The 10 Best Marvel Movies (Ranked)

The Top Ten Best Marvel Movies Ranked
The top best Marvel films that are totally super!

Calling all heroes and villains! One of the most difficult questions you will ever be asked in your life is this: Which Marvel Movies take the Superhero Award for best film? The marvelous world of Marvel continues to enchant and impress die hard superhero fans. With a galore of sequels and remakes, it’s challenging to narrow it down to the top 10 best. 


10. Spider-Man 3 (2007)

Toby Maguire stands firm in his original title of Spider-Man. In this third film of Maguires spidey- spotlight, a dark entity latches itself onto Peter Parker and transforms his heroic persona to evil. He must navigate now between good and evil and battle the biggest villain of all: himself. 

Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2 stole Marvel fans' hearts. Maguire did a wonderful job in the first two films taking on the role of Spider-Man. His awkward and offbeat human personality contrasted nicely with Spider-Man’s confidence and heroism. 

The third film takes a massive turn as the dark alien, Venom, binds itself to Peter. Parker has always been known for being the “nice guy.” It’s quite refreshing and shocking to watch his character take a 360 turn. Parker proves to be a major jerk as he fashions his wardrobe into a more suitable fashion to meet Venom's needs. 

Incredible new and powerful super powers are granted to Spider-Man with help of his dark alibi. Our well known red- suited web slinger now sports a black costume. 

What makes the film one of the best is the erie wave of doom and chaos Venom creates. His whispers and grunts can be heard speaking to Peter convincing him to select the hurtful options. New and old characters step into the scene creating familiarity and excitement for returning fans. 

Parker’s old friend, Harry Osborn seeks revenge upon Spider-Man and teams up with the Sandman. Osborns turn creates immense turmoil between the two leaving movie watchers holding onto their seats for the next scene. 

Venom's appearances are remarkably terrifying. Bringing this slimy, black creature to life tied the whole film together with its awesome graphics and disturbing visuals. The storyline is simple to follow and the truth behind it unfolds quickly. 

Parker realizes Venom is a corruption to his life and wishes to rid it despite the powers and promises it holds. Directors did a superior job in separating Venom from Spider-Man. Clanging of bells is torturous to the black monster, so Parker swings up to the church bells in hope the clangs will kill it. 

Watching this scene unfold is so haunting and undoubtedly one of the best clips of the cinema. Moans and screams of pain and agony echo from the tower as Venom unravels itself from our legend, Spider-Man. 

The film captures the symbolic meaning of Parker’s human conflicts. Venom is beautifully displayed as his inner demon. As human Peter is battling relationships and past struggles, Venom entices him with promises of strength and wealth. 


9. Iron Man (2008)

Robert Downey Jr, need I say more? Opening night of Iron Man had Marvel lovers surging with anticipation. Tony Stark is assigned to present weapons to an Iraqi leader. Of course, all goes to the pits as chaos breaks loose and Tony is wounded thus initiating his invention of an iron suit. 

Iron man became wildly successful amongst fans and received high ratings. The film's ongoing comical component and quick- wits began a whole new world for upcoming Marvel films. 

The storyline is a bit more humdrum than other Marvel films, but the fire explosions and endless dark humor definitely keep the movie afloat. Downey does a remarkable job by adding crude remarks and hilarious, straight- faced, one liners.

Even the most serious of scenes are followed by laughter thanks to Tony Stark's optimism. No super hero is complete without a heroine, as Pepper Potts compliments Iron Man perfectly. Pepper is not the average damsel in distress. Rather, the movie illustrates her character as a tough, independent woman. 

Explosive weapons and roaring eruptions linger throughout the program. It’s non- stop action and surprises glue the audience to the screen. If an award for most comedic superhero were to exist, Iron Man easily wins. 


8. The Amazing Spider-Man  (2012)

Andrew Garfield proves to be a perfect fit in the remake of The Amazing Spider-Man. The remake follows a teenage Peter Parker in a new adventure to save the world from a mad scientist. Parker’s spider bite at Oscorp lab begins his duties as Spider-Man as he must face Dr Curt Connors after his experiment to regrow limbs goes south. 

Many were upset and unsure about this new Spider-Man after Toby Maguire took the crown in the original movies. Andrew Garfield captivated the audience quickly with his awkward yet charming character. Emma Stone's appearance as Gwen Stacy adds a major appeal to young viewers. 

Following in the light of its father movies, The Amazing Spider-Man does not lack surprises and action. Garfield puts his heart and soul into balancing Peter's cringy oddball nature with Spider-Man’s cleverness and grace. 

Rapidly, Garfield built up a great name for himself and Spider-Man. The film is evenly coated with quirks, twists, and turns. Dr Connors character mutates into a genetically enhanced lizard terrorizing the town and residents. 

Our lizard villain is both funny and unsettling to look at. His transformation from man to reptile is rather alarming, but it would not be a Marvel production if it lacked emotional discomfort. It portrays a clear and easy to follow storyline while also adding pop ups and reveals here and there. 

Garfield's performance continues Marvel's pull to a more light- hearted and humorous take on their films. Luckily the producers remained true to Spider-Man’s original super power abilities and storyline regarding Parker’s relatives. Fans were restless for a sequel with the new and improved webbed hero. 


7. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 (2014)

Marvel really went “out of this world” in the making of Guardians of the Galaxy. Peter Quill is captured by aliens thieves who take him away to a foreign planet. Quill steals a valuable orb that is desired by numerous empires. Peter befriends a group of raunchy space goers as they race to obtain the orb, preventing it from landing on the wrong hands. 

Guardians of the Galaxy was a commercial success, becoming the third-highest-grossing film of 2014. Animation artists went above and beyond in constructing the wild and whimsical creatures of the movie. Disgusting and dreamy beasts leave viewers enthralled. 

The tale is overflowing with detailed background history and supporting characters and storyline. Human, Peter Quill, and alien woman, Gamora's tension whisks in interesting and romantic sparks. 

Let us not forget the characters that keep a constant smile on our face; Groot, Rocket, and Drax. Talking raccoon, Rocket is a sight to behold. He and Quill's relationship is rocky to start, but they grow fond as the movie progresses. 

You can’t help but adore Groot and Drax as they add comical relief and stupidity to the graveness of the Marvel cinema. The unlikely team of humans, aliens, animals, and flora are unlike any other superhero movie. 

Unusual planets and weaponry are wonderful on the eyes and keep the audience in awe during the whole movie. Visually stunning and well scripted scenes have given Guardian of the Galaxies a fantastic rapport in the world of Marvel. 


6. The Avengers (2012)

Calling all Marvel superheroes! Suit up and let’s begin our biggest and most epic journey yet! This was massive as trailers and news about our favorite superheroes teaming up hit headlines. The gang is recruited to stop Thor’s brother, Loki, in his deadly device to take over planet Earth. 

The Avengers rapidly grossed more than 1.5 billion dollars worldwide. It became the first Marvel flick to rack up one billion dollars in ticket sales. Sweeping away box office records, it became the third highest-grossing film of all time. 

The cinema displays some of the most gorgeous visual effects, screenplays, and musical scores. Its nomination for Best Visual Effects was one of many nominations along with countless other awards. It set a major record for Marvel setting standards high for any upcoming movies. 

Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Captain America, Hawk-eye, and Black Widow are a handsome combination of characters. Each hero has their own hard headed and unique personality, setting the film up for some extreme diversity and arguments. 

The acting and action sequences seem to have no end. I became tired myself watching The Avengers battle nonstop, wondering if they ever grow weary. Each Avengers back- story is accurately accounted for and properly taken into consideration. 

As always, Marvel stays on their role of piecing comedy and seriousness together appropriately. Clear and concise, the storyline remains simple yet detailed to keep the viewer engaged. Monumental strides were taken upon producing the motion picture. 

Watching all our beloved warriors join forces is historical in Marvel productions. 


5. Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

Ah, yes. Yet, another young Spider-Man webs his way onto the big screen. Tom Holland returns in his third Spider-Man film. After Peter Parker is revealed as Spider-Man, he begs Doctor Strange to cast a spell to make everyone forget this identity. Unfortunately, it goes horribly wrong. 

This third Spider-Man film takes fans on an absolute spiral of a ride. The film surpassed its brother movies as the highest-grossing film released by Sony Pictures. Also, it reeled in 1.9 billion dollars worldwide putting it above all other Spider-Man films. 

The movie is a constant stream of incredible action and non stop surprises. What creates such a delicious appeal is the return of Parker’s old nemesis’ as well as the Toby Maguire and Andrew Garfield. A ton of hard work was put into the film to pull characters from all three Spider-Man films and tie them all together. 

Ocatvius, Green Goblin, Curt Connors, and Osborn make menacing appearances. The movie's storyline could have easily become jumbled with the clashing of all three films. Producers and directors nailed it on the head by maintaining a complex plot while creating a smooth and easy-to-follow script. 

Marvel fans overflowed with nostalgia as they watched beloved heroes and villains step back into the spotlight. There are no dull moments or unnecessary gaps. It’s jammed packed with back flashes, betrayal, and emotions. 

The concept of the “multiverse” is delightfully magical. Tom Holland’s character abducts Dr. Strange's sling ring thus opening portals to the other two Spider-Man universes. 

It’s quite exciting to see all three Spider-Mans on the screen at the same time. Watching villains from all three movies come together was an absolute brilliant idea in the world of Marvel. Fans couldn’t possibly have fathomed the theory of a multiverse. 

Incredible special effects and precise facts had to be accounted for to accurately present the movie. Spider-Man: No Way Home received a nomination for Best Visual Effects. Old villains underwent awesome new upgrades to their costumes and power. 

Arrays of spectacular visual graphics and cinematic music orchestrates the flick perfectly. It’s awesome to watch the characters being sucked in and out between universes. The film surely sets Marvels to sky rocketing records. 

Tom Holland’s Peter Parker undergoes immense emotional distress. Life and death choices are put in his hand as he decides the fate of the characters in the multiverse. Human struggles and emotional distress tug at the heart strings of fans as they relate to the hurt young Peter must go through. 


4. Avengers Infinity War (2018)

Infinity War is the third of The Avengers series. Thanos is in desperate search of the Infinity Stones. The Avengers team up with The Guardians of the Galaxy to stop him from acquiring all six stones. 

The allied forces of The Avengers and The Guardians proved successful in constructing a unique storyline. The characters are more stern and serious compared to their past films. 

Thanos takes on a more relaxed and level headed presence. As much as you want to despise him, there is an almost kind nature about him. Of course, he proves that theory incorrect as he unapologetically murders anyone associated with the Stones. 

We get to travel to epic new planets and universes as the film switches constantly from place to place. It can become a little confusing as there is a plethora of villains and heroes. Luckily Marvel is over qualified in its storytelling abilities and demonstrates the plot carefully. 

The flick offers a darker mood in contrast to the other Avengers movies. Lots of death and turmoil present themselves at every corner of the film. Thanos utilizing the stones and erasing half of the universe's population was a shock. 

Sly- tongued Tony Stark is not his usual witty, comical self. Our Galaxy Guardians must encounter tremendous emotional discomfort, stealing away their waggish demeanors. The film sends fans on a roller coaster of emotions. 

Infinity War sets the tone for the end of the Avenger era. Marvel enthusiasts are left shattered as they await on a cliff to be delivered the conclusion to the chaos. Tears flooded the theaters when half the members disappeared into thin air, possibly being one of the best endings to a Marvel film. 


3. Venom (2018)

Everyone loves a good ol’ fashioned super villain. Venom slithers his way onto the big screen in this awesome Sci-Fi/ Action motion picture. Eddie Brock has unwillingly become the host of an alien life form brought to earth for experiment. 

One of Marvel's most clever films, Venom is not the textbook description of a villain. In fact, he and his host become quite the odd couple. Our slimy beast attaches himself onto Brock with plans of taking over the planet and feasting on the earthlings. 

Banter between Eddie and Venom are entertaining and hilarious. Although you can not see Venom, his deep voice echoes inside Brock's head. Throughout the whole film, the two are constantly jabbing comical remarks and witty jokes. 

Venom appearance is wicked to behold. We got a glance of him in the third Spider-Man, starring Toby Maguire. Now we see him full power and might in all its raw glory. Animation and visual designers did a superb job in creating the disgusting alien nemesis. 

The scenes where Brock transforms into Venom are disturbingly wonderful. Tom Hardy delivers a great performance in portraying the evil Venom and helpless Eddie simultaneously. 

As the film progresses, Venom forms a liking to his host creating an unlikely friendship between the two. The change of heart in the villain takes viewers by surprise. It quenches the thirst of Marvel fans by adding a refreshing new take on a so-called fiend. 

Intensity of the movie is stabilized by a rude and offbeat sense of humor. The film creates a laid back feel while also depicting the underlying struggles of human beings. 

Is Venom really a bad guy? Yes and no. His hunger for human flesh and destruction remain strong, but his intentions are no longer malicious. It’s an awesome twist the film takes. Along with highly fascinating characters, the story and visual design are riveting. 


2. Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

As they say, three is a charm! Tom Holland stars in this third Spider-Man film alongside the glamorous Zendaya. Young Parker begins his life after being crowned Spider-Man in Captain America: Civil War. With Tony Stark's assistance, Parker clumsily slings his way through life while encountering his first bad guy, The Vulture. 

It was a bit exhausting to hear there was another Spider-Man movie coming into light. Tom Holland shut down almost all the negativity and won over the hearts of Marvel films. 

The movie caters heavily to younger audiences with its addition of Zendaya as MJ and quirky teenage buddy, Ned. Holland is awkward yet captivating and charming. He received praise in regards to his outstanding performance and light tone. 

Downy brings his narcissistic humor to the spotlight once again adding familiarity for old fans. The clash between Stark and Parker gives off a father and son vibe. Spider-Man continues to disobey pretty much all of Iron Man's commands, usually resulting in a mess. 

Although it does have different elements from the original story, it still possesses the original story behind Peter Parker. What makes the movie so highly rated is the characters acting and action sequences. All actors deliver an excellent and realistic presentation. 

Marvel adds in new features and secrets based strongly on its father films. It’s highly appealing to new and old fans. Like always, comical elements and spectacular explosive scenes are sprinkled everywhere throughout the flick. 


1. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Truly it is the end of the end. Tension is at an all time high in the fourth and final Avengers film. The gang attempts to reverse the damage Thanos has caused in its previous film, Infinity War. 

After obtaining the stones and disintegrating half of all life in the universe, remaining Avengers go on a wild goose chase to obtain the stones, reverse time, and restore the vanished life forms. It’s an absolute hectic ride Marvel takes us on. 

The team must be careful in their time travels not to mess anything up as it can create alternate realities. The most serious and intricate of the Avengers series, humor is sucked dry from our team members. 

Its astounding storyline is both compelling and complex. Scenes flip back and forth as the Avengers split up to find the stones faster. Fantastic worlds of ruins and fire set the stage for nasty fighting clips. 

We follow our heroes as they win, lose, and then win again. Failure can not be an option thanks to their unbreakable bonds and determination. The movie grossed 2.799 billion dollars worldwide placing it on the top of charts for a consistent two years. 

Fans are overwhelmed with intense despair and empathy for our broken heroes. Nonetheless, good will always vanquish bad. We already know full well the Avengers will successfully restore humanity, but sacrifices must be made. 

The true colors of our hard- headed Iron Man come to light when he gives his own life for the sake of the world. Endgame is all about character development, friendship, and sacrifice which makes it so touching and popular. 

Marvel does a splendid job at capturing the characters raw and natural emotions. It leaves superhero junkies at a loss for words as ties are cut and the whimsical Avenger/ Guardian of the Galaxy duo is put to rest, for now. 


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