Ark: Survival Evolved How To Increase Max Level

Ark Survival Evolved How To Increase Max Level
A higher levels means higher chances of taming this beauty

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Leveling up in Ark is the main method of unlocking engrams, learning new skills that come with varied items, and improving your stats, as well as your dinosaurs’ stats. That being said, it’s quite clear that leveling up is essential. The maximum achievable level in Ark Survival Evolved is 180. The first 104 levels can be achieved by playing in a classic way. The good news is that it’s possible to modify the max level’s default value by accessing the server’s Game.ini configuration file. 

How it works:

  • Use a simple word document/ text editor to write the code 
  • Go to “Expert Mode Settings” on Nitrado. It will allow you to edit the files. Don’t worry. It can be disabled again from the box under “Settings”. 
  • Write the code: 
  • Use this sequence at the start of your code:” LevelExperienceRampOverrides=”
  • The next step is to write lines using this model:” (ExperiencePointsForLevel[1]=10”. Don’t ignore the parenthesis and the coma used. It’s important. 
  • Write as many lines as wanted level ( for 160 available levels you need to write 160 lines), customizing the experience points needed for each of them after your wishes. 
  • Insert the new code at the bottom of the Game.ini file. 
  • Save the changes and start your server

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