[Top 9] CoD Warzone Best Mouse Settings That Give You an Advantage

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Two years after the release of Warzone, and with Warzone 2 already set to release by the end of 2022, players are well versed in the game and its mechanics. Much like the professionals, the everyday players have their settings well-optimized to give them as much advantage over their enemy players as possible.

There isn’t a lot you can do with great visual and performance settings, without having the skills, movement, awareness, and aim. Yes, these traits develop over time, and you may get used to your settings, but to get to your peak faster, you need perfectly balanced mouse settings.

There are a bunch of settings available to the players regarding their mouse behavior. You can take advantage of these settings, and start hitting those sprays across the map. Follow along in this article, and get the best out of your mouse.

1.  DPI & Sensitivity: 1600 & 2.00 (Respectively)

The DPI (Dots Per Inch) is, in short, the sensitivity of the mouse on the desktop, or the pointer speed. This setting determines the displacement of the pointer on the screen when you move the mouse 1 inch. This setting directly affects the in-game sensitivity. The higher the DPI, the faster your mouse is going to be on the desktop, and vice versa.

Warzone does not offer any setting to adjust the DPI of the mouse, this can be only done through the mouse’s configuration software. Some mice come with buttons that are there to specifically move between DPI modes (low & high). To set your sensitivity to the desired value, go to the configuration panel, and find DPI settings. From there, select 1600 as your DPI.

Although there is no way to change the DPI within Warzone, the sensitivity of the mouse can be altered from the mouse settings menu. Click on the value on the left of the slider and enter 2.00.

If both these have been properly set, you should have a 43.9 cm/360° sensitivity, which means that you have to move the mouse 43.9 cm horizontally to perform a 360° turn.

Now, this may seem slow to you at first, but this is the most preferred sensitivity by multiple pros and streamers. The reason for keeping such a low sensitivity is to allow you to be a lot more precise while aiming. The more area you have to cover with the mouse, the more accurate you will be with the shots.

So, set these two to the respective values, and let’s move on.

2.  ADS Sensitivity Multiplier: 1.00

This setting decides what your mouse sensitivity is when you are in ADS. When you set this one to 1.00, it means that while in ADS, your sensitivity will remain the same as your general sensitivity. This leaves lesser room for error, and you don’t have to adjust a lot if you’re switching a lot between ADS and hip-fire.

Some people like to lower this to something like 0.75. But this will further reduce the sensitivity, which we have already set to a medium-low value. So, set this one to 1.00 for the best effect.


3.  ADS Mode: Relative

This is a little complicated, allow me to explain. There are two options to choose from: Legacy and Relative.

While on legacy mode, the game does not take into account the amount of zoom that you have in ADS. The sensitivity will remain the same throughout, making the ADS seem a little faster. This surely does affect your gameplay as you will have to adjust to this mode for you to be good at it.

 The Relative mode on the other hand takes the amount of zoom on the gun and then calculates the mouse sensitivity that will make you feel like the sensitivity has been the same. This means that, while in ADS, you will technically be on the same sensitivity that you were on hip-fire mode. When you zoom in, the sensitivity goes down, just the right amount, such that you don’t feel any difference and thus don’t have to adjust to any changes.

This gives a major advantage to the player as the aim will improve! Set this to Relative.

4.  Monitor Distance Coefficient: 1.78 (16:9 monitors) & 1.33 (for 4:3 monitors)

This setting is shown under the ADS mouse sensitivity mode à advanced. This makes sure the ADS mode is working correctly and the game recognizes the ratio of the monitor.

What you need to do, is find out your monitor’s resolution. Now divide the higher value in that resolution, by the lower value (e.g., 1920 is the larger value in 1920x1080).

Whatever answer you get, is what you are going to be setting this to (e.g., 1920/1080 gives 1.78). Essentially what this will do, is adjust the ADS sensitivity with respect to the monitor’s ratio, giving you the right sensitivity down the scope.

5.  ADS Sensitivity Transition Timing: Instant

This control when the ADS sensitivity change happens: is it instant, slowly going down, or is applied after you are zoomed in completely? You want this to be instant, as there is not a lot of time between the hip-fire to ADS position, and you should know that the sensitivity is slower right after you right-click.

6.  Mouse Sensitivity à Air Vehicle Sensitivity: 2.00

If you want to make the helicopter play, or you want to gun down enemies with a plane, you need to increase the sensitivity as much as possible (that is 2.00). If you have been playing for a while, you know that the helicopter and the plane, are both very slow at turning. And when you are controlling them by mouse (especially with low sensitivity) you will struggle a lot.

You need to set this to 2.00 for the best flying experience.

Note: Keep all other multipliers at 1.00.  

7.  Custom Sensitivity Per Zoom: Disabled

This is one of the new options that Warzone has added to the settings tab. It does what it is called, custom sensitivities for every zoom level. You might want to reduce the sensitivity on the highest zooms, but then again, it's bad for muscle memory and requires a lot of adjustment.

Keep this setting disabled to make use of your muscle memory that has been developing for years now.

8.  Mouse Acceleration: Disabled

Mouse acceleration is the increase of sensitivity when you flick around quickly. When you are just casually running around in Caldera, and you quickly turn 90 degrees, this setting will make the flick shorter.

This setting requires a lot of practice if enabled. You need to have this disabled so that you are never darting around with the gun while someone is shooting at you.

9.  Mouse filtering & Mouse Smoothing: Disabled

Both these settings will make the mouse feel a bit smoother. However, these will make your crosshair move slightly off target when you are trying to flick onto someone. Keep them disabled at all costs.


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