The 25 Best Retro Games To Play on PC

Retro games
My inner child is amazed

25. Ocarina of Time

Thrown into a world of absolute chaos and dismay you rise to the occasion. The Evil ganondorf will stop at nothing at controlling the world of Hyrule, but what will you do? You will go through a world of extreme peril, through dungeouns like the infamous water temple which seeks to drown you, to even being in a belly of a creature! The goal get the three triforce pieces and the 5 sage stones and defeat the Evil Ganon!

Ocarina of time, had been brought to the world by masterminds Shigeru Miyamoto, and Eiji Aonuma. It was not always the sun and roses and confetti for Ocarina Of Time though. Shigeru Miyamoto gave the go ahead for a bunch of newer employees to work on directing the game. Fallout ensued when the directors would argue and bicker about what direction the game was going and Miyamoto had to step in. He took the project and set everyone straight, after this little problem was sorted out the game was released to universal acclaim on November 21, 1998.

When Ocarina of Time first came out, it was the biggest 3d world ever created by a gaming company. The dungeouns were challenging, enemy design was fresh, and the gameplay was ZELDA in 3d. It redone the whole series and inspired 1000s of games that followed it!

If you want to play this on PC you will need a few things. First of all you will need a emulator to play the game. I suggest project 64. The link can be provided right here

. As soon as your done with that, go to your favorite torrent websites and type in n64 roms.

You can just select one game or the whole n64 library. Not all games will work. Once you do both of those things, you can plug in your favorite controller and set it all up. Most modern controllers will work with this emulator. This only takes a couple seconds and you will be golden.

This sleek box just screams play this right now!

Just a few of the characters you will meet on this journey.


Do you fear hell? Or do you confront it? Have you ever wanted to be chased by every demon ever thought of and survive? Its okay if you died you just lose half of your money! What about exploring untamed wildlands to continually upgrade your character. Does this excite you? You strive for perfection in everything you do, its just now you have to continually run noobs in dungeouns just to buy your next set piece of gear.

Diablo was brought in from the mind of David Brevik, at the time he was working on a SNES game named Justice League Task Force. Blizzard was not a mainline company yet as they were working with David Breviks company on the super nintendo. Soon Blizzard came to be and created the hit game warcraft. David went and approached blizzard pitched an idea of combining real time strategy game with a mixture of the art and style of doom. Blizzard at first was dissapointed with the games development and soon changed the game to be not real time but action orientated with a hint of speed, the development took off and the game came out on December 31, 1996.

Why was Diablo revolutionary for its time you ask? It was one of the first action orientated RPGS mixed with procedural generation. That was absolutely unheard of at the time! The aesthetic of the game is dark and grim, you might even get a chill in your bones from playing this one. I knew someone who ditched a whole school year just to play this game and it makes it special and deserving to be on the list.

How do you play it in 2018?

You head right here to this website and download it. Nothing extra, they even give you a mod that allows for modern game configurations to go with the game.

Here is dark and grim Diablo, with modernized settings to boot.

This is the official Logo of Diablo

23. Street fighter 2

Welcome to the ultimate tournament fighter, street fighter 2. You are facing your oponent head on he punches, you block. You duck and give him an uppercut he backs off. You shoot a beam he blocks. OH he is good you are giving it all and your watching your healthbar go almost down all the way! He comes in with one punch you get hit, you hit him with a kick you have a sliver of health left one punch and your out. He comes in to try to hit you, you jump then kick him in air it KOs him. This is temporary relief for you because you still have to fight round 2.

How Street Fighter 2 came to be is a story of intrigue and riled emotional antics. In 1985 a artist appeared out of no where wearing pajamas named Akira Yasuda. Yoshiki Okamoto a developer for Capcom was on the other line of this interview amused by his boldness he was hired. Akira Yasuda and Okamoto would prank each other leading sometimes to them even being arrested. Yasuda from his antics alone almost lost his job 3 times. After this craziness happened Street Fighter 2 came out on feburary 20th 1991.

How big was street fighter 2? Well it has sold 30 million copies which is not to much when you think about it. One of the greatest successes for the time it was ported to every single game console at the time! The game focused on tactical fighting gameplay which became a staple for all fighting games to this date. Most other fighters were not really well thought out like street fighter 2 which gave the series an edge over other fighters!

Here is a modernized version with HD graphics 60 FPS and all the tuneups to make Street Fighter 2 a 2018 experience. You make a account here and you can play street fighter and a select other street fighter games on this website. It is all online so you better be prepared to fight your way through.

Ken and Ryu go head to head, who is going to win?

Official artwork for Street Fighter 2

22. Pac Man

The little circle eating ghosts is back in this article, he who was the grandfather to many games to come. Such a simple game to be had but it made an impact just like fortnite and others did in the past. Pac man was one of the first huge successes in video games which lead to the arcade boom.

The development of pacman was heralded by Toru Iwatani. He joined Namco in 1977 as a person who would fix old and rotten gameboards. He really did not like this job as much as he wanted to be a game designer. He wanted to take what atari did with different colors and schemes and cheeriness and bring it to namco. The goal of the game was to make a game that women, elderly, and couples would have fun with. Pacman would make its debut on May 22, 1980.

Why pacman? With pac-man a new era of gaming was upon humanity, the arcade era. With arcades starting to boom people had to buy machines to make sure every last customer could play. Pac man lead to almost 300,000 arcade machines being sold. Quite the feat for a little guy with a yellow coat.

Where do go to play pac-man? Since it is a older game you could just go to this website where it has a ton of arcade classics that you can play in your free time!

Pacman and the maze he has to travel through!

The official Pac-Man character drawn up by Namco themselves.

21. Final Fantasy 7

The city is buzzing with activity but something feels off about the whole situation. A megacorporation controls the whole state, as a soldier you want to stop the problems they are causing. As you venture through midgar you come across a ragtag group of individuals who have the same sense of existentialism as you. Your journey begins........

Development on FF7 started in 1995, there was two options on the table. One stick to 2d gameplay which has been the staple for years or try to make a 3d game. You had another two choices, the N64 and the PSX. With the n64 not having a lot of memory in its cartridges they went to sony which just debuted its new Playstation console, impressed by their hard work sony made a deal with Square to make sure that FF7 comes to Playstation. Nintendo tried to win them back with a disc system, the only problem is it would of taken 30 cd disks for the full game! FF7 was release on January 31, 1997.

3d gaming was sweeping the globe at the time, everyone was so focused on seeing games in a new perspective and square had to keep up with the pace. Some fans would say hey why does final fantasy need to be in 3d? Why cant we keep the 2d games going on? With times changing so does the game industry. That is not only the reason why it is revolutionary no no no no do not get me wrong. This game has one of the best storylines in a game period, cloud finds a terrorist orginization AVALANCHE. AVALANCHES entire existence is based on protecting the world from a megacorporation set to ruin the planet. In this time, cloud thinks he is another person and he switches back and forth between being two people at one time. Also there is a super soldier that is hell bent on destroying the world you gotta worry about. Oh one final thing about this game I think it has one of the greatest soundtracks of all time.

FF7 can be found on steam

Right now the steam sale is on and you can pick it up for 50% off.

Cloud entering the City of Midgar as a soldier.

A promotional image, shows cloud facing against the vile and feared Shin-Ra

20. Descent

Paging Material Defender, can you hear me? You are gunna flip. This is Dravis from the Post Terran Mining Corporation. I regret to inform you that our mines are under attack by worker robots. What has happened?? Someone injected a virus into the robots and they are attacking all of our ships? Can we get you to clean some mine shafts for us. It wont be to hard we promise. I am going to warn you now you might get dizzy.

Two people came together Mike Kulas Matt Toschlog, they were working together on a airplane simulation game when an idea came to them. Why not drop this style of gameplay and instead make a 3d first person shooter. They pondered at what they can do with this perspective and then a lightbulb went off inside their brains. They took the cockpit of the airplane and put it into a maze. What I mean by that you explore a labrynth and you can shoot in all directions. The robots can also shoot you from all directions. A new genre of games was born called the 6 degree of freedom shooter. If zero gravity is your thing then this might be your game. Descent came out on December 31, 1994.

You can download Descent off of STEAM and GOG as well. The link is provided here.

People are playing multiplayer and custom levels right now currently which you can dive your head into.

One corridor out of many you travel in Descent.

A little friendly robot wanting to say hi to you as well as destroy you!

19. Super mario brothers 3

Mario has come to save the day again. Jump over, stomp, tailwhip your way into a game that is one of the best of all time! Princess peach has gotten captured again and Mario has to find a way to grab her from bowsers clutches!

Shigeru Miyamoto, after the reeling successes of super mario brothers 1 and 2 decided it was time to make a third game. The developers came up with a idea to make the game isometric but soon changed plans because it was impossible to determine jumping distances. They decided to go back to 2d mario as it was the set standard at the time. Miyamoto and his team let free reign come into discourse of how the game would shape to be, they added new powerups that had animalistic costumes and added new enemies and features to the game. The game came out on February 12 1990.

Super Mario Brothers 3 personally is one of the greatest games I played and one of the first, the artstyle of the game is more refined than 1 and 2. The games cheery atmosphere and bright colors hook you as soon as you play it. Not to mention the fact the music while it being somewhat the same as the older ones had new tracks that perfectly blended with the old. Super Mario Brothers 3 was a bit easier than Super Mario Brothers 2 as well. This game became a huge success with selling 17 million copies all together.

How to play Super Mario Brothers 3 now?

You can play Super Mario 3 from a browser right here!

Official artwork of Super Mario Brothers 3

Panoramic view of the first level of the game!

18. Megaman X

A human archaeologist named Dr. Cain discovers the ruins of a robotics research facility that had once been operated by the legendary robot designer Dr. Thomas Light. Among the ruins, Cain finds a large capsule which contains a highly advanced robot with human-level intelligence and emotions, and even free will, the likes of which the world has never seen before. Light had wished to instill within his creation reasonable sanity, good nature, and an understanding of the more controversial aspects of human morality. The robot was buried while running a 30-year diagnostic program to ensure these features. Cain spends the next several months studying the robot, who is named Mega Man X, or simply "X".

When it comes to classic games, no other game series gets it better than megaman, the series was true to its foundation for a number of years and megaman x does the world a great change to the series. With a new change on the horizon it set a new standard for megman in a ever changing gaming industry.

The focus of megaman games was difficulty, and the team behind it had a saying. If you are about to work on a new megaman kiss your freedom goodbye because it is all you are going to work on for a long time. Keiji Inafune was the one who quoted that and he was one of the directors on the project. Like a lot of games on this list the developers had a hard time working together to get a project done, it was really unorganized for the team. The higherups would constantly want refinement and the game to be perfectly designed to their liking. You know what that means right? Yes they had to do a do over for the game multiple times. Megaman X was released on December 17, 1993

So what was different about megaman x compared to previous counterparts? Well now megaman can stick to walls and dash against them. This gave a much needed reboot to the old formula of run jump and shoot. This allowed for secrets to require a lot of skill to aquire.

How do you play this on a PC? The easiest way to do it is to go to a website like this that has the full game that you can play.

From what is to be seen on this box you know you are heading into a good time.

Megaman about to meet the evil Vile!

17. Castlevania Symphony of the Night

The forest at night is kinda creepy, a howl is heard in the distance and the trees are moving with the wind. Lightning fills up the sky and in the distance is a victorian castle, it is getting late so it is time to find a place to stay for the night. There is only one place to go.

The development cycle of castlevania symphony of the night started on the Sega 32x, with konami looking at how well the 32x was doing they quickly cancelled production of the game restarted and focused on the sony playstation. For years they worked with nintendo bringing a metroidvania experience for everyone but with Symphony of the Night a new direction was being formed. CSOTN came out on March 20, 1997

Why would you put this on the list? By the late 90s the formula of castlevania was getting stale with the games being found in garbage bins priced at 5 bucks a pop. Toru Hagihara stated that castlevania needed a change for it to keep on being successful. One stated change is they wanted to add backtracking and items that help you progress through the game. This created a sense of figuring out the game like mini puzzles! The gameplay is a little bit faster and at sometimes a little bit more deadly than previous games.

The best way to play this on a PC is with a browser.

Alucard pondering how to deal with dracula.

A fierce enemy is staring our main protagonist, will he survive?

16. Legend of Zelda a link to the past.

There is a wooded area in the distance, a wand is on the ground. You stand upon a tree trunk and use the wand. The wand teleports you to another dimension and you see the world has changed completely unfamiliar to this world you wish to explore every nook and cranny.....

As soon as the second legend of zelda was released nintendo was looking big on making a new game. The development of legend of zelda a link to the past was supposed to be focused on the nes but with the arrival of the super nintendo the game quickly was prioritized for the system. A cool little trick that they did to make the game so massive was to create a filter for the main game which became ultimately the dark world. Legend of zelda a link to the past was released on November 21, 1991.

Think about how much legend of zelda has changed, just like ocarina of time this game brought something new to the table in the form of two things. One the game was larger than the first and second legend of zeldas. This allowed players to explore a untapped world, to play the game their own way which was totally new to gaming in general. The second thing that makes link to the past stand out is the fact that there was two worlds instead of just one. One world there would be a hidden cave you could enter that did not exist in the other. Some tools would work in one world and not in the other. This lead to puzzles taking place between both worlds at times which would be confusing but exhilirating at the same time.

How do you play a link to the past?

Browser of course.

As you load in your new game cartridge, this appears on the screen. Do you want to play?

Link looks angry it is time for him to get revenge on Ganon!

15. Pole position

A buddy of yours asks you if you want to race, you oblige but you quickly learn that this is no normal drive. You gotta dodge away from cars and race to beat the clock!

Pole position was developed for Namco arcade setups. It had a lot of surprising features for a game from 1982. It had extra ram which allowed for people to save highscores after a machine was off, It had pseudo 3-d graphics which blew everyone away when it first came out. A custom game board was created just for this game. Also as well it was the most expensive arcade ever released a whopping 4200 for every arcade when it first came out. It was released in the second quarter of July in 1982.

To play Pole Position you need to use a browswer if you can settle for the DOS and Atari versions which you can find right here.

Does this picture invoke the feeling of speed?

Here is the game in all its glory, on the first release the arcade.

14. Sonic the hedgehog

Rollin around at the speed of sound, got places to go, gotta follow my rainbow. No No cut that off, this is the wrong game entirely this is the story of the first Sonic. Sonic the hedgehog

With the success of nintendos Super Mario Brothers, sega was quick on their feet to find something to compete with Mario. Segas first console was met with only a little success thanks to the powerhouse of the Nintendo Entertainment System. For months the whole company of sega was working on creating a character just for their consoles. They would try many animals from rabbits to rhinosaurses that wore overalls and picked up items and tossed it at enemies.

During this time they came up with an idea to make a platformer that would get faster and faster as the level carried on. This became a the biggest part of the game series in general. They came up with a name of MR. hedgehog, getting inspiration from felix the cat, and mickey mouse. They decided to color the hedgehog blue to mimic the colors that sega uses as a company. Everyone in the company had a meeting and Hirokazu Yasuhara said the name should be sonic the hedgehog. Everyone thought it was a good idea and sonic the hedgehog came out June 23, 1991.

How do you play it in 2018? Simple you go to steam and you can grab your copy here.

You hear a Segaaaaaaaa as you turn on your Sega Genisis. Soon after you are speeding with a blue hedgehog. Mario has nothing on this guy.

Sonic fighting the evil dr eggman.

13. Metal gear solid

Codec Noises are heard. Unknown voice "Snake we need you to be on one last mission" Snake "What is this problem now" Unknown voice "It is nothing that extreme snake we just need you to be part of a article on a website called" Snake "What???? Why?" Unknown voice "Someone has chosen you to be part of a top 25 list of best retro games." Snake "Retro, I am getting old" Unknown voice "Well It has been 20 years since your first 3d stealth game Snake" Snake "Oh I am getting old, just hurry up and get on to it I got other things to do" Codec Shuts off.

Hideo Kojima had an idea to bring a third metal gear solid game to the 3DO in 1994. 3DO folded in 1995, so all of the hardwork got sent to sony and the game was restructured to the playstation. Hideo Kojima thought that the original 2 metal gears did not sell enough, so he decided he was going to name the game metal gear solid. The development started in mid 1995 with the focus on being the greatest playstation game to ever come out. The idea of the game was to make it as realistic as possible for the time so the team went onto the field using weapons, explosives, learning military techniques and talks to even having the office they work in as a testing well pretend testing ground of all the above things. Metal gear solid was shown to the public in 1997 and was released on September 3, 1998

Why is this on the list? I personally think that metal gear solid is a game that every person should play. The story, the atmosphere, the music all hooks you within 5 minutes of playing. Not to many stealth games were made around this time. Most games were focused on action and shooting where the goal of this game was to not get caught and to be as stealthy as humanly possible.

How do you play metal gear solid in 2018 on the pc? You can go to where the PC version is listed After that you can go to this reddit post which has a updated version with customizable graphics and sound for your modern setup.

Here is the link to the reddit setup for MGS1

You boot up your sony playstation, a sense of excitement fills the air. You learn of your first mission, you have to get to the Darpa Chief. Can you do it Snake?

So close to getting caught you panic, you tap on the back of the wall to alert the grunt of where you are. You jump to the side and grapple him and knock him out. All is safe for now.

12. Super metroid

You look down at your cockpit, the engine is failing you see a planet very close to you and you head to it. As you go closer the planet pulls you in and you slowly fall to the planets surface. You panic, you do not know if you are going to live or die. Crash, I survived but now I am trapped on a alien planet.

It has been nearly a decade since the original game came out, nintendo wanting to revive a series that has a potential to sell came up with an idea to create Super Metroid. 15 people came together named Nintendo Research and Development 1. They would bounce ideas off the top of their heads to continue what metroid started. The development cycle for super metroid took 4 years. The reason why that it took so long is Nintendo had a bunch of games coming out, people from the team were taken to work on other games. When Nintendo had no options and needed a new upcoming action title the focus went directly onto super metroid. Super metroid was released on March 19, 1994

Why is super metroid a part of this list? First off the map design of the game was incredible with players being able to be lost in a world totally alien to them. The mapping system was one of the first in a video game. To make the game longer nintendo specifically made challenges in the game where you would need to use a new weapon to access new areas. This required a lot of backtracking and this style of gameplay is still used today under the word metroidvania. The game also allowed you to shoot from all directions and introduced a lot of gameplay variables like the morph ball and the grappling hook.

How do you play super metroid in 2018?

The easiest way is browser based

The official gamebox for Super Metroid

One of the many areas you will explore.

11. Sim city

The struggle to create this game was unreal, in a world of 1 ups and powerups how would a city builder survive, this is the story of that.

Will Wright was working on a game named Raid on Bungeling Bay, it was a war game where you rescue hostages and use a helicopter to destroy buildings. He did not like developing the game he much rather focus on building the world around the game. At the same time he was doing this he got into entertainment that focused on city building or world buildiing. This lead to Will Wright focusing on urban planning and level editors and trying to combine the two ideas. At the time every game was won or lost. You either got a highscore and won the game or you died and you get a game over.

Will brought this to every developer out there with none of them wanting to publish the game. They said it would be impossible to market this game nor will it ever be a success. It was frustrating to him because he worked very hard on creating this idea. Finally a little tiny company named Maxis decided to take Will under their wings and sim city would be released in february 1989.

You can play Simcity 1989 right here from your browser.

Official Box for SimCity

A beginning of your new city. Not much is here but you can have your New York City in no time.

10. Pong

This game is the grandaddy of them all, no game would probably exist without the success of pong. It put atari onto the map as a game company!

There once was a man named Allan Alcorn, he had a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. Right after Atari was founded, the owner of the company approached Allan Alcorn, and said hey I need you to combine your skills to do something new for you. What was that? Well Atari said hey we need you to make a game. What does the game entail? Well we want you to make two paddles on both sides of the screen with a moving ball in the middle.

They both sought out a game that was similiar to their idea. They came across the magnavox odysseys table tennis game and they were amazed at it. They thought they could do it better and make it into a gaming cabinet and sold across the world. They decided that they could do something with this and they brought the device to a local bar. The bar loved the idea and they went to the biggest arcade company midway at the time. They showed the prototype and midway was very happy with the product. There was a defect and they found out that what was causing the defect was the massive amounts of quarters in the machine. Pong was released November, 29th 1972

How do you play pong online? You can even play people online here

While being basic in its design, it became one of the first successes in video game history.

Here is pong in its most beautiful form the Arcade Machine!

9. Super Mario 64

Now the plumber has been upgraded to the next level 3d. Who does he have to save? Who has to be defeated? We been here once, we have been here 1000 times. I will give you a little history about a game called super mario 64.

Now this one starts off a little weird. Do you remember that game croc? That adorable little crocodile that jumped and hopped through pixelated worlds? Anyone? I know you guys know croc! Word on the street is that during the middle 1990s, crocs developer secretly made a 3d platformer game which used yoshi and presented it to nintendo. Nintendo got mad that they used yoshi and fired the team. Nintendo then took the idea from the company and then work on Super Mario 64 started. The croc game still came out on the playstation and on the PC as well. It took 3 years to create this beast of a game and with good reason it is one of the first times nintendo went into a 3d world. Super Mario 64 came out on September 29, 1996

Why Super Mario 64?

Well this is the first time nintendo entered the 3d realm. They built a new controller just for this 3d space movement. With 360 degrees of gameplay there was alot to be seen and done that the gaming world never came across yet. Now people can say that the 3d games were way easier than the 2d ones. They are right. I do not think it is even remotely possible to create a 2d difficult game in a 3d enviroment. It just doesnt make sense.

How do you play super mario 64 on pc? First off you download a emulator for n64 called project 64. You head then to and look up N64 roms. You can download the games and to play SM64 you go to file at the top of the program and hit load roms. You select Super Mario 64, after that you are collecting 120 stars your way.

Look how happy Mario looks in this. If I saw this in a store right now I would buy it!

One of the first levels in Super Mario 64 named Bomb Omb Battlefield.

8. Contra

Do you remember the game cartridge with Arnold Schwarzenegger’s face on it? Do you remember being shot from all directions just to have a guy jump on your head and squish you like a little bug.

The development for contra was pretty quick, it took about 5 months to complete. The team worked their butts off to get the game out. Konami was quite happy with the release of the game on february 20 1987

When it comes to contra, it might be known for its blatant plagiarism with movie stars but it is forgivable because it is one of the hardest games for the NES. This game was peak Nintendo hard and I miss that time of games when they made you earn everything in the game. You would die over and over and over again. What was really cool about the game was the shooting sequence where you would be behind the two players on the screen and you would be shooting at guys in front of you. I do not know if there has been a run and gun 2d platformer that mixed it up with that type of gameplay before that.

How do you play contra on a pc?

You could play it on your browser.

1 or 2 players it does not matter this game will challenge you to the core of your soul. You will die and die and die over again.

Official logo of contra

7. Chrono trigger

Can you believe that chrono trigger was one of the last SNES titles. After this game the crazy hit game final fantasy 7 came out and it was all 3d after that. It was the last game focused on 2d by square and a damn good one at that.

Chrono trigger was realized by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy around 1992. When 1993 came around they had a team of 50-60 people working on it. They brainstormed on what to do with the game. They thought the best idea was a game about time travel and saving a world from a evil dominating presence.

At first they wanted to make the game an exclusive to the N64 because nintendo was showing the technology to them right as soon as they were creating it. One of the major issues with it being a n64 game was the memory. Just like the problem they had with FF7 they reverted any new technology and focused on the super nintendo instead. They came up with an idea to make the game so it can change story wise by player interactions and choice. The game was released on March 11, 1995

You can play a modernized chrono trigger on steam right here.

A large dragon enemy stairs our hero Chrono in the eyes. His will is undeterred this enemy is going to get what is coming to him!

Here is the real version of the enemy that you are facing in the above post!

6. System shock

A interactive world awaits you, hack cyber space, shoot enemies, learn psi abilities that will help you overcome a bleak scifi world destroyed by an evil tyrannical AI.

Doug Church and the team of looking glass studios came up with the idea for system shock around 1993. They were the creators of the ultima series most of their focus was on dungeon crawling games. They were sick and tired of creating this style of game and wanted to do something completely different from what they were used to. At first they wanted to make an offshoot of wing commander, and call it alien commander. They scrapped the idea, instead to focus on a scifi setting for a brand new IP. The game was released on September 23, 1994

Why was System Shock a big deal? It was a first person shooter mixed with an RPG. You chose where the shots would hit in a very unique way. Almost real time battles, not like doom where it was all action based. The game had a more randomized encounter rate as well. Aka Use your PSI abilities to move something and it will destroy an enemy.

Where can you play system shock?

Set up for modern systems you can play this mind numbing classic today!

One of the many scifi enemies you will fight in this game. Look how complicated this screen looks. There is a lot going on!

5. Ultima

Grab your best shield, put on your best armor and find a good weapon. This game will obliterate you a new one if you do not prepare for it.

Now for being such an amazing game at the time, it had a tiny development team of 2. The game was programmed as a project at University of Texas. This was the first game to use tilesets in the background of the game to show a character walking around a huge world. A lot of the game was word boxes that you would read as a way to show progress. When you into cave or dungeon the game instantly panned you behind your character and showed very basic animations as a battle system. This was a first as well for the games industry. Ultima came out in June 1981

How do you play ultima on the PC?

If you want a free remedy browser based is the best cure. Not only can you play the first ultima here but the second and third in one package so if you have a few hours and want to slay a few foes you can!

Here you have 3 enemies in your close vicinity, what will you do? WIll you perish this is all on you!

What a beautiful title screen for one of the first RPG titles ever!

4. Galaga

Alien space ships are attacking from above, you can only dodge left or right and they are all coming down at the same time. BLAST! you avoid being hit. As you move over you accidently get destroyed, do not give up keep on fighting and see if you can hit that high score!

Taking the success of space invaders, namco wanted their hit rooty tooty space shooting game. They took the forumula of space invaders and did it better. Galaxian came out in 1979, galaxian was a copy of space invaders but instead of enemies moving down a line shooting at the player, the ships in the game would actively attack and engage. Galaxian was seen as a clone of space invaders and was met with meek success.

Galaga took the formula of galaxian and up the anty by making space ships come in at random intervals. Galaga was a complete hit of an arcade system with inspiring the whole genre of games called shoot em ups which evolved and peaked in the mid 1990s.

How do you play galaga on PC Browser based like most of this list?

Just some of the aliens you will have to destroy.

The aliens are invading! The aliens are invading!

3. Dune

You are the overseer of a group of vagabonds. Your goal is to eridicate a known military armyfrom the planet you are on. The challenges are stacking on top of you. You have to manage military presence, economics, and defense for you to be a success. Do you got what it takes?

Dune was a book that came out in the late 80s. One such man really loved the book and wanted to make a video game adaption of the book. His name was Martin Alper. There was one problem with this though. The creator of dune passed away in the late 80s and the rights of the book were in limbo between a few companies. Soon after a bit of time a movie came out for dune. The rights were given to the movie producer David Lynch. Martin Alper went to David Lynch for a proposition about creating a dune game and he allowed for it to happen. Dune came out in the summer of 1992.

Why is dune on this list? It created a new genre of games called the RTS. Not only that but it rewarded the player for exploring a world around you, something that is not in most RTSes now a days. Players would manage their little armies building and destroying whatever lay in their path and it proved to be an addicting type of game.

How do you play Dune on a PC?

The easiest way to do it is play on browser right here

This is the main screen of dune, you customize your army, build it up, and command just from this screen.

The adventure screen of dune, here you explore and partake a deep and rich storyline that effects the way that your army could be built.

2. Streets of Rage

It is kinda like street fighter 2 but not really, instead of going head to head against a player or a computer you sit down and a bunch of enemies ambush you on screen. The gameplay is intense and visceral, the sweat drips, oh you die. It is ok just come back and retry. Also one flaw bout this game is the limited move features. Jump Kick Punch only a few varients of each. Can get repetitive, but if you do not care about that then you are in for a good ole time. Sega seeing the recent success of final fight, thought they needed a killer beat em up to compete with Capcom.

Sega would go onto create something from scratch. Sega and Capcom would not work together on games for a few years after this. As a way differ from the competition, the goal was to make crisper graphics, have 4 characters to choose from and co- op. Co-op for final fight did not appear on consoles till after Streets of Rage came out. If you try to play them both together Final fight has a bit of slowdown at times in the game. With these additions to the game it became a wild success and propelled into having quite a few sequels. Streets of rage came out on August 2, 1991.

How do you play streets of rage on PC?

You can download it from steam right here

Promotional art for Streets of Rage

Here you have Skate jumping on the back of someone and beating the snot out of them. There is a ton more people to fight, will Skate survive?

1. Doom

Probably the most important release for the 1990s, this beast of a game allows you to fight grunts to cyber demons. It can be played on everything from a calculator, car dashboard, to finally a Ice machine on a refrigerator.

You had the legendary John Carmack and John Romero on the team with a few more individuals, the development for doom would start in 1992. The team was known for crazy antics and megalomaniacal attitudes with each other. A few stories, one of the developers went home took some Acid for three days straight and John Carmack found the dev on the floor passed out naked, he woke up the guy and he was screaming terrified of John Carmack. Another famous story is how John Carmack would just not stop programming the game. They hired strippers and wanted to have a party to celebrate the finishing of the game. They had the strippers dancing on John Carmack and he would still program. They kept on pushing and pestering him and eventually he gave in, he drank with them the whole night. First time he got drunk. Doom came out on December 10, 1993.

Why is doom on this list, simple it is the greatest FPS of all time. People still play it 25 years later on their computers. How did it become so successful? When doom was released ID software handed out the game as freeware, with the internet starting to come up, people rushed to play this game on their computers. Within the freeware was a level editor that allowed people to play levels not in the game but created by other players. A couple of years after the game was released someone decided to create a multiplayer client which made the game even more popular. The game revolutionized all first person shooter games and created a golden age era of the genre!

How do you play doom in 2018?

You can get it on steam here.

Doom guy using his patented shot gun to plow through enemies.

A mount of enemies cannot hurt doomguy they can try and they will fail!

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