[Top 25] Best Aliens Of All Time

Best Aliens, best alien characters
Space invading since proxima centauri


We love them all. Big ones, grey ones...superpowered telekinetic ones.

It’s impossible to think ‘Sci-Fi’ without images of little grey men and whirling, flying teacup machines

In fact, we love aliens so much we decided to make a list of the top 25 best aliens of all time. We drew from comics, video games and movies (but not TV, sorry ALF) to create a list as objectively fair as we could make it. 

We take into account:

  •  Fame
  •  Impact in its medium
  • Cultural relevance
  • Staying power
  • General fan support/appreciation

Feel free to disagree- let's get to it!


25. Stitch (Lilo & Stitch)

How many aliens have an actual whole DAY dedicated to it?

Kicking off the list is experiment 626. Or ‘Stitch’ if you like. Watching the movie as a standalone you could be forgiven for not knowing just how big this character has gotten.

‘Thinking faster than a supercomputer’ is a phrase used to describe Stitch  AND Disney’s marketing department-toys, plush dolls, TV shows aplenty.

Possessor of unexplainably frightening strength. Remember the time it chucked a car like nothing? (PUNCH BUGGY!)

Ohana means family!

What makes Stitch awesome? 

  • Being the original messaging GIF (H...h….hiiiiiiiiii)
  • Teaching kids about loving their families
  • Admitting to your girlfriend that you love him gets points. (Try it)

Stitch’s full details: https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/Stitch


24. Abe (Oddworld Games)

The Oddworld game character Abe makes for an unusual hero. Yet make no mistake, he IS the chosen one. A member of the Mudokon slave race, he’s tasked with the rescue and liberation of his people from evil (capitalist??) Glukkons!

In command of some quite bizarre powers, including explosive flatulence and the ability to transform into an ancient god. Endearingly naive, you always know how Abe feels- his skin will change to reflect his moods.

So loved, he’s been remastered.

Everyone's favourite farter

What makes Abe awesome?

  • That little chanty dance he does when he possesses enemies (yoyoyoyoyoyoyo)
  • Being a ‘death of a salesman’ style metaphor for the capitalist machine
  • Being the happiest slave we’ve ever seen!

Abe’s full details: https://oddworld.fandom.com/wiki/Abe


23. Baraka (Mortal Kombat)

Introduced in Mortal Kombat II and feeling like a disgustingly savage Wolverine. While in development, the devs supposedly made a fatality for Baraka that was too violent for the game (which is saying something).


 Alien cannibal and resident of Outworld, he spent a large amount of time in service to the evil Shao Kahn. Here, he quickly became Kahn’s favoured warrior after killing wicked warlock Shang Tsung.


The biggest mistake a warrior could make with Baraka is to not see beyond the teeth and blades. He’s smarter than given credit for. 

Brutal and unforgiving, Barraka is well versed in the art of war.

What makes Baraka awesome?

  • The ‘don’t test me’ vibe
  • Teeth and claws
  • Not as one dimensional as once believed.

Baraka’s full details: https://mortalkombat.fandom.com/wiki/Baraka


22. Kang/Kodos

You don’t recognise these two? Foolish earthling! Kang and Kodos have been the meta-critics of The Simpsons since arriving from Rigel 7 in 1990.


Ray gun-wielding, tentacle thrashing, walking one-liners. They’ve appeared in EVERY Halloween special for the past 30 years. Their spell as the villains in Simpsons hit and run is considered legendary to this day.


Too comedic to ever be fully scary. Kang and Kodos are an inseparable pair.


For that reason, we still haven’t learned which is which.

Conquering Earth through dry meta-humour

What makes Kang and Kodos awesome?

  • Basically making every Simpsons game they’re in
  • The over the top score that always follows them
  • Imaginative design


Kang and Kodos’ full details:



21. Garrus Vakarain (Mass Effect)

Fans of the Mass Effect series LOVE Garrus. Like, to the point of unsettling fan fiction. 

The cult of lovability around the grizzled Turian is well earned. 

One of the best shots aboard the Normandy, Garrus felt like your right-hand man from day one. Calm, well-spoken and personable. But the second the bullets fly, he dives into action.
A believer in doing right over being right. Garrus is the conscience of the Mass Effect franchise,and contributor to some of the series’ best moments.

The legend and emotional heart of Mass Effect- It's Garrus.

What makes Garrus awesome? 

  • Headshot ability is through the roof
  • An ever-humble hero
  • The face of a grizzled vet

Garrus Vakarian’s full details: https://masseffect.fandom.com/wiki/Garrus_Vakarian


20. King Ghidorah

A giant, three-headed serpentine. Known as Godzilla’s nemesis. King Ghidorah

Ghidorah’s power is legendary. The ET can fly through space with ease and generate ENORMOUS gravity beams. Aside from all that, just being a colossal interplanetary space dragon is badass enough.

And if anything were to take Thanos’ advice and go for the head, it’d have to act fast- Ghidorah can regen shockingly quickly.  In the presence of strong radiation, its been known to regrow lost limbs in minutes!

The King that TOOK his crown

What makes King Ghidorah awesome?

  • It killed ALL the dinosaurs
  • Hydra-level regenerative powers


King Ghidorah’s full details: https://monster.fandom.com/wiki/King_Ghidorah


19. Spock

Constantly voted either most or second most popular Star Trek character. Spock’s hand gesture has been made so popular, it’s now become a universal signal of geekdom. 

His Vulcan genetics make him physically and mentally stronger than most humans. As well as this, his species are also capable of the ‘mind meld’- essentially a telepathic link.
Famed for his straight-faced, cold hard reason. Spock is one guy you want in a crisis.

Live long and prosper.


What makes Spock awesome?

  • That hand sign
  • Vulcan nerve pinch
  • His famous Simpsons episode


Spock’s full details: https://memory-alpha.fandom.com/wiki/Spock


18. Marvin The Martian (Looney Tunes)

Little Marvin is even more widespread than you would imagine, making appearances in movies like Space Jam. He also starred in a DC comic crossover with Martian Manhunter. 

He and his faithful hound K9 are frequently found trying to destroy planet Earth.. Don't let the goofy voice and the skirt fool you though- Marvin is super smart and wields a ray gun too. 

Despite the majority of his plans never working out, the little guy sure is persistent.

Oh. dear.....

What makes Marvin the Martian awesome:

  • Hilariously sympathetic
  • The least serious villain ever
  • Hot streak of memorable 90s cameos including Simpsons and Space Jam

Marvin the Martian’s full details: https://looneytunes.fandom.com/wiki/Marvin_the_Martian

17. Gonzo The Great (Muppets)

We love Gonzo. Not as much as he seems to love chickens, but he’s a great creation nonetheless. Daring if not dashing, much of the physical comedy in Jim Henson’s puppet world comes from Gonzo. 

The only alien on this list without any particular ‘powers’ to speak of. Discovering in ‘Muppets in space’ that Gonzo is in fact an E.T was an awesome preteen moment. Awfully entertaining and arguably the most human muppet of them all. 

Just take it day to day, Gonzo.

What makes Gonzo the great awesome:


  • Memorable roles in all Muppets video games and films
  • Goofy and always good for a laugh.
  • Teaches kids to accept themselves.

Gonzo the great’s full details:https://muppet.fandom.com/wiki/Gonzo


16. Optimus Prime (Transformers)

What started in Japan as a humble anime cartoon grew to reach around the world. Much like the storied war that the two factions are involved in.

Optimus Prime is one of the faces of this war and Earth’s staunchest defender. A cybernetic alien from a faraway planet. Prime and co. lead the battle against their evil counterparts, the Decepticons.

Master of arms and battle tactics, learnt over at least 5 MILLION years. Able to emulate most machinery by erm….well...transforming. 

Locked, loaded and ready to roll (out merch)

What makes Optimus Prime awesome:

  • A synthetic being that DOESN’T want to kill all organic life for a change
  • Marketability
  • Virtually unkillable


Optimus prime’s full details: https://transformers.fandom.com/wiki/Optimus_Prime_(Tyran)


15. CryptoSporidium (Destroy All Humans!)

Hailing from the planet Furon, CryptoSporidium has a bit of an attitude. He’s got his reasons though.

For starters, his race faces extinction. (Bummer) His predecessor and fellow clone basically kamikaze's into area 51 (sucks to be you). On top of all that, the pesky military just will NOT stop shooting at him. 

Outfitted with a variety of hi-tech weaponry and deadly psychic powers, Crypto is prone to taking his rage out on unsuspecting humans. Oftentimes in hilariously cartoonish ways.

His razor wit and refusal to listen to peaceful alternatives make him the perfect character for a knock-down, burn out apocalyptic shooter. Easily one of  the most iconic video game aliens ever conceived. Just DON’T call him green.

Cows, buildings, robots.....Crypto will take 'em all on

What makes Crypto awesome?

  • Impeccably timed, comical one liners
  • Actually has an anal probe
  • Makes the total annihilation of mankind an entertaining prospect

Cryptosporidium’s full details: https://destroyallhumans.fandom.com/wiki/Cryptosporidium


14. Martian Manhunter

This not-so-little green man is such a fan fave that Zack Snyder’s Justice league included him as a little present. The last of his kind, the rest allegedly wiped out by a ‘psychic plague’ (whatever that is, it sounds cool).


Picture Martian Manhunter as the wise old patriarch of the DC universe- respected by most of his fellow superheroes, he’s clocking up a good 200 years in lived experience. His enormous powers, coupled with his quiet and reserved demeanour, make for a deceptive combo.


Shapeshifting, flight, telekinesis and more are standard for this guardian of Earth.

From Mars, with love.

What makes Martian Manhunter awesome?

  • Amazing comic stories
  • Knows he’s badass, doesn’t have to prove it
  • Saved the earth countless times


Martian Manhunter’s full details: https://www.dccomics.com/characters/martian-manhunter


13. Frieza

THE bad guy of the DragonballZ verse and easily the most beloved. 

Frieza has his fair share of transformations, each more powerful than the last. Fans of the series regard his killing of little Krillin as one of the most unexpected moments of the entire franchise.

Obsessed with immortality and the domination of the galaxy. This feline, effeminate looking creature has ended countless lives on numerous planets. 

Death beam MEANS death beam.

Frieza ain't no pussycat.

What makes Frieza awesome?

  • Challenges masculine archetype of the superpowered villain
  • Always a good choice in the video games
  • Pure, cartoonish psychopathy

Frieza’s full details: https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Frieza



Darkseid was dark side before it was cool. The ancient, immortal god/alien has been in command of home planet Apokolips since time immemorial. His one goal is a simple one:

Total enslavement of every living being in the universe.

He’s been killed in various forms many a time. Yet like your life’s regrets at 4 am, he just keeps coming back to haunt you. Again and again. His ridiculous strength would make the Hulk look like a toddler tantrum. 

Relentlessly chasing the anti-life equation, this malevolent deity will blast all obstacles in his way with his fabled ‘omega beams’.

The ever-looming threat of the DC universe means nobody is safe.

What makes ‘Darkseid’  awesome:

  • Single biggest evil in the DC-verse
  • Omega beams 
  • Constant vibe of ‘do NOT cross me’


Darkseid’s full details: https://superman.fandom.com/wiki/Darkseid


11 Thor

God of thunder, lightning bringer. Whatever great things you’ve heard about Thor have probably come from him. The extraterrestrial hero possesses incredible power with an ego to fit.

 In fact, Mr Odinnson’s arrogance has cost him his mighty weapon Mjolnir on numerous occasions.

Despite his grappling with arrogance, his commitment to being a beacon of lightning in the sky for both Asgard and Earth is the true mark of this hero.

He’s even learned to make the odd joke.

Core part of The Avengers and God amongst us.

What makes Thor awesome:

  • Of course, the hammer. 
  • Because he's a GOD
  • When he got fat, he made that year’s Comic con amazing. 

Thor’s full details: https://marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Thor


10. Venom

Spiderman’s most iconic adversary and occasional ally. Venom is an alien symbiote possessing and feeding off disgraced journalist Eddie Brock (though it HAS possessed others).

Frighteningly strong and able to mirror the majority of Spidey’s powers, Venom tends to bring out the worst in its hosts. Although when its existence or host is threatened, its perspective tends to shift.

Watch those teeth and make some noise. Because it really hates noise.

And fire too, if you have any going spare.

Your dentist's worst nightmare.

What makes Venom awesome:

  • Visually impressive
  • Multidimensional, anti-hero personality
  • Early spiderman games made Venom a playable character. 

Venom’s full details: https://marvel.fandom.com/wiki/Venom_(Klyntar)_(Earth-616)


9. The Predator

 Coming from a universally revered race of sport-hunters, The Predator loves nothing more than feeding its ego. Which almost always involves eviscerating the biggest and baddest in the galaxy

Their pride in hunting the galaxy's most deadly/dangerous creatures makes for a survival of the fittest. Which means only the strongest of its species are still alive.

Debuting in the 1987 Arnie classic, this creature’s high tech gadgetry and murderous instincts make it one of the ultimate ‘survival-horror’ monsters. Once it starts tracking, it does not stop.

Everybody's hangover face

What makes The Predator awesome:

  • It’s bloody dedication
  • Awesome array of gadgets- it’s suit can turn invisible
  • Being able to go toe-to-toe with the Xenomorph 

The Predator’s  full details: https://avp.fandom.com/wiki/Yautja_(Predator)#Culture_and_History


8. Chewbacca

When Mr Star Wars George Lucas saw his dog sit up in his car, he felt the need to make a character from it. In hindsight, we’re kinda glad that he did.

Chewbacca is a hulking 7-foot mess of hair and unintelligible wailing. Of the Wookie race from the planet Kashyyyk, his role as Han Solo’s inseparable smuggle-buddy made him a hit.

And when EA made Chewie a playable battlefront character, they had to nerf his power twice because he could sweep a whole team.

Not your average alien, however you look at him.

'Unintelligible noise'- Chewbacca


What makes Chewbacca awesome:

  • Halloween costume potential was and still is off the charts
  • Your Battlefront killstreak is never negative

Chewbacca’s full details: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Chewbacca


7. Doctor Who

Doctor WHO?

Doctor Who! 

This British institution has gone through more facelifts than Pamela Anderson. Just like Pamela Anderson, it’s still beloved by many. 

Doctor Who is an alien timelord/ saviour of the universe that’s been going strong for more than 50 years now.. S/he boasts a slew of suspiciously plot-dependent powers, making for some pretty interesting comic book adventures. 

There have been many Doctors, making Doctor who a revered part to play on British TV

What makes ‘Doctor Who’ awesome?

  • Inspires loyalty in his/her fanbase
  • Longevity
  • Plenty of suave/cool moments over the years.


Doctor Who’s full details: https://tardis.fandom.com/wiki/The_Doctor



A debate rages around Thanos that’s almost as big and ugly as the purple star-lord himself:


Was he such a bad guy after all?


Sure he killed exactly half the known universe. But he did it (allegedly) so that the other half could live.

Of course, that's his M.O in the movies. In the comics? He’s an unrepentant murderer. An ego freak with god-like power.  Telekinesis, ungodly strength, immortality...

Basically, he's the apocalypse incarnate. The fact that the combined powers of Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, AND Captain America barely puts a dent in the intergalactic warlord speaks volumes. This is a being who, in the comics, literally courts death.


Too bad she thinks they should see other people.

Purple pain is a man(alien) on a mission.

What makes Thanos awesome:

  • Josh Brolin's ‘Avengers’ interpretation.
  • Cultural metaphor for the population issue
  • Planet-crushing power


Thanos’ full details: https://marvelcinematicuniverse.fandom.com/wiki/Thanos


5. Goku

Goku is one of a dying breed of alien warriors. The main man in the manga boasts an array of explosive (literally), powerful moves that in evil hands could end planets.

Luckily, he’s usually a happy guy. His desire to compete and grow is both his biggest positive and weakness. Despite contending with the galaxy’s biggest threats on a regular basis, Goku still manages to maintain a positive outlook on life. There’s a lesson in there somewhere.


Somebody find it for us.

The eighth wonder of the world- Goku's EXACT power level

What makes ‘Goku’  awesome:

  • Loves his friends
  • An ever memeable, absurdly high power level.
  • KAMEHAMEHA!!!!!!!!!

Goku’s full details: https://dragonball.fandom.com/wiki/Goku


4. E.T


‘ET-the extra terrestrial’ hit the box office with out-of-this-world success. Released in 1982 it held the distinction of being Hollywood’s highest-grossing film EVER for eleven years. Then Spielberg made a little movie called ‘Jurassic Park.’

Super-smart with telekinetic powers. ‘ET’ is highly empathetic and can make you feel things- on both sides of the screen. Modernising the immortal legend of this alien character in a remake would almost be cinema heresy.

Heart like a diamond, head like a walnut

What makes ‘ET’  awesome:

  • Sheer fame
  • Actually coming in peace
  • ‘E….T…...phone…..hooooomeeee..’


E.T’s full details: https://www.writeups.org/e-t-extra-terrestrial-spielberg-et/


3. The Xenomorph (Alien)

Responsible for an ungodly amount of merch, including video games and cool steampunk statues. The xenomorph, A.K.A ‘alien’. It’s probably the twisted face you imagine when you think ‘killer space creature’.

This Ridley Scott creation is frighteningly strong, quick AND stealthy. Anybody who’s played ‘Alien: Isolation’ knows the agonising frustration of hiding from it in a locker.  (Top tip: it almost never works)

Xeno has made its way into the pantheon of creative and famous alien characters. If it had to actually FIGHT the others, it would strike first before it even realised it won.

Definition of 'One Hit KO.'

What makes ‘xenomorph’ awesome?

  • Contributed to a revolution in Sci-Fi
  • Merchability
  • The ever expanding lore behind the creature.

Xenomorph’s full details: https://aliens.fandom.com/wiki/Xenomorph


2. Yoda

‘Do, or do not. There is no try.’

This little green mystic has been ultra-famous for the best part of 40 years. In a rich star wars saga of creative and engaging characters, master Yoda is a fan favourite. Many a quote to us, his speech pattern has given.

George Lucas deliberately shrouded the Jedi master in mystery when creating him. Yoda’s first name, history and even his species are unknown to us. Mastery of the force allows him to levitate, read minds and even transcend death.

So famous, even people that have never seen Star wars will have heard of Yoda

Fan or not- awesome piece of art.

What makes Yoda awesome?

  • THAT fight scene with the emperor
  • EVERYBODY gets what impression you’re trying to do
  • Battlefront 2.

Yoda’s full details: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Yoda


1. Superman

The original alien. ‘Superman’ has been a part of our ET culture longer than anybody- created in 1938, the Kryptonian is even older than the legendary greys that supposedly crashed into area 51 in 1947.

Super strength, speed, hearing, flight, heat vision……...pretty much enhanced in every conceivable way. Kal-el earns the top spot for his universal notoriety and staying power.

Mr.Krypton has been saving the planet from everything except the original justice league cut.

What makes Superman awesome?


  • Being the OG superhero.
  • Man of steel
  • 80+ years of commercial success


Superman’s full details: https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Superman_(Clark_Kent)


So that does it for our lists of top 25 best aliens of all time. We just made contact with the zeta reticuli warlord Groshnak. He says he’s going to destroy our planet if you don’t read more articles.


The fate of the world depends on you.

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