[Top 10] Spider-Man 2018 Best Skills To Get First

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In Insomniac’s Spider-Man you have a little over 30 skills which you unlock as you play the game. Spider-Man evolves, picks up on new tricks and becomes stronger and more versatile.

We’re going to take a look at the most useful Skills which you should pay attention to and get early on to make Spider-Man stronger. 

10.Extended Perch Takedown

Spider-Man is very good at quietly taking out his opponents. You can make this an even more viable playstyle by extending your Perch Takedown to avoid having to drop down from the vantage points.

Extended Perch Takedown is one of the first upgrades that you can unlock from the Innovator skill tree. You’re going to end up getting it eventually, but taking it early on is great if you plan on taking down enemies from the shadows.

Extended Perch Takedown Details:

  • Increases Perch Takedown range.

9.Air Marshal

While playing Spider-Man, you want to take the fight into the air, since you’re WAY safer while airborne. Enemies on the ground can’t hit you unless they have ranged weapons, and it’s way easier to pick out problematic enemies while fighting in the air.

Air Marshal makes fighting in the air even more viable by giving you more focus and more damage while using air attacks. It makes fighting in air a foolproof method of combat.

Air Marshal Details:

  • Air attacks deal additional damage and generate more focus.

8.Collateral Damage

Spider-Man is able to pick up things off the ground and throw them at enemies from the beginning of the game, Collateral Damage increases the effectiveness of this move by dealing damage to all nearby enemies.

This will help you further, by knocking enemies away from you and giving you a brief window of time to catch your breath. Also, it’s incredibly satisfying to smack enemies around with objects.

Collateral Damage Details:

  • Thrown objects damage all nearby enemies.

7.Spin Cycle

Spin Cycle lets Spidey quickly clear the area around himself and give him more space to catch his breath and choose his targets. It lets you mash triangle when you’re Web throwing a webbed up enemy, to spin him around for longer and smack his friends with him.

If there are a lot of melee enemies around you, this skill can deal a nice amount of damage to all of them, while clearing the space around you fully. It’s a good way to slow down the pace of the combat if you’re feeling overwhelmed.

Spin Cycle Details:

  • While throwing your enemy press Triangle fast, to spin him faster.

6.Quick Zip

Quick Zip is a skill that’s not really useful in combat except in those rare cases where you need to maneuver around the area while fighting the enemies. The Quick Zip ability can be unlocked early on in the Webslinger tree.

Quick Zip lets you Web Zip twice. This skill becomes really useful once you get used to the web swinging in the game. It really makes your swinging easier and it really comes in handy in missions where you’re chasing cars or planes or whatnot. Once you get used to it, you’ll wonder how it’s even possible to swing without the ability to Web Zip twice.

Quick Zip Details:

  • Web Zip a second time without losing altitude.

5.Perfect Dodge

Perfect Dodge is an incredibly useful ability that can save Spider-Man’s hide in combat regularly. It gives Spider-Man the ability to time his dodges and upon a successful Perfect Dodge he will counter enemies with a Web Shot to the face which will leave them open to your attacks.

You will be overwhelmed often while playing Spider-Man and being able to temporarily take enemies out of the fight just with a well timed dodge is insane. Perfect Dodge is actually the first ability in the Defender tree, so you can get it as early as level 2. Mastering the dodging in Spider-Man will make the game so much easier, and this skill gives you even more perks upon a successful dodge.

Perfect Dodge Details:

  • Press Circle just as your Spider Sense turns blue to counter enemies with a Web Shot to the face. Generates bonus focus.

4.Yank And Throw

Enemies with ranged weapons are very problematic and can prove to be very annoying and disruptive while you’re trying to protect the city. Yank And Throw allows you to not only yank the weapons out of their hands, but also swing it around and smack an enemy with it.

If there are no throwable objects around you, you can just pick up an enemy’s shield or RPG and smack the enemies around you. It’s a great Skill that deals damage to enemies while also disarming the problematic ones.

Yank And Throw Details:

  • Hold Triangle to hurl yanked weapons back at enemies with excessive force.

3.Air Yank

Air Yank is a great Skill that lets you stay out of harm’s way while still beating up your opponents. It allows you to pull enemies towards you while you’re in the air. It’s a reliable and easy way to beat up an enemy and quickly yank up another one for a beating before you fall down.

It’s THE BEST way to stay in the air and continually beat enemies up. Keep in mind that aerial attacks will generate a lot more focus than normal attacks, which makes this skill even better.

Air Yank Details:

  • Hold Triangle in the air to yank enemies upwards and enable air combat moves.

2.Chain Finisher

Whether you quickly need to take out two goons with RPGs that are next to each other, or you need to take care of a few enemies with jetpacks, getting Chain Finisher will make your life way easier.

Chain Finisher is the last upgrade the player can unlock in the Defender tree, so don’t expect to get it early on. But once you unlock it, you will be able to execute another enemy every time you spend your focus to use a finisher. This becomes incredibly useful in the later battles where you’re overrun with a lot of enemies and taking out two of them quickly becomes really beneficial.

Chain Finisher Details:

  • Immediately perform a second finisher on basic enemies.


Payback is an extension to the previously mentioned Perfect Dodge. It lets you instantly defeat ranged enemies that you perfectly dodge. However, you have to drop whatever you’re doing and quickly attack the enemy that you just dodged.

Ranged enemies are way more annoying than normal melee enemies, since if there are too many of them it becomes pretty hard to fight anybody while you’re under constant fire. Payback lets you easily take care of ranged enemies that you didn’t even know the location of until you dodged them, and it’s rather easy to continue fighting after quickly taking out an annoying Sniper.

Payback Details:

  • Press Triangle after perfect dodging ranged attacks to an instant takedown.

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