Loftia: 10 Things You Need To Know About This Cozy MMO

Loftia is the next cozy MMO
We build a better town together.

Have you ever played a farming game or a cozy game?  Have you ever wanted to show your lovely house and farm to other players? If you answered yes to everything then Loftia will be the perfect game for you.

If Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing, and the MMO genre had a baby, then you’ll get Loftia. You can farm, craft, customize, socialize, and explore in this huge game. Every player is friendly and excited to help. While the core concept of Loftia isn’t new, it has a lot of unique mechanics and features that will make it stand out on its own. It's a game that promotes sustainable habits and ideas, as well as the usage of renewable energy. 

Without further ado, here are 10 important things you need to know about this unique and cozy MMO. 


1. Experience a Loving Community

The MMO aspect of Loftia focuses on a welcoming community that has one goal: to create an eco-friendly place. Every mechanic and feature in this game ties into that main idea. You could join clubs or start your own where you would all work together. There are a lot of things you can do to make Loftia a better place.

One example is creating a cute fish wind turbine for everyone to use. This was shown in Loftia’s trailer. Gather materials, gain skills, and explore the town to find people who can help. If you wanna take a rest, you can do so by joining others in the humble cafe. Everyone in the game will have a contribution in creating a lovely community farm. 

To be closer with the community, Loftia built a huge skyscraper at the center to serve as the residential area for everyone. This meant that you could live next to your favorite people, and it’ll be easy for you to visit their house anytime! The skyscraper would be an eco-friendly structure powered by solar panels and wind turbines.


2. A Vast World Waiting for You to Explore!

Loftia is not just a farming MMO. You can also explore its vast world and discover floating islands and abandoned factories. You may find recyclable materials for the community to help decorate the town.

As for now, there are three known landmarks in Loftia. First one is the “Free Folk District”. This is most likely the main hub for you and other players to hangout. It has a study cafe, where one of the cute male NPCs work, a bakery, and a boba shop. It has a lot of street art, where players can contribute by buying one of the rewards in their Kickstarter. 

Second one is the photo above which is the “Hanging Gardens Network”. This is where you and the community will work together in making the place more beautiful through planting vegetables, fruits and flowers. It has community farms, a florist shop, community market, and an animal sanctuary where you can adopt as many pets as you want. More information on the pets in the following paragraphs.

Last would be the “Tech Hub” where you can see the available sustainable gadgets and infrastructures for you and the town. There is the Tech Hub street, and the World Progress Hub. 


3. An Eco-Friendly Game

If you like to promote eco-friendly ideas and practices, then Loftia is the perfect place to do just that. One of its unique features was based on the problem you might encounter when you might have too many things in your inventory. This usually happens in games like Animal Crossing and Stardew Valley. Most of the time, you’ll throw them in the trash to save space. Luckily, Loftia created a better alternative: recycling. 

The team posted a video about Honesty Boxes where they revealed that you and other players can put your extra inventory in these little robots. They will always roam Loftia to collect and give things to other players who might need them. 

Another creative feature are the energy sources in Loftia. Every major architecture will have a sustainable way to get energy. They have hydro stations, solar panels and wind turbines which are adorably designed as whales in the sky. The team even posted a video where they conducted research regardings renewable energy and wind turbines in real life.

The team also made sure that the decorations in Loftia are eco-friendly, and sustainable. There are bioluminescent ivies that light up the city at night, and old tires filled with flowers that decorate the city.


4. Endless Pets are Available

You’ll never feel lonely in this vast world because even if your friends are offline, you still have your adorable pets to accompany you. You have the option to adopt a cat, dog, capybara, duck, alpaca or a tiny turtle. It is also confirmed that penguins and bonsai turtles will be available soon. These animals were rescued and will have a better home: you!

The Loftia team revealed that you can adopt as many pets as you want. You can have a litter of cats or a herd of alpacas. The only limit is your imagination.

To make things more adorable, you also have the freedom to dress them! Their Kickstarter showed hats, scarves, and jackets ready to be worn by your dear pets. They’ve also revealed that your pets can help you with your quests. They’re ready to assist you in style.


5. A Brand New Farming Method

Loftia merges a lot of unique mechanines from Stardew, Minecraft and Animal Crossing. Similar to two of those games, you can farm with your friends in Loftia with 50+ types of fruits, vegetables, and flowers. 

You’ll have your personal farm, which your friends can also help in decorating, as well as the community farm in the city. Additionally, while Loftia will still have traditional farming, you also get to plant right on your balcony and get to learn hydroponics. You get to monitor pH levels, nutrients, water, and temperature. Different crops have different needs, so it is up you to experiment and take note of it. Other concepts that the game will touch on are polyculture, and aquaponics. 

You also get to take care of bees and have your own beehive, and a syrup maker.  A hanging garden with fruit vines would greatly help your bees which is an available feature in this game as well. 


6. Multiple Customization Features

Customization is not new for cozy gamers. Games like Animal Crossing and Stardew valley both allow you to customize your avatar and your home. The same goes for Loftia. You can check your customization options in their Kickstarter and in their trailer. They have Y2K fashion to Academia fashion. Never be afraid to express who you are because Loftia will certainly give you those options. 

As for housing customization, they already have four options for you to choose from. They have cottagecore to gamer-themed rooms. What Loftia offers differently than other games is that your friends can help design your room and you can help them with theirs! It can turn into a collaborative project, and they can put keepsakes in your room. This will create memorable moments for you and your friends. 


7. A Game for You and Your Group of Friends

Loftia is a great place for you and your friends to hangout. They have three different features that can make your stay memorable. One feature is called “The Grand Adventure” which was shown to us in the trailer. This can be accessed once you have ten people. Like the title says, you and your friends will explore Loftia and go through a bunch of challenges. These challenges were inspired from games like It Takes Two, and Fall guys.

The next feature would be where you and your friends can be part-timers in the shops around Loftia, such as the bakery, the boba shop or the florist shop. This brings back the role-playing tendencies of players in MMOs. You can serve your friends weird dishes and they can also serve you. 

Have you ever imagined what it would be like if you and your friends could live under one house? The last feature explores this idea. The “clubhouse” was unlocked when the funding reached past $600,000. You can bring up to twenty friends, and all of you will decorate your very own house where you can stay and hangout. 


8. Meet the NPCs

Loftia has revealed three handsome and adorable NPCs in their Kickstarter. They’ve assured us that more will be released in the future, most likely in their Tiktok, but now let's find out who these NPCs are.

The first one is a gorgeous orange-haired florist, Hazel. She was revealed back in March 10, on Loftia’s official TikTok. The irony behind her is that she’s allergic to flowers, and yet she’s still an expert at her job. She won multiple flower arranging contests, and will continue to do so if no one will stop her. 

Next is Amani, who is a civil engineer that specializes in eco-friendly projects. She is the one behind the transport system of Loftia. She will need help in her latest project which is Loftia’s flying fish wind turbines. She has a prosthetic leg and is seen a lot in Loftia’s trailer. 

Last is the ice prince Kun. He is a part-timer in the study cafe which is a place he used to go to when he cut classes. Surprisingly though, he would still ace all of his tests, so never be afraid to ask him a question. He also has a tattoo on his right arm. Finally, never give him sweets because he ‘hates’ it. 


9. The Game’s Timeline

Loftia is in the middle of its Kickstarter campaign. It started back on August 1, 2023 and it will end on August 31, 2023. Loftia will only be playable at 2024 for Alpha testing. According to their Kickstarter and a Q&A with the founders, the only people who would be able to play in the Alpha testing would be backers who funded the “Alpha Pack” reward and specific active members in their discord server. They would help in Loftia’s development through their feedback and report of bugs. It’s important to note though that the gameplay of the Alpha testing will be relatively short. 

Early Access will arrive in 2025. This means that the game will finally be available to buy on all of their available platforms. More players can contribute to this game’s growth, including you. The Loftia team has also stated that development will not stop with Early Access. They would continue to polish the game beyond 2025. This aligns with their previous statement that Loftia will have multiple updates so players can experience new activities together. 

10. The Game’s Release Date, Supported Languages, and Socials

As mentioned previously, Loftia will be released in 2025 on Steam, Windows, Mac, and the Nintendo Switch. Numerous updates will be done by the team in order to ensure the game’s high quality.

Since 2025 is still years away, you can keep track of their updates in their Kickstarter, Twitter, Discord, and their most followed social media which is TikTok. The Loftia team uploads snippets of the game in these socials, and even asks their followers on which designs they should use for their game (e.g: portable battery, residential skyscraper, rooftop farm).

Loftia will be mainly released in English US and UK. Other supported languages are Chinese (simplified), French, Spanish, Japanese, Brazilian, German, and Korean. The team has stated that not all of the languages will be available during their Alpha testing and Early Access. However, they are certainly working on it. 


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