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CS:GO Hide and Seek Maps
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Although CS:GO is known for its competitive scene, there are a variety of other ways to play. For example, by subscribing to some of the community workshop maps (with just the click of a button), you can fight zombies, work on your aim, participate in co-op strikes, and even play hide and seek. Yes, even hide and seek. Fortunately, it isn’t just limited to the current 7 competitive maps. That said, here are the top 10 Hide and Seek Maps in CS:GO today.

10. Prison

Prison (hide and seek) was added to the CS:GO Workshop in 2017 by DenikMakedonsky. It features bloody walls, jail cells, dimmed lights, and much more; all in a dark and gloomy atmosphere. You can either play as a prisoner trying to “escape,” or as a monster, terrorizing anyone who defies you. If you don’t feel comfortable hiding in jail cells, you might consider hiding upstairs, on the ceiling, or even in the dirty bathrooms. Overall, it’s a vast and detailed map with plenty of hiding spaces and areas to roam about.

What’s Fun About Prison

  • Large map
  • Plenty of detailed objects, such as the cracks on the walls, bloody floors, and rusty jail cells
  • The overall atmosphere fits well with a horror theme, similar to Outlast

Download Prison

9. Friday the 13th

Based on the franchise, Friday the 13th (map) was introduced in 2016 by DenikMakedonsky. You can hide in the woods, cabins, and even on the roofs. The layout features dead bodies inside the house/cabins (often with a small trail of blood), tall forest trees, glowing pumpkin lights, dirty beds, and much more. You either play as Jason or as one of his victims. If you’re a fan of the franchise or always wondered what it’s like to get chased by one of the most iconic villains in cinema history, then this map is for you.

What’s Fun About Friday the 13th

  • Fairly large map
  • Takes place in the woods, similar to the movie’s cinematography
  • Plenty of unique hiding spaces, such as the treetops and even the bathroom ceilings

Download Friday the 13th (Map)

8. Halloween

You probably guessed it by now, but Halloween (hide and seek) was also created by DenikMakedonsky in 2018. Modeled after Micheal Myers (a serial killer) neighborhood, it uses flashing police lights, dense bushes/hedges, swing sets, living rooms, bedrooms, and even creepy photos. The atmosphere is dark, despite offering a few dimmed lights; giving you very little chance of escaping Myers’s wrath. You either play as the notorious serial killer or as an innocent bystander. Like Friday the 13th, Halloween is another fun map to play based on the franchise and scenery.

What’s Fun About Halloween

  • For fans of the Halloween series, or those interested in the cinematography
  • Plenty of houses to hide in and roam about
  • Detailed objects surrounding the house, such as the small tricycles and tall hedges

Download Halloween (Map)

7. Office

Introduced in 2016, Office is exactly what it sounds like. Take, for example, the swiveling chairs, water dispensers, office supplies, big cardboard boxes, copy machines, desks, computers, and so on. If that’s not enough, you can visit the underground parking lot, payroll department, and even hide inside the vents. I personally like the break rooms, or the rooms with books, televisions, and big sofas to relax on (and hide, of course). It was created by Yoba.

What’s Fun About Office

  • A plethora of office supplies and equipment 
  • Features various rooms, e.g. break rooms, supply rooms, a conference room, etc.
  • Your “typical” office; it’s all in the details

Download Office

6. School

Uploaded in 2018 by ArtiX, this map brings back memories of a typical school setting. Although the map is fairly small, the details are imminent, such as the chalkboards, computer labs, classroom chairs, main office, and so on. If you prefer, there are a few hiding spots outside near the trees, fountain, and rooftop. If you still find yourself bored (as we all do in school at times), you can go upstairs and play soccer on the basketball court/soccer “field.” It seems then that the teachers decided to take the day off.

What’s Fun About School

  • Typical school setting, with school supplies and furniture
  • Small map, so you won’t get (as) lost
  • There’s a soccer court inside the school when you don’t feel like hiding anymore

Download School

5. College

Arguably a more detailed version of School, College (hide and seek) was also created by ArtiX in 2019. You can hang out (or hide) in the halls, auditorium, spacious classrooms, soccer court, parking lot, bathrooms, and much more. There’s also a hidden ping pong table and cafeteria room. You either play as a “Hitman” or school girl. I’m sure we could also find some really good hiding spots on our campuses if we tried.

What’s Fun About College

  • Large map with many classrooms, hallways, and school-related objects
  • Plenty of hiding spots, such as the vents and beneath the auditorium
  • Cafeteria room, in case you get hungry

Download College

4. Winter Village

If you’re not a fan of horror or school maps, then this might be for you. Created in 2016 by DenikMakedonsky, Winter Village offers amazing scenery from the snowy trails to the Christmas trees inside the homes. Hiding places include the upstairs bedrooms (with computers) dining room (with booths), washing room, living rooms (with TV’s), fireplaces, and even the roofs. Bright Christmas lights and decor are common throughout the map. I’m sure Santa would approve.

What’s Fun About Winter Village

  • Medium-sized map; fairly easy to navigate through
  • Various rooms provide additional hiding spots
  • Christmas decor goes well with the Winter theme

​Download Winter Village

3. Alien

Another map created by DenikMakedonsky in 2017. This time, however, you play inside a spacecraft. Objects and locations include vents, space stations, machinery, plants, lobbies, red lights, and even a vending machine. It’s similar to what you’ll see in an outer space-themed video game, such as, Alien Isolation. Did I mention the size of the Alien?

What’s Fun About Alien

  • Another fairly large map
  • Various hiding spots located below, at, and above ground level
  • Space themed objects, such as machinery, broken wires, and automatic doors

​Download Alien

2. Beach House

Posted by [-=KILL MAN=-] in 2019, Beach House offers players a simple, yet elegant home with an indoor swimming pool. There are multiple beds and rooms to hide in, from the stairs to the secret underground passages. You can also play outside next to the trees, SWAT cars, and even inside the swimming pool. Zombies, on the other hand, will try and find you. Don’t know about you, but I’d like to have a home like this someday.

What’s Fun About Beach House

  • Fairly small map with a good amount of hiding places
  • Great view of the water, along with access to the swimming pool
  • Rooms have plenty of decor and objects, such as beach paintings, closet/clothing, washing room, etc.

Download Beach House

1. Hotel

Created by SpOy in 2016, Hotel not only offers you a comfortable place to stay, but also showcases an outdoor swimming pool and playground. When you first enter the hotel, you’ll see the main lobby with couches, chairs, vending machines, and a receptionist desk. As you go upstairs, you’ll see plenty of bedrooms along with a conference room/break room. The decor is far from bland, providing guests with pillows, refrigerators, ice machines, blue toilets, supply boxes, and more. Overall, it’s a pleasant stay.

What’s Fun About Hotel

  • Medium-sized map, thus fairly easy to navigate through
  • Plenty of hiding spaces and objects to interact with
  • Typically what you might see in a hotel; along with an outdoor playground and swimming pool

Download Hotel

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