All Spiderman Bosses In Order [How To Defeat Each Boss]

How To Defeat All Spiderman Bosses
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Spider-Man has one of the most colorful rogues galleries in all of comics, although fans of a certain caped crusader may disagree with this claim. If you’re planning on playing Marvel’s Spider-Man, then you’re going to experience the full force of all these dastardly villains.                  


10. Fisk/Kingpin

Difficulty: Easy

9. Shocker (First Encounter) 

Difficulty: Easy

The Shocker is causing trouble in NYC. He’s working with new people but won’t tell you who. He’s running away from you and causing destruction with each move he makes. You’ll have to chase him down. This boss fight is all about catching up with Shocker. It’s very important to time your swings correctly and to be careful not to bump into anything that would slow you down. Shocker will occasionally attempt to attack you. You’ll need to air dodge at the right time to avoid his attacks. After catching up to Shocker twice, you’ll send him back to prison, defeated and in shock!


8. Shocker (Second Encounter) 

Difficulty: Medium 

Shocker has broken out of prison and is trying to rob a bank. You will need to fight him directly to stop him. Shocker will attack you continuously, and he will only be vulnerable when he runs out of energy. Once Shocker is taking time to rest, you will need to throw debris at him, then attack him while he’s stunned. The rest of the boss fight is mostly about repeating this process, but eventually, you will have to take down pillars. Once all the pillars are down, part of the roof will come down on Shocker, ending the boss fight. 


7. Mister Negative (First Encounter)

Difficulty: Medium

Mister Negative’s boss fight happens after a brief chase scene. He’s attempting to steal Devil’s Breath, a dangerous bioweapon. After fighting the demons Mister Negative sends after you, he traps you in a negative zone that exists in your subconscious. This is where the boss fight takes place. Mister Negative will send hordes of enemies after you, but these enemies are weak and will go down in 1 or 2 hits. After defeating a few of these enemies, Mister Negative will attack you himself. Use this opportunity to go after him. After you attack Mister Negative, he will summon a giant mask from beneath the ground. You can damage the mask by throwing projectiles at it. Once the mask is broken, the boss fight ends. 


6. Mister Negative (Second Encounter)

Difficulty: Medium 

After a failed attempt to release Devil’s Breath at GCT (Grand Central Terminal), Mister Negative attempts to flee by train. You follow him onto the train, where you will have to apprehend him. Mister Negative has multiple phases. In his first phase, he will attack you with basic combos. Dodging these attacks is simple, and after you dodge his attacks, you should be able to hit him with little difficulty. Once you’ve damaged him enough, he will transition to his second phase. During his second phase, he will gain directional attacks. When he sends a line of negative energy down the middle of the train, you must dodge to the left or right. When he sends a shockwave through the ground, you must jump onto the ceiling. These attacks are highly damaging, but if you remember your patterns and attack him when he’s vulnerable, the boss fight should end relatively quickly. 


5. Sinister Six 

Difficulty: Slightly Difficult 

There’s been a breakout at the raft, and all of Spider-Man’s worst villains are escaping. Among these villains are the Sinister Six. The newly formed Sinister Six is a team of supervillains comprised of Rhino, Electro, Vulture, Scorpion, Mister Negative, and an unknown final member. Electro flies through the prison, frying everything he touches. You will need to chase him down and stop him. This boss fight is very similar to the first encounter you had with Shocker, but Electro’s attacks are more dangerous, there are more obstacles in your way, and the Sinister Six will try to intercept you on your way through the prison. All the other members of the Sinister Six besides Electro will not be a problem, as your interactions with them will only be in cutscenes. If you swing carefully and dodge Electro’s attacks with decent timing; then you’ll catch him with electrifying speed.


4. Electro and Vulture

Difficulty: Hard

3. Rhino and Scorpion

Difficulty: Hard 

Rhino and Scorpion are causing trouble in NYC, and it’s up to you to stop them. Rhino deals a lot of damage and is decently fast, but if you hit him with nearby obstacles, you will be able to attack him without problems. Scorpion is easy to deal with. He is made completely helpless if you use basic webbing against him. Most other gadgets will work as well. Rhino and Scorpion can be used against each other much more effectively than Electro and Vulture. Once one is dealt with, it will be much easier to deal with the other. Especially if the first one to go down is Rhino, as Scorpion is so much easier to fight. 


2. Mister Negative (Final Encounter) 

Difficulty: Hard

Mister Negative wants to assassinate Norman Osborn and steal the cure to Devil’s Breath, a nasty bioweapon that’s having sinister effects on the people of NYC, and you are the only person who can stop him. Fighting Mister Negative requires spectacular reflexes and amazing reaction speed. However, he is much more susceptible to attacks when he’s out of energy. His suit is usually white instead of black. When his suit turns black, it means he’s vulnerable. He will generate a colossal monster near the end of the boss fight, as well as a few of the weaker enemies he used in earlier encounters. Attacking with this monster uses a lot of his energy, and he will likely become vulnerable directly after using it.


1. Doctor Octopus

Difficulty: Hard 

Doctor Octopus has the cure for Devil’s Breath and he refuses to give it up until Norman Osborn dies. You have no choice but to apprehend him and take the cure back. Doctor Octopus is the last boss in the game; consequently, he is very difficult to fight. Because of his arms, Doc Ock has the greatest range of any villain in the entire game. He does a sinister amount of damage, and he has multiple different attacks. Doc Ock’s greatest weakness is gadgets and throwables. All of your gadgets work on Doc Ock. If you shoot enough gadgets at him, he will be unable to move and susceptible to attacks. You will make an Anti-Ock suit specifically for this fight. This suit has a “Resupply” suit power that regenerates your equipped gadget automatically. This suit power will be very useful in this boss fight. The web bomb gadget is the most effective gadget to use against Doc Ock. If you keep all of this in mind, you should be able to wrap up this boss fight and this game’s story. 


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