11 Best Marvel Snap Cards To Use With Silver Surfer

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Silver Surfer was recently the feature card of a Season Pass. It’s a great deck and it’s currently in the Meta. If you have Silver Surfer the rest of the deck is pretty easy to build in pool 3, so it’s one of the more beginner friendly decks that you can play at that stage.

Silver Surfer is a 3-cost, 0-power card that gives all of your other 3 cost cards +3. The strategy with Silver Surfer usually revolves around playing a lot of 3-cost cards and then buffing them all at the end of the game for the victory!

11.Captain America


Captain America is a good 3 cost card that, most of the time, gives you +6 power on a location. It’s a good play when you don’t want to disrupt the board too much or play some of your more risky cards.

Captain America is a good and reliable source of power for a single lane. He, of course, gets buffed by Silver Surfer when you play him, which is the most important perk for a lot of cards on this list. Captain America combos very well with brood since with 2 cards, you can get decent power for a single location and buff them all with Silver Surfer.



Bishop is a 3-cost, 1-power card that gets slightly more powerful for every card that you play. If we do the math, you’re most likely to get him to be at 6 power at the end of the game if you’ve played Bishop on turn 3 and Serra on turn 5, which is a great statline for a 3-cost.

He’s not the most impactful 3-cost card you can play, but he’s a good low-risk card if your hand isn’t the best and you don’t want to ruin your gameplan. It’s better to play him than use one of your more powerful 3-cost cards that can win you the game later.

9.Sword Master


Sword Master is a 6 power card that can quickly add a substantial amount of power to a location. He’s a 3 cost card, with a drawback of discarding a card from your hand when he’s played.

He’s a good turn 6 play when you don’t care much about what’s left in your hand at the end of the game. He’s 6 power and can be boosted by Silver Surfer, so if played on a lane with a few other 3 drops, he can help you increase your power by a lot.



Maximus has the highest power among all 3-cost cards, but he does come with a drawback of letting your opponent draw 2 cards when he’s played. Luckily, you’re able to avoid his downside by playing him on turn 6 when your opponent can’t play the cards that he draws or by playing Maximus on a lane that’s negated by Cosmo.

Turn 6 Maximus paired with Silver Surfer gives you a lot of power on any location that you need to be boosted at the end of the game. He’s a slightly better version of Sword Master, even his effect is less destructive than accidentally discarding an important card from your hand.



Cosmo is another 3-cost card. He has an ongoing ability that stops On Reveal effects from happening on the location he is played on. Silver Surfer decks usually have a lot of cards with On Reveal effects so be careful when you play Cosmo since you don’t want to be unable to play Silver Surfer on turn 6.

Cosmo is a great counter to a lot of late game plays because it lets you prevent opponent’s plays if you time it correctly. It also negates the downsides of running powerful 3-cost cards like Maximus and Sword Master since it negates their On Reveal effects.



Wolfsbane is slightly tricky with Silver Surfer, because you can’t get +6 power with her every game since you won’t always have an almost full location that you can play her on due to Silver Surfer decks not having a lot of low cost cards.

She’s still a reliable 3-cost card that can give you a decent amount of power and can be powered up by Silver Surfer. If you play her on turn 6 paired with Maximus or Wong and use Silver Surfer to buff your cards, you’ll significantly increase your power for a single location.



Killmonger is a huge counter for all decks that run a lot of 1-cost cards. Saving him for turn 6 when your opponent is playing Kazar or Patriot can alter the game in your favor and win you a lot of cubes if your opponent isn’t expecting a board-wipe.

Patriot is a strong deck that usually wants to play Ultron on turn 6 and swarm the board with 1-cost units that are powered up a lot. Killmonger has an unexpectedly useful effect that can win you a lot of games if you time him correctly. He’s also a 3-cost card that will get buffed by Silver Surfer when you play him.



Rhino is a really good utility card. He’s a 3-cost, 3-power card that ruins a location that he’s played on. He can help you avoid locations that are bad for your deck and also counter decks that run Magik by destroying limbo on turn 6 before they play their strongest cards.

It’s the only card that costs 3 and can change locations in the game. It gets buffed by Silver Surfer on turn 6, but it can also win you games by ruining a crucial location when the opponent doesn’t have time to react to it.



Wong is a strong card in all decks that focus on getting a lot of power with On Reveal effects. Since, with Silver Surfer, most of the time your goal is to play a lot of 3-cost cards and then buff them up - Wong letting you buff them even more is usually a great strategy.

Wong also synergises with Wolfsbane and lets you get a lot more out of her effect. But be careful, since an experienced player might play Cosmo on the location where Wong is, so you shouldn’t go all in, if you think that your opponent might be playing Cosmo.



Sera is a great card that lowers the cost of cards in your hand by 1. Silver Surfer decks run a lot of 3 cost cards so their turn 5 play is quite bad if they’re not running Serra. It gives you +4 power to a location and lets you play 3 3-cost cards on turn 6 which lets you hide your strategy from your opponent.

If locations let you get Serra out earlier, or even double her effect, you’ll be able to play all the cards in your hand by the end of the game, which will almost guarantee you a victory if you have Silver Surfer in hand.



Brood is undoubtedly the card that goes best with Silver Surfer. Playing a single 3-cost card instantly gives Silver Surfer 3 targets for his ability. Which can give you a lot of power on a location for 2 3-cost cards.

This card lets you get more value out of other cards that are run in Silver Surfer decks like Captain America and Wolfsbane. It lets you put up a lot of pressure by playing a single card, so it’s a necessary addition to any Silver Surfer deck.

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