[Top 10] Marvel Super War Best Junglers That Are Powerful (Ranked)

msw marvel super war best jungler latest patch updated 2022
"My challengers all meet their doom." - Thanos

Jungler - the most difficult role/position in MOBA games?

All roles and positions in MOBA games have their own distinct tasks and playstyles that make them unique and indispensable in their team, but arguably, the Jungler is the most difficult role/position, at least in terms of the complexity, amount, and relative weight of the tasks they need to perform for their team that directly affects all their allies from the beginning to the end of the match.

Here in Marvel Super War, playing Jungle-class Heroes also involves some level of difficulty, so before we sneak into our Top 10 ranking, let’s first take a peek at the goals and responsibilities of Junglers in the game. As Watchers of the Wakandan Battlefield, we need to know and understand these Jungler responsibilities, so that we can perform this position effectively, if and when we get to play this part for our team.

What makes a good Jungler good? How do you play as a Jungler in Marvel Super War?

In MSW, Junglers need to first maximize farming their Jungle, and contest their enemy Jungler for resources as efficiently and as safely as they can. Eventually, they'll also need to support/cover their allies in other lanes, roaming and ganking enemies as often as possible, so that their team can widen their exp/coin gap, advancing lanes and maintaining that lane/resource advantage as soon and as much as possible.

When you play as a Jungler, you’ll need to continue this balancing game of farming, laning, ganking, roaming, supporting lanes, and participating in team clashes, all throughout the match. As long as you and your teammates all do your specific jobs and roles effectively, you will soon have enough momentum and gear for you to win the game.

Now to help these Jungle-class Heroes achieve these goals, they’ll need to have these three main characteristics:

  • Mobility - moving through the jungle is not as straightforward as when laning. There are walls and obstacles within the jungle that somehow hinder the junglers (and other heroes) from clearing and farming jungle camps, and reaching enemy and allied forces in the main lanes. Having mobility skills such as move-speed boosts, blinks, and dashes help the Jungler move across the map, to either farm jungle camps quickly and efficiently, or to roam and support allies by ganking unsuspecting enemies and pushing/defending their respective lanes. We will look at our Junglers’ mobility skills to see how they are able to maintain their mobility advantage over other heroes to be effective in their jungling.
  • Burst Damage - Good mobility is nothing for a jungler if they’re not able to deal enough damage to monsters and enemy heroes. Junglers need enough firepower to be effective in fights, and also to make jungle/lane-farming much quicker for them to obtain their gear and further boost their damage output in ganks and clashes as early as possible. During fights with enemy heroes, a jungler's usual basic attack combo involves charging in, dealing burst damage, and then retreating or repositioning depending on how the fight goes on and how the jungler’s allies and enemies are able to react. A good jungler must be able to deal sufficient and significant burst damage to enemy heroes when ganking, to cause them to at least use their saved tactics or skills/abilities, to force them to retreat to their tower or base for safety and/or HP recovery, or, to completely defeat them, earning resources for their team, and costing their enemies some lost momentum and forced downtime.
  • Utility Skills - Consequently, burst damage is not everything, even for our Junglers who focus more on their damage-dealing. Some Jungle-class Heroes are able to provide indirect, non-damage utility skill effects (aside from mobility enhancements) that help not only in battles but also in securing game objectives, making them truly valuable members of the team. Utility is a relatively minor aspect to consider for Junglers, as other positions like Supports and Tanks are more specialized in providing these unique skill effects, but it is a good thing to note nevertheless.

We will be using these three aspects of Mobility, Damage, and Utility, to help us rate our Jungle-class Heroes and rank them accordingly. So, without further ado, let’s proceed with our Top 10 list.

Here’s our [Top 10] Best Junglers in Marvel Super War, as of the latest patch:

10. Captain America

Captain America Jungler - Is He Still Good?

Let’s start this list with a solid pick for a well-balanced Jungler character at rank 10, the Avengers’ Captain America, Steve Rogers.

This super-soldier mixes his enhanced combat capabilities with his inherent leadership skills to rally his team to victory. Captain America has a good skill set complete with melee punches, ranged shield-throw pokes, single-target and area-of-effect skills, self-mobility/survivability skills and skill effects, enemy crowd-control, and additional utility through move-speed buffs for his allies. Additionally, his self-shields, HP regen, CC immunity, and damage reduction effects from his normal attacks and skills, make him able to take on a heavy beating himself and prolong skirmishes, staying true to his word when he said, “I can do this all day”.

When playing as Cap, you can lane either Solo Top or Jungle as a Fighter/Assassin-Class Hero. When jungling, your ranged poke and dash helps you weave through and clear jungle camps, and can serve as an opener when ganking/initiating fights, following it up with your ultimate and/or your other skills. Your ult makes you blink onto your targeted enemy hero, dealing AOE damage and CC while giving yourself some durability, and giving move-speed buffs to yourself and your allies as well. Your good clash potential from your skill set makes up for your relatively average mobility compared to other Junglers, enough for Cap to make it in this top 10 list.

What Makes Captain America a Great Jungler:

  • Has (1) a passively triggered move-speed buff + unit-targeted leap that can scale walls, (2) a directional dash skill that doesn’t, and (3) a unit-targeted blink ultimate that has plenty of added effects, all great for map movement and ganking/initiation/repositioning
  • Has good sustained damage output from his enhanced normal attacks, and single-target and AOE damage skills, all packed with various CC effects and short cooldowns
  • Has a great clash potential, thanks to his (1) ranged poke+CC opener, (2) unit-targeted blink ult that deals AOE damage and CC while applying self-durability and mobility buffs to himself and his allies, and (3) his added self-sustain and durability skill effects that make him outlast his enemies in a clash

Captain America full details: MARVEL Super War - Video of Captain America


9. Venom

Tanky Jungler Venom Ranked Gameplay

Our next hero (or, rather, villain/anti-hero) on the list is not a full-fledged Jungle-class Hero here in MSW, but his skills make him a great Jungler when played correctly, good enough for him to net this 9th spot.

Venom is a Top/Fighter-class Hero who can lane Jungle, mainly due to this extra effect of his ultimate skill: when Venom defeats enemies infected by his ultimate skill, his attack stat gets permanently increased for that match. Compared to being a Top-Laner Venom who just mostly stays on his lane during the early-game laning phase, a Jungler Venom will have more opportunities to get those extra enemy-hero kills early on through regular ganking and roaming. Having said that, a Jungler Venom will only be effective if the Venom player is actively aiming for and offensively coordinating early kills with his team to ramp up his stacking attack bonus and have that early lead to help him snowball through the later phases of the match.

Venom is more commonly a Top-Lane hero, but when using Venom as a Jungler, you have a ground-targeted leap AOE damage+CC skill you can use to jump over walls to help you navigate through the map as you farm and gank. Your good burst damage from your skill combos, paired with various debuffs, crowd control, and self-sustain effects, all make you truly a fearsome adversary for your opponents. On top of that, you also have a resurrection mechanic when initially defeated, allowing you to reanimate offensively or defensively, either to reset your thwarted offense, to set up a counter-attack with your allies, or to safely leap out of danger completely.

What Makes Venom a Great Jungler:

  • Has a ground-targeted leap good for initiation, repositioning, and pursuit
  • Able to deal high burst damage and good crowd control with the correct skill sequence
  • Gets stronger as he kills enemies he infected with his ultimate
  • Has a passive resurrect mechanic that can upset clashes when not dealt with by the enemy

Venom full details: Venom Trailer | MARVEL Super War Venom Trailer


8. Deadpool

Very AGILE Deadpool Gameplay

Making a grand, red-carpet entrance in our top Jungler list is the virtually immortal Merc with a Mouth, Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool. Just, don’t tell him he only got 8th place. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Deadpool is quite the annoying buzz fly during matches, throwing his bombs and spinning knives all over, jumping in and out of the fray of battle, and randomly and wildly slashing his katanas around, switching between using his blades and his pistols as he needs it in a fight.

As Deadpool, you have two modes, a melee and a ranged stance which you can switch to and fro on the fly, boosting your movement speed and enhancing your normal attacks as you change from one mode to another. You are also better suited for Jungling with this Fighter/Assassin skill set. Your irksome poke skills and incessant sustained damage with your enhanced auto-attacks, paired with your abrupt movement bursts (and mildly irritating attack/movement animation and in-game dialogue), make you truly a tiresome enemy to deal with.

However, your best asset as Deadpool is actually your passive “immortality” skill. At the end of every single match as Deadpool, you are 100% sure to have zero (0) deaths in the after-match game tally. KDA, what? Deadpool always logs zero deaths after each of his matches. Believe me or not, it’s a legit skill effect. Definitely the best legitimate/official passive ability in all of MOBA history. (*wink wink*)

What Makes Deadpool a Great Jungler:

  • Has (1) a passive move speed bonus whenever he changes modes, (2) a directional charge able to pass through walls, and (3) a leap-back as he switches from melee to ranged stances that can also jump over walls, all great for jungling, and getting in and out of ganks and clashes
  • Upon switching back and forth between his two modes, he is able to deal both burst damage using his ranged pokes and offensive charge skills, and sustained damage from enhanced normal attacks upon activating certain skills
  • Can chill at the back lines and harass his enemies using his ranged attacks and pokes, and then just move in for the kill with his movement and melee damage bursts, being able to retreat or reposition in the middle of a fight as needed

Deadpool full details: DEADPOOL GUIDE - MARVEL SUPER WAR


7. Taskmaster

Taskmaster is OP once again!

Here’s another hero who’s also able to switch in and out of his melee and ranged attack forms, but has better mobility and burst potential, placing him one rank higher than our previous contender at number 7.

Anthony Masters uses his serum-given photographic memory and reflexes to outmaneuver his enemies in a fight, offering his service and mimicked skills in our Wakandan Battlefield as the mercenary, Taskmaster.

Taskmaster has a melee attack form more suited for dealing short-ranged sustained damage-per-second(DPS) from his skills and enhanced basic/normal auto-attacks, and a ranged attack form suited for dealing long-ranged burst damage skill sequences to his enemies. Both forms have great mobility with his channeled movement skill and his extra movement bursts from his other abilities, great for jungling and navigating through the map as he assists other lanes by ganking enemies. His skills also apply disables and crowd control, further improving his output and potential in clashes and team fights.

When playing as Taskmaster, it is tempting to exploit your skills’ quick cooldowns by constantly switching between your two modes, as the mobility and sustained+burst damage outputs and CC given by these skills are just too good to pass up. This playstyle is great when clearing jungle camps and flash farming lanes later on, but during fights against enemy heroes, you’ll need to balance your damage-dealing skill sequences with your positioning to improve your survivability as well. Your skill set is actually one of the best kits for junglers throughout the game. You essentially have four mobility skills, plus good sustained DPS from your enhanced auto-attacks, and good burst damage with your skills that also apply various debuffs and CC, which all make for a great jungler-initiator from the start until the end of the match.

What Makes Taskmaster a Great Jungler:

  • Great mobility with his (1) movespeed-enhancing channeled charge skill on both forms, (2) a short directional charge on his melee form, and (3) a short directional blink that's also able to go through terrain when he changes from melee to ranged forms
  • Can deal good burst skill damage or sustained DPS depending on his form
  • Has a good early-game potential, which greatly helps him farm/roam to reach his power spike and snowball condition as early as possible

Taskmaster full details: MARVEL Super War - Taskmaster - Marvel's "Black Widow"


6. Juggernaut


Placing 6th is a pure Tank/Jungle-class Hero, the first of its kind in Marvel Super War. The Juggernaut, Cain Marko, barges into our list, unhindered by any doors, walls, or enemies that happen to be on his path.

Juggernaut is a full-fledged Tank hero, having good durability and shields/self-sustain, as well as AOE CC skills and even a good initiate + follow-through combo. But instead of laning Solo Top like most Tank-class Heroes, he is best to lane in the Jungle, as his unique wall-breaking mechanic will be wasted if he positions on the other lanes. All his skills have the ability to break down walls that make traversing through the jungle to farm and gank a piece of cake. As he breaks walls, he also gains additional effects that boost his tanking and jungling, making him truly an unstoppable force not to be taken lightly.

As Juggernaut, you will be able to effortlessly trek through the jungle with the help of your wall-breaking AOE damage+CC skills, giving you extra damage and some self-sustain for extra survivability as you farm jungle camps and as you rush head-first towards your enemies in ganks/clashes. Your ultimate makes you charge towards your desired controllable direction with enhanced move speed, tearing down walls and knocking back enemies on your path, before finally dealing additional AOE damage+CC to your enemies at the end of the skill. This is undoubtedly one of the best initiation skills of the game. Your great clash set-up and follow-through skills along with your defensive capabilities make you a key character during team fights, especially during the mid to late-game phases of the match.

What Makes Juggernaut a Great Jungler:

  • Can break down walls, making jungling and roaming easy
  • Has extra utility with shields, self-healing, cooldown reduction, slows, and other crowd-control effects as he breaks walls
  • Has an arsenal of AOE damage skills, great for team fights
  • Ultimate skill (channeled AOE damage+knockback plus AOE damage and launch-up at the end of the skill) is great for initiation during ganks or clashes

Juggernaut full details: #MARVELSuperWar - Juggernaut


5. Black Knight

NERFED Black Knight is STILL GOOD!

Our 5th placer is also a melee hero who charges toward his enemies, but instead of having a tanky/defensive playstyle, he leans on the offensive side, having more quick bursts of movement and high damage as he breaks through the enemy lines.

Dane Whitman inherits the Black Knight title along with his ancestors' Ebony Blade and loyal winged steed Aragorn, trotting and galloping his way across the Wakandan Battlefield to slash through and trample on his enemies.

Black Knight is able to deal a calculated sequence of attacks and surprise dives that deal massive amounts of damage, crowd control, and some self-sustain. He has multiple options for movement boosts that are extremely useful when jungling and roaming/ganking. His burst damage output is also off the charts, adding more to his effectiveness in farming and in facing enemy heroes. However, even with his sustain and damage reduction, he's still a bit too vulnerable to enemy counter-attacks, so an Assassin-class playstyle of diving in, dealing his burst sequence, and then disengaging to regroup or retreat, is still best.

As Black Knight, you can either lane Solo Top or Jungle. You have good mobility and AOE burst damage with some sustain that helps you farm quickly and safely on your chosen lane. When jungling, your different movement boost options make it easy for you to shuffle through jungle camps and visit the other lanes to support your allies. The most important thing to note as you play this hero is that when attacking an enemy hero or heroes, you'll need to plan ahead and prepare your attack sequence with your skills, making sure to insert your enhanced normal attacks to maximize your passive ability, while also being ready to counteract offensively or defensively depending on your enemy's possible response to your burst dunk dive.

What Makes Black Knight a Great Jungler:

  • For mobility, has (1) a triggered charge state that improves his move speed; (2) a two-charge directional dash able to pass through walls; and (3) a channeled ultimate charge/dash towards his specified controllable direction, all great for doing enemy dives and repositioning, and of course jungling
  • Can chain skills and enhanced auto-attacks for quick bursts of AOE damage, debuffs, and crowd control
  • Good initiate/follow-through with his basic dash/charge and ultimate channeled AOE damage + launch-up skills, followed through with excellent AOE burst+CC attacks, plus a directional dash for repositioning mid-fight to retreat or otherwise to pursue enemies

Black Knight full details: MARVEL Super War - Video of Black Knight


4. Lady Sif


Coming in at number 4 is another excellent Top/Jungle and Fighter/Assassin dual-class Hero that also deals quick dash-burst attack sequences, but has better area-of-effect crowd control skill effects that also add zoning, making kills easy when enemies get caught in these danger zones, or at least limits enemy movement as they try to avoid these dangerous areas.

The battle-hardened, loyal, Asgardian warrior-goddess Lady Sif masterfully manipulates her Soul Swords across the battlefield, slicing through her enemies as she jumps around and throws these ethereal blades all around her enemies. 

Lady Sif executes pre-planned sequences of positioning initiations/dives, with waves of burst damage and crowd control with her skills and enhanced normal attacks to dominate her enemies in a fight. Her skill set revolves around her ability to place and recall her swords on the ground, either for damage and crowd control, as blink targets to jump onto for repositioning, or as danger markers for enemies to try and avoid. A Sif player needs a good balance of map awareness, offensive playstyle, risk management, and proper practice to execute these attack sequences perfectly during a match.

When you play Sif, you can choose to lane either Solo Top or Jungle, as your skills allow you to farm either position effectively. Jungling is made easier as your blink and jump-back skills both allow you to jump over walls, to easily jump in-between jungle camps when farming and onto mid/side lanes when roaming to gank/assist. Your skill's effects also almost imply doing a specific attack sequence, depending if you'll be doing a quick burst harass, a full offensive dive, or otherwise a hasty and safe retreat, juggling through your basic/ultimate abilities and enhanced normal attacks, chaining various skill effects depending on your desired outcome. Randomly throwing your swords around simply wouldn't work. Also, even with your crippling crowd control, and a bit of damage/CC-immunity from your skills, you're still too squishy to endure heavy enemy attacks, so it is best to wisely reposition (or completely retreat) mid-fight, like how most Assassin-class heroes would do.

What Makes Lady Sif a Great Jungler:

  • Has (1) a jump back that goes over walls, and (2) a ground-targeted blink that also passes through obstacles that also effectively has up to two charges when accounting for your skill effects and combos - both paired with slows and stuns to maintain mobility advantage over enemies when placed aptly
  • Skills deal a mix of single-target and AOE damage, which enhances her basic attacks, improving both her burst and sustained auto-attack damage output
  • Has multiple options for harass/initiation attack sequences, followed through with burst damage and CC/zoning, which can be further pressed with sustained auto-attack damage or extra skill bursts, and/or repositioning blinks to retreat or to chase down fleeing enemies, which when played skillfully can be very hard to react to or counter

Lady Sif full details: MARVEL Super War - Lady Sif "Goddess of Asgard"


3. Spider-Man 

Street Spider Gameplay

Our Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, Peter Parker, swings in as our 3rd strongest Jungler-class Hero for Marvel Super War. As the only pure Assassin/Jungle-class Hero who made it on the top 10 list, he does his job quite excellently, even outranking the other powerful Fighter/Junglers on the list if we look at pure Jungling capabilities.

Spider-Man has one of the best mobility skills in the game, allowing him to effortlessly weave across the map, being able to fly over any obstacle as he swings around with added haste. To maximize this remarkable roaming ability, laning Jungle is the only way to go. Spider-Man can deal explosive burst damage as he dives down onto his enemies, but with his relative vulnerability to enemy counter-attacks and hard crowd control, he will need to reposition himself often during fights. This is why a tank-build Spider-Man is actually the more common build nowadays, to amp his survivability at the cost of just a bit of raw firepower.

As Spider-Man, your basic attack sequence would be to (1) swing up and position yourself as you approach your enemies, (2) charge in with the help of your enhanced basic attack and ultimate skill if triggered, (3) deal a quick wave of burst damage via your web shot skills and normal attacks to your enemies, and then (4) swing out of range over walls or through bushes where your enemies can’t easily reach or follow you. Rinse and repeat, or retreat if needed or if it’s too risky to press on. As mentioned, you are pretty vulnerable to enemy crowd control and counter-attacks, so it is best to reposition every now and then as you can easily swing back in anyways. This makes you extremely hard to deal with when played and geared right, and if the enemy doesn’t have any counters or hard CCs to shut you down.

What Makes Spider-Man a Great Jungler:

  • Able to swing over walls and obstacles for easy roaming and jungling
  • Has a good burst attack sequence usually paired with an escape maneuver to deal waves of heavy damage and some crowd control to enemies
  • Ultimate skill combos well with teammates’ stun effects, making him great in team clashes where there’s a higher chance of stunned enemies to toss about
  • Also has a passive skill that gives a visual cue to show the direction of nearby enemies within range, adding an extra level of advantage through map awareness when jungling and ganking/roaming

Spider-Man full details: MARVEL Super War - Arcade Spider-Man


2. Star-Lord

Arcade Star Lord Ranked Gameplay

Admittedly, Star-Lord’s actual jungling skills are really subpar when compared to plenty of other Jungle-class Heroes, he’s easy to shut down via well-placed hard crowd controls, and it does take a bit of time before he reaches his power spike for him to snowball further. But, once he builds his momentum, his ability to carry the match forward and win or even upset games makes him really deserving of this top 2 spot.

The Guardian of the Galaxy’s Peter Quill, more commonly known as Star-Lord, happily and carefreely prances through and makes his way to this second spot in our rankings.

Star-Lord's main redeeming top-tier quality is his ability to split push to reach the main objective of the game, which is to destroy the enemy’s base. As a famous saying goes, “Pushing wins games, not kills”. As a Marksman-class Hero, he has great damage potential, but it takes him a bit of time to reach that point, so he needs to either be assisted at the Bottom Lane by the team’s Support or be allowed to farm safely and efficiently in the Jungle. He does have a very good mobility skill that makes him able to dash across the map with great speed, great for roaming, farming, ganking, and escape, but it’s still prone to hard CCs so it is best to play safely, especially during the early game.

When playing as Star-Lord, the most important thing to note is that you really have a terrible early-game output, so, you need to focus on safe and efficient farming early on. When ganking, you should also not over-commit too often as you may run into enemies that can stop you in your tracks and defeat you then and there. There may even be times that you and your team can be grossly behind in terms of coin and exp lead due to your slow start. But, just trust the process, focus on safe farming, ganking, split-pushing, and defending. Do ganks and participate in clashes only when necessary, and avoid too much diving or chasing especially where there’s too high of a risk involved. Your main focus should be safe farming and pushing, I can’t get any clearer than that.

Once you’re farmed and are able to reliably maintain lane pressure on your enemy, even able to pick off an opponent hero or two as you roam and gank and participate in clashes, you can then just watch as your enemies struggle to hold back your team’s hoards of minions from destroying their base.

What Makes Star-Lord a Great Jungler:

  • Great mobility with his move speed boost utility skill, allowing him to travel great distances in a short amount of time, best for roaming and split-pushing, and escape
  • Takes time to have significant damage output, but once farmed, hits hard
  • His ultimate is a continuous, slow-moving, area-of-effect damage that also damages buildings, great for zoning in team clashes and most especially in split-pushing and clearing minion waves

Star-Lord full details: #MARVELSuperWar - Star-Lord's new skin "Street Rocker"

Bonus: Honorable Mentions

Many notable Jungle-class Heroes didn’t make it to the list. Here are some note-worthy Junglers per hero sub-class type:

  • Assassin Junglers - a bit overshadowed by Fighter/Jungle-class Heroes, but are still great Junglers in their own worth. The following heroes are the immediate runner-ups if the list had extended into the top 15 or so: Proxima Midnight, Ghost, Daredevil.
  • Fighter Junglers - the game has plenty of strong Fighter/Jungler-class Heroes, some of which are also able to lane Solo Top, as shown on this list. Here are a few other prominent ones who failed to make the cut: Ghost Rider, Wolverine, Blade.
  • Tank Junglers - surprisingly, a few other NON-Jungle-class Tank Heroes can also efficiently lane Jungle as well: Sandman, Hulk.
  • Marksman Junglers - with Star-Lord as the exception, MM junglers are actually non-meta, since they need a compatible team composition for them to work effectively, almost requiring a hard Tank-class Top/Support hero or two on the team as well. Choosing to play Marksman/Jungler-class Heroes limits the team’s choices since the team might have too many squishy heroes if their hero lineup is not coordinated well: Moonstar, Angel.
  • Energy Junglers -  also non-meta picks, as it similarly needs a compatible team composition like having a Physical/Fighter-class Mid-Laner like Wave/Wenwu, along with at least one hard Tank and a non-Energy Support ally as much as possible to ensure damage-type coverage and to minimize team squishiness. As when picking MM-Junglers, other team lineups with Energy-Junglers might work from the early to mid-game, but as the match goes on and reaches the end-game, a team’s imbalanced damage-type coverage and lack of primary and secondary tank heroes can be detrimental for a team: Emma Frost, Psylocke, Hela.

And now, our top Jungle Hero for Marvel Super War:

1. Thanos

Thanos in RANK GAME!

Thanos remains to be one of Marvel Super War’s most powerful heroes at this time, and his adaptive skill set and combat capabilities earn him this top spot, as our current number 1 best Jungler for MSW.

The Mad Titan, Thanos, a cast-out deviant Eternal, uses his plasma and cosmic energy projections with the help of the Infinity Stones he collects, to decimate his enemies on the battlefield and secure his rightful place above everyone else, seated on his Space Throne.

A skilled Thanos player is able to snowball his way through the game as he lanes either Solo Top or Jungle, with the help of his mobility, burst combos, durability, and adaptive playstyle. When jungling, he is able to use multiple dash/blink skills to move through space and time, blasting through jungle monsters and enemy heroes with his raw power, and flaying his opponents’ minds and souls during team clashes as he seemingly bends reality to maintain his advantage over his enemies in battle.

Once you have enough Dark Shards to redeem and unlock Thanos to be used in matches, make sure to practice a lot and learn the wide assortment of skills and skill effects in his possession, and the ins and outs of his unique playstyle. As a Jungle Thanos, you must be efficient in your farming and roaming/ganking, especially as soon as you get your first Infinity Stone. Unlike the more squishy Assassin-Junglers, you as a Fighter-class Jungler have a bit of durability to press on with your enemy onslaught, even able to invest in a few Tank items when absolutely needed, to become your team’s main or secondary tank. In any case, you do have plenty of mobility options to help you reposition offensively or defensively in the middle of fights and team clashes. As long as you do your role with efficient ruthlessness, you are sure to dominate your enemies especially after claiming team objectives and completing your Infinity Stone collection for that well-sought Snap.

What Makes Thanos a Great Jungler:

  • Has (1) a directional charge with AOE damage+CC, (2) a directional blink with additional self-sustain/utility, and, (3) a unit-targeted blink that deals massive single-target damage, all great for jungling and initiation/repositioning during ganks and team clashes
  • Extreme single-target and AOE burst damage with added extra effects depending on his chosen enhancements
  • Able to choose and even switch between his available Infinity Stone enhancements, making him adapt to his team’s needs
  • Once able to collect all Infinity Stones, his special Decimation skill (Thanos Snap) creates a lot of space and advantage late-game by instantly defeating half of the enemy’s surviving heroes

Thanos full details: MARVEL Super War - Thanos's Ultimate will be upgraded!

Final notes for Jungle-class Heroes in Marvel Super War:

Junglers may indeed be difficult to play and master, but it’s a great hero class to learn and to use during matches in Marvel Super War. 

As a Jungler, you will have good mobility and are given great combative power with your attacks and skills, which makes for powerful offensive capabilities in battle, making you able to overpower your opponents during one-on-ones and team fights by dealing massive direct damage burst attacks and/or sustained DPS to your enemies.

But remember, that in this world, with great power there must also come – great responsibility.

So, in your next match as a Jungler, make sure to also contribute to your team’s main goals, using your mobility advantage and superior damage output not only in farming the jungle for your gear and picking off enemies on your own, but also in assisting your allies’ lanes as much as possible via coordinated ganks and clashes all throughout the match.

Or, you can just ignore team fights completely and steamroll your way to victory, by split-pushing as a snowballed Star-Lord. That works, too.


Credits and thanks to Althanor Gaming for the great Marvel Super War gameplay footages: https://www.youtube.com/c/AlthanorGaming

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