[Top 15] Best Batman Fight Scenes You Need To Watch!

Robert Pattinson as Batman
Robert Pattinson doing justice to the Dark Knight

Batman is one of the most beloved characters in the whole DC universe. We love the Dark Knight because he has no superpowers yet he is the most powerful member of the Justice League.

With the release of the new Batman film in 2022, we got to witness some amazing fight scenes. Let’s take a look at the best Batman fight scenes of all time!


15. Batman Escapes The Police Station

Pattinson's Batman has an intriguing connection with the Gotham Police Department; he is wary of trusting the cops in a city so rife with corruption, yet he finds a reliable collaborator in Jeffrey Wright's Commissioner Jim Gordon. Gordon is interrogated by his fellow officers for putting his confidence in a vigilante, and he is compelled to assist Batman during his captivity in the Gotham police station.

While it's an exciting scenario in which Batman feigns an attack on Gordon, it pushes the film's sphere of reality farther than it has before. Batman flees a bit too swiftly, and the police seem inept for the plot's purpose. Additionally, it has a strong resemblance to many of Batman's confrontations with the GCPD in Christopher Nolan's trilogy, and so does not seem as original to Reeves' vision.


14. Batman Breaks Into The Iceberg Lounge

The Batman pays homage to noir cinema with its references to legendary crime film hangouts. The Iceberg Lounge is the epicenter of Gotham's criminal underworld, where supervillains such as Falcone and The Penguin (Colin Farrell) barter cocktails and information with the city's corrupt officials. During an early scenario, Batman enters the Iceberg Lounge to question The Penguin.

13. The Opening Batman Train Station Brawl

This deep, repressed wrath is shown in the character's horrific entrance, in which he viciously eliminates an entire criminal organization. What's remarkable is that Batman does not seem very heroic in this sequence, and by the film's conclusion, it's evident that his callous demeanor was not truly resolving any issues.

12. The Batmobile Pursues The Penguin

There have been several outstanding Batmobile moments throughout the franchise's history, but The Batman may have surpassed them all. Batman is pursuing The Penguin once again, and as Falcone's top enforcer escapes a botched drop deal, he exposes his legendary car. Batman chases him in an action-packed street pursuit.


11. The Warehouse Fight

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice features this battle. When this film was revealed, it generated a lot of excitement, since it was the first time that the world would see the pairing of two of the most legendary superheroes, Batman and Superman. This version of Batman had a great deal of rage, and upon recognizing his error in opposing Superman, he assured him that he would rescue his mother from the thugs deployed by Lex Luthor. Batman used physical force to take the lives of the guys in this battle sequence, and it was the most vicious Batman I had ever seen.


10. Batman Versus Falcone’s Henchmen

Batman returns to the Iceberg Lounge at the film's conclusion in order to prevent Selina from killing Falcone in cold blood. Falcone's men try to stop him, and we see one of the most dramatic scenes of Batman annihilating goons ever filmed. While Ben Affleck's Batman was more heinous, Pattinson's Batman hunts down low-level criminals while adhering to the character's ethical values.


9. Batman vs. Catwoman

Batman and Catwoman (Zo Kravitz) have a short struggle at the site of Mayor Mitchell's death before they join forces and plunge deeply into vengeance-fueled sexual tension. Catwoman is pursued by the Dark Knight from her apartment to the cruise scene, where she seeks to recover her friend Annika's passport. Selina is stopped by Batman while breaking the late mayor's safe, resulting in a brawl.


8. Battle Building

This confrontation occurred in the 2008 film The Dark Knight. Throughout the film, Batman, portrayed by Christian Bale, learns that The Joker is a cunning criminal who does not take anything lightly. The Joker has taken control of the city of Gotham, and Batman is forced to solve yet another strange game devised by his adversary. On the one hand, The Joker is holding hostages, yet the building is surrounded by police. Batman fought not just the evil guys, but also the police in this episode. It's unsurprising that he's dubbed the world's finest investigator. To believe it, you must see it.


7. I’m Batman

When Christopher Nolan introduced Christian Bale as Batman for the first time, he introduced the world to an original tale. There were several battles in Batman Begins, but the finest one was when Christian Bale took on Carmine Falcone's men one by one in stealth mode before facing Falcone himself. He introduces himself here by declaring, "I'm Batman." That sequence transported me back to my youth, and it remains one of my favorite scenes to this day.


6. Batman In The Amusement Park Brawl

This battle was included in the animated film Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. In the film, we witness an elderly Bruce Wayne who has had enough of Gotham's escalating criminality and takes things into his own hands. He comes face to face with his arch adversary, The Joker, who takes him on a murderous pursuit through an area where Batman has already accumulated a large number of victims. They eventually find themselves at an amusement park, where they fight on a ride called the 'Tunnel Of Love. Batman punches The Joker to a pulp but the Joker continues to laugh, prompting Batman to break The Joker's neck and put an end to his existence.


7. Bane V Batman

Director Christopher Nolan introduced one of Batman's most fearsome adversaries, Bane, in the last installment of the 'Dark Knight' trilogy. Numerous hearts were broken during this combat scene. In this film, Batman has aged and evolved into a masked vigilante who is on the run from the police but remains committed to bringing criminals to justice. As a result, Bruce partners up with Catwoman, depicted by Anne Hathaway, unaware that he was being trapped. Batman was previously aware of Bane and desired to put him to justice; this was his opportunity. Bane defeats Batman with brute strength in the sequence, which concludes with Bane fracturing Batman's spine.


6. The Battle of Gotham Square Garden

Though "The Batman," has several excellent action sequences, the film's final fight in Gotham Square Garden is really memorable. After the Riddler's explosives damage the city's seawall, the whole downtown area floods, forcing inhabitants into the sports stadium in an attempt to escape the waves. However, the Riddler's internet fan following is already there, set up in the rafters with firearms, waiting for them.

Following that comes a suspenseful scenario in which Batman and Catwoman battle side by side against terrorists high above the stadium floor. There are some amazing individual moments in the battle, such as Batman injecting himself with what looks to be an adrenaline injection to rescue Selina from an assault and some more inventive grappling hook usage. It's especially enjoyable to see the two characters battle it out in such a stressful and extended scenario, especially considering all they've gone through together in the lead-up to this point.


5. Dark Knight: Batman Vs The Joker

The Dark Knight Trilogy's most memorable character is Batman's infamous adversary, the Joker. He's weird and terrifying, and he commits many heinous acts during the film. Their last combat sequence is dramatic because to the fact that time is running out to put an end to the explosions raging across Gotham City. The battle concludes with the Joker falling from a skyscraper, poetically proclaiming that he and Batman will very certainly fight forever.


4. Batman Fought His Impersonators, Criminals, And Dogs

When Scarecrow met with the Chechen at the start of The Dark Knight, they were ambushed with firearms by a squad of Batman impersonators. Chechen hounds and thugs retaliated, and the real Batman arrived soon thereafter. Batman battled the criminals, dogs, and impersonators, clearing the path for him to confront Scarecrow.

Batman leaped upon Scarecrow's vehicle as he drove away. He then captured Scarecrow and anybody else he could and informed the Batman impersonators that they were in his way.


3. The Train

The Dark Knight trilogy is filled with tremendous action moments, one of the greatest being Batman's confrontation with Ra's al Ghul on the train at the conclusion of Batman Begins. They struggle until Bruce abandons Ra's al Ghul to perish in the train wreck, at which point he unleashes his wings, one of the best moments in the whole film.


2. Bruce Wayne Vs The League Of Shadows

Bruce Wayne's training with the League of Shadows pays off as he defeats them upon his discovery of Ra's al Ghul's plan to destroy Gotham City. Scarecrow's fear gas has infiltrated the city, and Batman is overthrown by civilians who feel he is a menace. The Dark Knight Trilogy's action scenes are breathtaking to witness, in part because of Batman's fighting technique.


1. Bane And His Followers Battled Batman, Catwoman, And The GCPD

When Bane gained control of Gotham in The Dark Knight Rises, the GCPD was rendered defenseless against him and his minions, all the more so given Batman's absence. Once Batman returned, he and the GCPD engaged in an epic fight with their adversaries. As a result of his strength gains during his stay in the Pit, Batman established himself as a viable opponent to Bane, no longer readily defeated as he had been before.



Robert Pattingson’s Batman is dark, gritty and straight-up badass! We saw some amazing fight scenes in the new Batman movie and the whole movie is worth a re-watch for just those scenes only! I hope you found this article fun to read.


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