[Top 5] Best Batman Board Games That Are Fun

Batman board games
Staying indoors? Take out a Batman board game!

A true Batman fan loves his hero in every format! Video games are amazing but board games are classic! Board games bring us closer to our loved ones and it’s a great feeling playing board games with your friends and family.

In this post, I will bring some of the best Batman board games to your attention that you can buy and play with your friends and families. Let’s get started:


1. Batman Chess Set

What better method to depict the tension between Batman and the Joker than via a sophisticated game of chess? The Batman Chess set includes a plethora of one-of-a-kind models and components that depict the chess pieces on the board. The sides are divided into Batman vs. the Joker, with the Dark Knight having his own equipment and pals to assist him, while the Joker has Harley Quinn and a slew of lethal pranks.

The board is continually split between Batman's black symbols and the Joker's strange purples. It all adds up to a visually appealing chess set that collectors will like.


2. Monopoly Batman

Monopoly is a classic board game that can be painted over with almost any franchise under the sun. It was just a matter of time until Batman received the Monopoly treatment. Monopoly Batman is the same board game you either love or despise, but it includes locales and symbols unique to the Dark Knight's universe.

Players go across the board, accumulating some of Gotham City's finest structures. They may travel across the board like Batman, Robin, or even the Joker's toy teeth.


3. Batman The Animated Series: Gotham City Under Siege

Gotham City Under Siege is your best choice if you want a game that really puts you in the shoes of Batman from Batman: The Animated Series. This game was created for show fans, with players taking on the role of Batman or one of his pals. They must travel throughout Gotham to stop criminals and face hurdles directly from the show.

It includes a board where roofs are the principal mode of transportation. Even better, the game was developed in part by the same person who worked on Arkham Horror, which is suitable in many ways.


4. Batman Almost Got 'Im

Batman Almost Got 'Im is a board game based on the same-titled episode of Batman: The Animated Series. The idea is that each participant assumes the character of one of Gotham's greatest villains while participating in a poker game. Batman, on the other hand, has infiltrated their ranks and is disguised as one of them.

The players must pick who they believe Batman is and eliminate him before he imprisons them all. This heroic rendition of a traditional game features true poker aspects in which villains may use their own skills to alter the game. Only the most astute will triumph.


5. Batman Road Trip

Four criminals have escaped from jail and are on the run in Gotham City. It's up to Batman and his pals to discover what they're up to and put an end to it. In Batman Road Trip, players will travel across a Gotham-themed board, gathering information about the villains' intentions.

The game will be won by the first individual to collect one of each of the four forms of proof. The game is all about keeping track of the board and devising long-term strategies to achieve your objective before anybody else. The board also has some fantastic artwork based on DC Comics.



Many people around the world were reacquainted with classic board games during our time staying at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you love Batman comics, movies and games. You will undoubtedly love these amazing Batman board games! Mention in the comments below if you think any other incredibly fun Batman Board Game deserves to be on the list!


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