fun and unique playstyle and I’d recommend giving it a try if you have the cards featured on this list.

Keep in mind that this deck is not the most meta-viable deck, but it’s certainly fun and it can win you cubes if you play it carefully. We’re going to take a look at exactly what cards work best with Hazmat and what you need to make the deck work.


Colossus is a mutant with the ability to transform his entire body into a form of "organic steel", with properties similar to osmium but of still unknown composition. Colossus must transform his entire body into this armored state; he cannot transform only a portion of his body.

Colossus is a good card if you don’t happen to draw Luke Cage. It makes sure that you have a card on a location, and it can’t have its power reduced. If your opponent plays a few cards on that location, Hazmat’s effect can prove to be very destructive at the end of the game.


The Hobgoblin is the alias of several supervillains appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics, most of whom are depicted as enemies of the superhero Spider-Man and belong to the collection of adversaries that make up his rogues gallery.

A well-placed Hobgoblin can almost completely screw over a single location that your opponent could be committing to. Much like the card that’s going to be appearing later on the list, it takes up your opponent’s space, and it’s an additional target for Hazmat’s effect on your opponent’s side of the field.

10.Typhoid Mary

Typhoid Mary, a predator with a split personality, is hired by the Kingpin to seduce and emotionally destroy Matt Murdock, a.k.a. Daredevil, as the city of New York goes mad around them.

Typhoid Mary is a very useful card in Hazmat decks. You can avoid her downside by playing Luke Cage, which you’ll want to be running if you’re playing a Hazmat deck. She’s also a good way to get a lot of power on location by playing a single card, which is going to pay off at the end of the game when you get your Hazmat combo off, since your opponent will probably have more cards at that location.

9.Absorbing Man

Carl "Crusher" Creel was a boxer and jailed criminal who becomes the Absorbing Man when he drinks a liquid which the Asgardian god Loki laced with a mystical potion.

Absorbing Man is a good way to get more usefulness out of Hazmat’s effect. Depending on the situation, you can copy either Hazmat’s or Ironheart’s effect and get more value out of those. This combo works way better, if you already have a lane set-up with Wong’s effect that will make all of the On Reveal effects even more powerful.


Debrii is described as a "low level telekinetic magnet". She is able to move masses of huge objects in her immediate vicinity at will, and is capable of manipulating many such objects at one time. She can use any "debris" around her to defend herself from attacks, or to attack her enemies. During the New Warriors' battle with the Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots, she took control of a pile of scrap metal, crafting a shell in the form of a large monster around her body, and manipulating this creation as a weapon.

Debrii is a good way to give your opponent more targets for Hazmat’s effect. You can avoid the downsides of this by playing Luke Cage, or by also playing Ironheart to buff those rocks up.

7.Green Goblin

Norman Osborn was turned into the Green Goblin by a chemical solution he had devised based upon a formula originally conceived by Professor Mendel Stromm. The process granted Osborn superhuman strength, speed, reflexes, and stamina as well as a low-level rapid healing factor.

Green Goblin is a great card to include in Hazmat decks because it gives your opponent -3 power on a location, but it also functions as another target for Hazmat’s effect which you will want to play late in the game. By not having as many cards on your side of the board, you stay more protected from Hazmat’s effect while also clogging up your opponent’s location space.


Inspired by Tony Stark, AKA Iron Man, and determined to follow in his heroic footsteps, fifteen-year-old super-genius Riri Williams builds her own suit of advanced armor and leads a life of adventure, crime-fighting, and humanitarianism as the Super Hero known as Ironheart.

Ironheart is a good second win condition if you don’t draw Hazmat. You still need to draw Wong and focus on buffing your cards instead of debuffing your opponent’s cards. By playing around Ironheart, you need to play many cards or play cards like Debrii which will give you additional targets for Ironheart’s effect.


The angel sorceress turned mercenary Sera is an Angel from Heaven. Under a powerful curse, she is banished to Hel before being reunited with her love, Aldrif Odinsdottir, AKA Angela.

Sera is a good way to be able to play Hazmat and Odin on the last turn. If you’ve already played Luke Cage, and you don’t want to commit too much to any locations, you can prolong playing Hazmat until you’ve got a better understanding of how your opponent is playing his cards.


Odin Borson is the King of Asgard, land of the Norse gods of myth. As a supreme warrior and slayer of the ice giants, he is a force to behold. Also known as the All-Father, King Odin raised a son named Thor with whom he defends their godly realm against threats planetary, cosmic, and sometimes even familial.

Odin is a great way to finish the game if you’ve got a good board set up. If you’ve got a Wong on the field and you’ve already used Hazmat on his location, you can finish the game off by playing an Odin and activating Hazmat’s effect a few more times.


Raven Darkhölme, also known as Mystique, was a mutant, who possessed shapeshifting, superhuman strength, speed, agility, an accelerated healing factor and longevity. Raven was also a member of the X-Men and a former member of the Brotherhood of Mutants.

Mystique is a very good card that can greatly increase the value you get once you play Hazmat. You can use Mystique to copy Wong’s effect and have all On Reveal effects that happen on that location happen additional 3 times. If you’ve got both Wong and Mystique on board and your opponent doesn’t have a Cosmo, Hazmat can easily win you the game.

2.Luke Cage

Created during the height of the blaxploitation genre, Luke Cage had been imprisoned for a crime he did not commit and gained the powers of superhuman strength and unbreakable skin after being subjected voluntarily to an experimental procedure.

Luke Cage is a necessary card in any Hazmat deck. He will keep all of your cards protected and will in-turn make your successful Hazmat combos all the better, because only your opponent will be losing out. Keep in mind that once you play Luke Cage, your opponent will probably assume that you’re playing Hazmat and he could be anticipating the next moves you’re going to make and react accordingly.


Wong is the descendant and look-alike of Kan, a Chinese monk who lived roughly one thousand years ago and was a student of the occult. Kan was also a teacher and a healer, and though his order of monks was devoted to the ways of peace, he was also a skillful warrior who would fight when necessary.

Wong is a great way to double the effects of Hazmat. Decreasing all cards’ power by 1 doesn’t do much in and of itself, but if you multiply it a few times with Wong’s effect, maybe also copy his effect with Mystique, you can significantly change the course of the game once you play Hazmat.

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