[Top 15] Best Warship Games For PC

Take on the world as a pirate in a warship

Here I am to review the Top 15 Best Warship Games for PC. I will try to be as unbiased as I possibly can, but also this is a ranking so with that said, here they are. 

What is it about warship games that we love?

It really could be a number of things. Some of these things could be the sense of adventure found on the open sea. It could be the ecosystem that exists on a ship. The idea of a floating society governed by the laws set by the captain of the vessel. Maybe it's the primal nature in us all to swashbuckle! Regardless of what causes us to love these types of games, we do, we really love them. 


15. Block of Rum

Block of Rum is a Minecraft-esque block building game infused with pirate ship themed blocks and colors. Players construct their own pirate ships before setting sail to engage in thrilling pirate activities like attacking forts and plundering. 

The ultimate goal is to create the most impressive ship. Whether focusing on speed or firepower.

What sets this game apart is its innovative ship building mechanics, promising a unique and immersive experience on the high seas.

Clearly defined Ship to ship combat.


14. Sailing Era

This game is loosely inspired by historical events that took place across the seven seas during the golden age of sail. The world is layed out with nautical routes. 

The goal of the game is to embark on incredible journeys while also gathering loot and battling foe. There are missions to complete and stories to unravel.

The style of the game makes it unique. It’s a stylized reality with the addition of augmented 2d elements that bring the world to life in a way that is both immersive and captivating. 

Engage in hand to hand combat aboard a pirate ship


13. Uncharted Waters Origin

In this game, players navigate uncharted waters, embarking on thrilling naval adventures in pursuit of war on the open sea.

Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the game tasks players with completing missions and delivering goods amidst the challenges of maritime conflict. 

What makes this game unique is its unparalleled historical accuracy. Offering a well crafted world that is 1/320th scale of the real world.

Battling ships on the open ocean!


12. Sid Meier’s Pirates

Sail the vast ocean on a Pirate Ship. Maneuvering the seven seas. Engaging in thrilling battles against other pirates.  

The ultimate goal of this game is to carve out a name for yourself. You are a pirate after all. What good is being a pirate if your name isn’t feared or remembered?

Something unique about this game is how challenging the controls are. Master them and you will be hooked for hours of high sea adventures.

Obliterate the enemy with a volley of cannon fire!


11. Foxhole Naval Warfare

Online tactical warfare brought to you from Siege camp. You take command of your fleet to engage in intense battles against enemy warships and seaside bases. 

The goal of the game is to outmaneuver and outgun your opponents for victory. A sandbox war game with ships from World War II. 

What makes this game unique is the innovative view into the submarines from above the water. A genius feature that adds depth to gameplay and sets it apart from any other naval war game I’ve seen. 

Lay siege to coastal towns with unique ships.


10. Caribbean Legend

A more realistic portrayal of the pirate ships, where every aspect from their design to their mechanics is carefully crafted. Navigate the vast sea in search of  treasure as you take on the role of captain.  

The objective is to choose your career path, discover islands, charter missions to gather valuable treasure. Do all of this from the side of a ship.  

Some unique aspects of this game are the customization of the crew and the sailing. 

Battle with period correct ships on the open sea!


9. Windward

Windward is a procedurally generated world featuring four different factions, each with their strengths and weaknesses. Begin your journey with nothing and set out to explore the endless ocean.  

Pick up quests that feel realistic as if you were just assigned tasks from a local task master in the real world. These range from delivering goods to attacking pirates.

Despite its simple graphics, the game employs an engaging mechanic where you must repair your ship if it runs aground, adding a layer of challenge and nuance to the whole experience.  

Fight an array of vessels with multiple cannon fire!


8. Skull and Bones

Immerse yourself in a beautifully crafted world where exploration has no boundaries between land and sea.

The goal of the game is to become the most feared pirate in all of the land and sea. This is done through taking on a series of quests. Begin your journey with a humble ship and progress by completing quests to unlock more powerful warships. 

What makes this game different is the way that you harvest wood or mine for ore. Instead of disembarking from your ship, you sail up next to the resources. Push a button, play a mini game to collect your resources.

Load the cannons and fight first hand enemy ships on the open water!


7. Naval Action

A game with real ships built from actual woods for a more realistic feel. Each wood has different properties.  

Set your sights on conquering the West Indies, where you’ll establish trading posts and invest to build an even greater empire. 

The Sailing dynamic of this game is done by using a point on the map. Then the ship sails there in a relatively straight line. It is unique and less like driving a car on the ocean.

Battle with enemy ships under  a thick cover of fog.


6. Dredge


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