All Arkham Knight Gadgets (Ranked Worst To Best)

Best Arkham Knight Gadgets
Does Batman have the most iconic utility belt in history?

When it comes to Batman’s treasure trove of resourceful gadgets in his utility belt, it’s hard to pick a favourite. Each tool is more iconic than the last. From the symbolic Batarang to the saviour of a grappling hook, every tool has saved the Dark Knight more times than you can count.

Being just an ordinary man, the caped crusader heavily relies on all of these gadgets to keep him out of harm’s way, but some are more critical to his survival than others, so today we’re counting down All the Arkham Knight Gadgets ranked from worst to best.

12.  The Line Launcher

Stalk your prey from above

A returning gadget that has remained in the Dark Knight’s utility belt; the line launcher is a device used to help Batman reach spots that the grappling hook can’t ordinarily reach.

Against corners, the grappling hook is as useful as a bat with no wings, but fortunately for us, this is where the line launcher comes into its own.

Whilst the launcher is primarily used for traversal and reaching hidden items such as collectables, it can also double as a tool for stealthy assassin-like combat. Giving the Worlds Greatest Detective the advantage in combat by letting him drop directly onto the unsuspecting heads of mindless goons and thugs.

The line launcher is extremely useful when it comes to collectables and puzzles hidden by Rocksteady, however, its lack of general usefulness in most situations gives it the last spot on this competitive list.  Sorry launcher but you’re left at the back of this line.

Why the Line Launcher is Great:

  • It’s a necessity for chasm travelling – Admittedly less so in Knight than in its predecessors, but the line launcher is still essential for traversing through crumbling environments like sewers and caves.
  • It’s invaluable to challenges – In the modes such as predator and combat challenges the line launcher can become the most essential tool; with a little skill. It provides you with a perch to launch from and allows you to stay hidden in the shadows.
  • Collectibles – The Line Launcher is vital for collecting things like Riddler trophies and completing various puzzles.

The Line launcher is fortunately accessible from the start of the game.

11. Smoke Pellets

Cloud your enemies and strike from darkness.

Another veteran of the Arkham series, smoke pellets have been a well-used tool for Batman in every franchise entry to date. They are even more essential in Arkham Knight, vital for hiding from battalions of criminals, trigger-happy turrets and vengeful associates. 

The smoke pellets are a staple of the stealth aspect of Arkham Knight, whether you use them as a blanket to mask your brutal beatdowns or as a means for a sneaky escape into the ceiling, the pellets have your back.

However, they may be a great tool for combat and quick escapes but they still aren’t required for completing the game, leaving them lower down on this list than they perhaps deserve. Where other tools help Bruce Wayne to reach otherwise unreachable locations or to push the story further, the smoke pellets are only really handy when you need to punch a few goons.

Their overly specific niche and little variability sadly leaves the Pellets behind in the smoke of other gadgets; if you’ll pardon the pun.

Why the Smoke Pellets are great:

  • Their disgusting cloud – It can’t be understated how great the Smoke Pellets can be when used right. They can enable Batman to take down multiple enemies without anyone being any the wiser.
  • A Bullet Shield – When all other options are exhausted and the bat is left staring down the barrel of a gun, the pellets can save you from becoming a dead bullet sponge.
  • They’re badass – There’s no denying that the pellets are iconic and really immerse you as Batman. Boldly striding through the smoke only to eliminate a chain of unsuspecting targets in rapid succession just makes you feel like a superhero.

As a returning gadget, the smoke pellets are available immediately within the game. 

10. The Bat-claw

A true icon

The Bat-claw has undergone a slow process of being perfected throughout the franchise, culminating in an essential and valuable gadget in Arkham Knight.

The Bat-claw is incredibly versatile, from enabling you to yank extremely heavy vents off of the walls with relative ease, to rapidly picking up trophies from afar, all the way to quick firing a claw into the fleshy torsos of your enemies, the Bat-claw has many uses.

My personal favourite is using it as a combo-enhancing weapon of incredible destruction, heaving your rivals towards you so you can smack them down with double the force.

Being the first entry in this list to be invaluable in multiple play styles you may be wondering why it is ranked so low, and it simply boils down to how often it’s needed. Sure picking up trophies quicker is great, but it’s not essential to your gaming experience. Furthermore, in combat, the quick fire mode just pulls enemies closer to you rather than knocking them down.

Why the Bat-Claw is great:

  • Enables a sneakier approach – The bat-claw is mostly used when tearing the vents off of the walls to make a secluded tunnel that Batman can travel through. Giving you the option of staying hidden rather than going in fists blazing. 
  • Combo-building – As mentioned above, this gadget is fantastic for racking up quick combos in Arkham Knight, quickly bringing a new target into your frenzy of punches and kicks.
  • Collectible collection – Quick firing the claw at riddler trophies makes picking those common fiends much quicker and more efficient, over the course of the game likely equating to a hell of a long amount of time saved.

Being a long-serving gadget of the franchise, the bat-claw is available immediately.

9. Voice Synthesizer

Trust No one

Deception, manipulation and cunning, three of my favourite words to perfectly sum up the voice synthesizer in Arkham Knight.

This gadget allows Batman to trick his enemies into doing what he wants, by pretending that his demand is one of their bosses.

The voice synthesizer is in equal parts useful and hilarious. Watching the criminals run around terrified of their boss never gets old and that’s without Batman interfering.

The main crux of the gadget’s resourcefulness is that you can manipulate your foes into standing in the perfect place for a brutal or silent takedown. Personally, I love making them stand beneath ledges so I can invertedly take them down.

The only weakness of the synthesizer is that your opponents quickly become aware of your deception, essentially making the synthesiser useless from that point onwards. Moreover, it only really helps with strategising and opening specific doors, rather than quick combat and frequent use in puzzles.

Putting the voice synthesizer in number 9 (and yes that is me saying that, or is it?). 

Why the Voice Synthesizer is great:

  • It’s hilarious – Most likely the funniest gadget on this list, the voice synthesizer causes some truly comical conversations between thugs and their leaders. Meaning you can just sit in the shadows and watch the chaos unfold.
  • It makes takedowns easier – The voice synthesizer makes taking down enemies incredibly easy, it’s one step below mind control. You can play the thugs like they’re chess pieces and position them all in your favour.
  • Its use in the progression – The voice synthesizer helps to progress batman through different levels and enables him into areas that would be usually unreachable.

How to get the Voice synthesizer:

The voice synthesizer is simply acquired through playing through the story, you don’t need to go out of your way to collect it.

Harley Quinn takes over Panessa studios

  • You must defeat the guards
  • Walk towards the entrance where a cutscene will begin
  • You have to modify the pitch and frequency to emulate her voice.
  • Voila

8. Explosive Gel

Boom, the gel explodes into rank 8.

Batman is known for winning all of his battles due to preparation and deadeye planning and nowhere is this displayed better than in his explosive gel gadget.

Batman utilises this tool in a multitude of different ways, displaying his impeccable detective skills. By spraying his gel in specific well-chosen locations Batman can cause well-timed explosions and distractions.

The explosive gel can be used to: knock down weaker walls to give the player access to secret areas or Easter eggs, knock out targets through booby traps for naïve enemies, crowd control when you are getting overwhelmed in combat and many more.

The explosive gel is amazing due its variety of uses and it truly makes knocking a room of enemies down a piece of cake. Its incredible use in combat and puzzling challenges makes the explosive gel a formidable bit of kit. The only reason that it’s not higher up the list is due to its capacity to become a little tiresome after a while. As it is essentially the same goo from Arkham Asylum it can lose its novelty quickly through the game.

Why the Explosive Gel is great:

  • It’s new and improved – Whilst the gel is basically the same as its Asylum debut, it has had some upgrades that make it more useful and fun, such as its quick use in combat and ability to explode on impact with enemies.
  • It’s satisfying – The game is rarely more satisfying than when perfectly timing a crumbling structure to collapse onto a passing enemy.
  • It’s powerful – When used in combat the gel can quickly disperse flocks of enemies by knocking them off their feet, giving you the upper hand. 

Available from spawn.

7. Freeze Blast

A very cool gadget.

How to get the Freeze Blast:

Undoubtedly, one of the ‘coolest’ weapons in Gotham’s history is Mr Freeze’s weapons like his Freeze-ray and now thanks to the Freeze blast grenades we can harness this power ourselves.

The Freeze blast grenades are available to be used in a multitude of ways, including quickly freezing enemies in place through combat or in a calculated predator-like strategy, and turning various substances into a rock-solid layer of ice.

The latter use is extremely beneficial when it comes to crossing areas such as water as you can freeze the surrounding area, making it suitable to walk on.

Whilst turning cocky criminals into walking ice statues is incredibly amusing and definitely satisfying, the Freeze blast Grenades aren’t ranked higher due to the fact that they’re not really needed.

In fact, they are the only gadget on this list that you can actually play through the entire game without ever picking them up. So if they’re not essential for the Bats’ toughest night then they aren’t essential for us, putting them at number 7.

Why the Freeze Blast is Great:

  • Crowd Control – Similar to the benefit of the explosive gel, the freeze blast does a wonderful job of stopping criminals from overwhelming you. By quickly throwing a grenade you can embed a foe in an iceberg with ease.
  • Unique – Despite not being essential to your mission, the fact that these little weapons are only acquired by those with a keen eye, makes them a little special.
  • Their potential – The numerous upgrades that the Freeze-blast can undergo make this a gadget to not be taken lightly. From proximity mines to cluster bombs the grenades are extremely versatile.


How to get Freeze-blast grenades:

  • Enter Panessa studios
  • Walk towards the initial cells, where the victims infected with Joker’s blood are
  • The Freeze-blast grenades can be found on a nearby stall.

6. Remote Electrical Charge

A shocking entry

How to get the R.E.C Gun:

The Remote Electrical charge or R.E.C. is a gun personally made by Batman himself that fires bursts of electricity, alternating between positive and negative charges depending on your requirement. Shocking!

The R.E.C is extremely fun to use, whether you’re quick firing a bolt through a bunch of attackers or you’re confusing enemies with shots from afar, it’s awesome to watch the blue ball of electrons cause pure havoc. 

Not only does the gun function as a butt-kicking machine, but it also enables the Dark Knight to reach otherwise inaccessible areas by opening doors, shutters and puzzle sections.  The R.E.C is also key to solving a plethora of the Riddler’s puzzles and outright killing his robots with relative ease.

The R.E.C’s necessity for combat, progression and puzzle completion is what makes this gadget so important to gameplay. The only negative is that its use in combat only stuns enemies for a short period of time, meaning they’ll be back with another strike soon enough.

Why the Remote Electrical Charge is great:

  • Feel like Thor – Ok so not exactly, but the act of shooting one giant ball of electricity at a very deserving target really hammers home the superhero feel of Arkham Knight.
  • Hitting Big enemies – The best thing about the R.E.C in combat is hitting a brute or boss with a charge. It causes them to spin uncontrollably, hitting and possibly knocking out their allies, all whilst you just watch and laugh.
  • Distractions – The R.E.C can often be used to trigger various electrical distractions, making it the perfect tool for silent elimination.

How to get The R.E.C:

  • Enter the G.C.P.D Building
  • Go to the evidence room
  • Walk to the middle of the back wall
  • Punch the glass to break the case
  • Pick up the R.E.C

5. Batmobile Remote

Feel the roar of the batmobile remotely

What could be better than cruising the streets of Gotham in a completely kitted-out Batmobile? Controlling the Batmobile remotely.

The Batmobile remote works exactly as you would expect, you can control the vehicle and its own gadgets from anywhere within range, making it perfect for when the bat is caged in a tight situation.

The Batmobile Remote is perhaps the most useful item on this entire list. It makes taking down enemies a breeze, it’s the key component for completing the majority of riddles, it’s fundamental to completing a lot of the missions, and it’s great for making a quick getaway in style.

In some ways, this means it should top the list, however, as many would agree, the Batmobile and its remote is simply too overused in Arkham Knight to remain fun and novel. After a few hours of cleaning the grim streets, it starts to feel more like a burden than a gift, making the Batmobile remote rank at 5.

Why the Batmobile Remote is great:

  • It’s brutal – The turrets and cannons that the car operates are beastly machines. They take down any enemy with complete ease and effectiveness, often with only one shot required.
  • Swift and distracting – When Batman is outnumbered by thugs, the Batmobile can become a saviour in plated armour. Operating the vehicle from afar can distract enemies enough for you to leap into the shadows or you can bring it close enough to jump into and make your escape.
  • Puzzle professional – For better or worse, the Batmobile and its remote operation are very heavily used in Arkham Knight and nowhere more so than in challenges and puzzles. Without the Batmobile remote, the Dark Knight would be in serious trouble. 

4. Disruptor

Face the barrel of a gun with no fear.

If you’ve played the previous Arkham games then I’m sure you’ll remember how frustrating and deadly those pesky snipers could be (mainly in Arkham Asylum). Well fortunately in Arkham Knight you can eliminate those threats from afar with the Disruptor.

This gadget essentially breaks apart any weapons that you fire it at and with the upgrades it can even take down units such as drones and turrets, making it a fundamental device for staying alive.

The Disruptor is particularly incredible when used against stronger threats like the turrets and drones mentioned above as well as other special enemies. The upgrades are the main factor for the Disruptor’s usefulness with upgrades that can instantly knock out medics when they try to revive friends or batons when enemies try and whack you.

I personally feel that the range of benefits makes this gadget an essential part of the player’s utility belt. On the other hand, it suffers by not being truly iconic. Some other gadgets are synonymous with Batman, however, the disruptor is somewhat forgettable. Furthermore, it can only be used a couple of times maximum in each battle, making it not very handy for face-to-face quick-style combat.

Why the Disruptor is great:

  • The upgrades – As I mentioned earlier, the disruptor likely has the best potential upgrades of any gadget in the Arkhamverse. The range is widespread and the benefits are undoubtedly strong.
  • Like a spy – It may not be iconic to Batman, but it does make you feel like James Bond or Agent 47. Destroying the enemy’s weaponry without them even knowing is seriously gratifying.
  • Strategic- With the perfect plan and well-thought-out strategy, the disruption can make taking down an entire room a piece of cake. By choosing carefully what to disrupt, you can ensure that there are no ranged threats anywhere to be seen.

The Disruptor is readily available from starting the game.

3. Remote Hacking Device

You have now been hacked... kidding!

This one took a lot of consideration, though it may not be the most fun or exciting to use. The remote hacking device is one of Batman’s most underrated but extremely helpful gadgets.

For those unaware, the remote hacking device gives the player the opportunity to override and hack into a range of devices remotely, by completing a small mini-game of cracking the code on Batmans’s handheld device.

Think about it, the Remote Hacking Device is needed so frequently throughout every Arkham game, but especially in Arkham Knight. It can hack into devices, doors, and panels and can brilliantly corrupt enemy drones and turn them into allies. However, the device can become boring and easily overlooked in most circumstances.

Why the Remote Hacking Device is great:

  • Take advantage of drones – These drones are lethal at the best of times, so acquiring one for yourself is amazing. Watch comfortably as your enemies are caught unaware by a robotic killing machine.
  • Intimidating – The Remote Hacking Device can result in some hilarious dialogue with many of the villains becoming terrified or feeling haunted as you manipulate devices around them. 
  • World’s Greatest Detective and Hacker – By hacking into a variety of devices and machines you can really build up Bruce Wayne’s ever-growing repertoire and become the World’s Greatest Hacker.

Fortunately Batman is already equipped with this at the beginning of the game.

2. Remote Controller Batarang

Strike enemies round corners with ease.

If you’ve ever wanted to have a POV of a Batarang, well now you can with the Remote Controlled Batarang. With this gadget you can rapidly change the direction, speed and angle of your Batarang, perfectly guiding it into whatever target you require.

The Remote Controlled Batarang is extremely useful when it comes to hitting a target with precision and extreme accuracy. If you want to hit a specific object or even get a close-up point of view of a criminal being eliminated by a Batarang, then the Remote Controlled Batarang is for you. Although with this increased accuracy comes a fundamental flaw, it slows the weapon down heavily. This means in many fighting situations the controlled Batarang can quickly become irrelevant compared to other more lethal and quicker accessories.

Making the Batarang fantastic in specific circumstances but pointless in others.

Why the Remote Controlled Batarang is great:

  • Accurate – The Remote Batarang is often required when you must hit an exceptionally small target or hit an enemy behind defence. Enabling you to feel like a real dead shot.
  • Fun – Twisting and spinning a Batarang through the air, hurtling towards unknowing criminals is especially fun and I won’t hear otherwise. Whether you’re commanding Batman to play catch or you’re hitting a target from behind, the remote Batarang is thoroughly enjoyable.
  • Secrets – By slowing down and calmly manipulating the Batarang through the air, you are able to see vast many more secrets and Easter eggs than you would do from afar on foot.

 You will have the remote controlled Batarang immediately.

1. Batarang

The one, the only, the Batarang.

Number 1 is unsurprisingly the classic, the original and the absolutely iconic Batarang. Quite possibly Batmans longest serving ally, this gadget is a symbol of Batman like no other, making it the perfect gadget in Arkham Knight.

Whether you’re whipping an army of them through the air, precisely pinpointing one enemy with it or using them to interact with the incredibly detailed environment in Arkham Knight, the Batarangs are there for you.

In Arkham Knight, you can quick throw the Batarang to thin out and stun multiple enemies in one fell swoop or with a well-timed strike you can completely incapacitate enemies making them the perfect weapon for combat.

Moreover, for missions, challenges and puzzles, the need for batarangs can’t be understated, whether you’re hitting big red buttons or severing rope, the Batarangs are essential.

Finally, they are also fantastic at causing a distraction when you are operating under the cover of the shadows, making them a great all-rounder gadget.

Why the Batarang is great:

  • Iconic – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the Batarangs are almost as notorious as Batman himself, a symbol and a gadget in one.
  • Well-rounded – Though the Batarangs may not be the best in any field, they are overall the most useful as they are well-rounded and good in most situations.
  • The potential – The upgrade possibilities make the Batarangs a force to behold. They can be made to take down multiple foes in one throw and keep them down for longer than any other gadget.

 Of course, you start the game wielding an unlimited number of Batarangs.

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