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Out of all of the ways that you can customize your Marvel Snap experience (avatars, variants and titles), card backs are kind of put on the side. They’re very hard to unlock and you should be very happy if you get more than one per season.

Card backs are the only cosmetic that you can’t unlock in the Collector’s Reserves, but that’s just because there’s so few of them. The card backs that we have in the game are all cool, and we’re hoping that Second Dinner keeps giving us cool new card backs regularly.


The Galaxy card back was available for free during The Power Cosmic Season. Since the whole season was themed around cosmic entities and Silver Surfer, it’s understandable that there was going to be a cool galaxy card back to be earned.

However, what wasn’t expected was that we would be getting such a good card back in the free Season Pass. It’s miles above the previous free Season Pass card backs that we’ve seen and it has a really nice and calming color scheme. 


The Surfboard was also available in The Power Cosmic Season Pass. You had to buy the pass if you wanted to unlock this one, but I’d say it’s worth it, since it’s one of the coolest card backs that you can have in the game. Especially since at the time Silver Surfer was a meta defining deck, and having a card back that pairs with your main card is always cool.

It stands out a lot compared to other card backs, because of its purple color scheme. It looks like an upgraded version of the other card back that was available in the same Season Pass and it represents the coolest Marvel Surfer. What more can you ask for?

3.Infinite Claw

This card back is only available for those who’ve reached the Infinite rank during the Savage Land Season. It looks exactly like the card back that’s available from the Season Pass, but it has some cool details that make it stand out.

First off, the nails of the claw are gold and the tear that the claw is making has a nice orange color (which usually represents Legendary rarity in games). It makes it feel way more prestigious even though it is a recolor of an existing card back.


If you see a player that’s sporting this card back, beware, because they’ve hit Infinite rank while the game was still in beta. The HYDRA card back was given out to players who’ve reached Infinite rank during the Sword And Shield Season. This was the last season before the game was fully released.

I just really like the futuristic and metallic look of this card back that’s made all the better with an amazing HYDRA logo placed right in the middle of it. Second Dinner is getting better and better with their cosmetics, but this card back is just so pleasant to look at.

1.Infinite Kang

The Infinite Kang card back is given out to players who reach the Infinite rank in the current season - Into The Quantum Realm. Much like the Claw that was already featured on this list, it’s a recolor of the card back that you can unlock by buying the Season Pass, but the colors on this card back are also really cool and aesthetically pleasing.

It also looks very prestigious with the golden sand and the purple background. I really like the way Kang’s malicious eyes look in this art. It’s a great way to build hype for the new cards that are coming and we’re glad that Second Dinner is back to giving us card backs as rewards for reaching the Infinite rank.

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