11 Best Marvel Snap Cards To Use With Zabu

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Zabu is the newest card featured in the Season Pass. He’s a 3 cost card that has an Ongoing effect that lowers the cost of all 4-cost cards in your hand by 2. He is included in many decks because of the sheer amount of value that he brings to each game he’s in. He can make a lot of combos possible and you’ll be able to play a lot of 4-cost cards which by themselves have good effects. 



Serra has an Ongoing ability that reduces the cost of all cards in your hand by 1. If you play Sera, you give yourself even more ability to dish out a lot of powerful 4 cost cards on the last turn, she’s a good card to fall back on if you didn’t pull out your game-winning cards.

It’s a little crazy, but all of your 4-cost cards will cost 1 on the last turn, letting you play up to six 4-cost cards on turn 6, without giving away your strategy too much to the opponent. If you position your cards right after this play, you’re almost guaranteed a victory.



Jubilee will pull out a random card from your deck when she’s played. This effect can pull out a really strong card if you know that you have good odds of pulling one from your deck, or it can pull out a card that messes up your own combos.

Zabu gets rid of the possible risk by reducing the cost of Jubilee by 2. Once she’s this cheap and has chances to pull out Infinaught, it’s almost impossible to not run this card in any deck with Zabu and 6-cost cards with a lot of power.



Rescue’s On Reveal effect gives her +5 power if you play a card on the same location next turn. Since she’s a 4-cost card, it usually means you have to commit a lot to the location after playing her and using her effect, but with Zabu lowering her cost, you can play her way earlier and be sure to get the most of her effect without overcommitting.

9 power for a 4 cost card is a reason enough to play Rescue. If you can play more cards every turn with Zabu’s effect, you can be sure to not miss out on Rescue’s power-up, which is just amazing synergy.



Wong is a 4-cost card that repeats all of the On Reveal effects played on his location. He’s a centerpiece in some decks, and he managed to find his place in a combination with Zabu.

A lot of Zabu decks are played in a combination with Silver Surfer, so that you can combine Zabu’s cost-lowering ability to easily play cards like Wong and increase Silver Surfer’s effectiveness when you play him on the 6th turn. It’s good that Zabu is also a 3-cost card, so he will get buffed by Silver Surfer too.



Moongirl will duplicate your hand once you play her. This effect was mainly used in pair with Devil Dino, but now also Zabu decks benefit greatly from a large hand. This time it’s not to increase your hand size, but to double 4-cost cards that can help you lockdown your opponents plays.

If you double your hand while holding Spiderman, you’ll be able to lockdown 2 locations for your opponent on turn 6. You can then focus on those 2 locations and easily win the game, just because of Moongirl’s awesome effect.



Shang-Chi’s effect that destroys all enemy cards that have more than 9 power on a single location can easily win you games on turn 6. Since Shang-Chi will cost 2 if you’ve played Zabu, you can play two 4-cost cards with him and clear out a location that your opponent has committed to.

Shang-Chi is one of the key cards in every deck he is in, but Zabu is able to get the most out of him by letting you play more cards on turn 6 and get a lot of power while removing  strong cards your opponent has previously played.



Shuri is a pool 5 card that has an On Reveal effect to double the power of the next card you play. It’s a 4-cost card that can give you a lot of value, especially in combos with other big cards like Typhoid Mary and Red Skull.

Since Shuri and Typhoid Mary are both 4-cost cards, you can easily cheese out a 20-power card on turn 4 if you’ve previously played Zabu. Zabu decks like to run a lot of powerful cards for late game swings, so Shuri is a great way to increase the value you’re getting.

4.Absorbing Man


Absorbing Man copies the last On Reveal effect of the last card you played. He’s great in a lot of decks, but his combo with Spider-man and the fact that he costs 4 energy, makes Zabu decks the perfect place for Absorbing Man.

You can play him with Spider-man, but he also combos really well with Wong. The two of them on the same location, with a card like Wolfsbane can easily win you the location.



Dracula discards a card from your hand at the end of the game and gets all the power that card had. He’s often played with Zabu since he lowers the cost of Dracula enough to let you play more cards with him.

Usually, you’ll want to run a lot of high-powered cards with Dracula and Zabu. Zabu lets you play your 4-cost cards and leave strong 6-cost cards in your hand so that Dracula gets his power. It’s a very effective way to play a lot of cards and get insane value with Dracula.



Crystal has an On Reveal effect that lets you shuffle your entire hand into the deck and redraw 3 cards if she’s played in the middle location. It’s great for redrawing on turn 4 if you don’t have any game winning cards in your hand, so you can have greatly better chances to win the game.

Since Zabu makes Crystal cost 2 mana, you can get away with playing Crystal and another good 4-cost card, redraw your hand and see if you can beat your opponent from there. This is a perfect example of how Zabu makes a pretty weak card like Crystal strong because of its reduced cost.



Spider-man’s effect to prevent your opponent from playing on a single location is incredibly useful in all situations, but Zabu decks often let you use his effect twice on turn 5 to close off 2 of your opponent’s zones and go in for the victory.

This combo is usually devastating for the opponent since, in most match-ups, you’ll know exactly how much power your opponent will have at those 2 locations and you can play accordingly and even save yourself a loss of cubes if you’re way behind.

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