Top 5 DBFZ Best Assists (Most Powerful DBFZ Assists)

DBFZ Best Assists
"Damn it, Sorbet! You had one job!"

Choose The Best DBFZ Assists For More Wins

To formulate teams that best compliment you as a player, you’re going to need to spend some time in the lab experimenting with different assists. That being said, this is a fighting game, so, of course, there are going to be characters that are just better than the rest of the cast either overall or in certain aspects. For example, these upcoming five characters have assists that handle more scenarios better than others.

5. Kid Buu


Power Rating: 80/100

Kid Buu’s Arm Ball is by far the best lockdown assist in the game. The start-up for it is also the longest, though. You’ll need to distract your opponent with a cross-up when you summon Kid Buu or already have them in a combo or block string. You can also use another assist to help cover Buu while he sets up, but I wouldn't recommend it since you’ll be burning resources. Still, as far as applying pressure goes, the arm ball delivers a tremendous amount of hit stun, so if it connects, it’ll keep your opponent grounded and vulnerable long enough for you to do whatever you want. Also, Kid Buu’s level-one super allows nearly every character in the game to score two level-one supers of their own. I'm cheating since that's not an assist, but it’s a nice advantage to think about when team building.

4. Android 16

"I'm on all of these top tier lists, aren't I?"

Power Rating: 85/100

Both Android 16 and his assist are amazing—a grappler with none of the archetypes’ weaknesses. He’s a top-tier character, and his assist isn’t any different. For starters, it’s deceptive. Most of the assists in the game startup behind the point character, but 16 jumps ahead before using his Hell Heat; this makes it great for catching your opponent off-guard. On top of that, if you’re opponent blocks this assist, they’ll be hit with some heavy block stun, making it easy for you to pull off mix-ups. The assist is also great for extending combos since it pops the opponent into the air when it connects. You can also use it to make negative moves safe, like Adult Gohan’s DP or Bardock’s Rebellion Spear (although, Rebellion Spear is difficult enough to punish on its own).

3. Goku (SSJ)

"Hey Vegeta, you actually placed higher than me in something!"

Power Rating: 90/100

In most fighting games that feature them, beam assists are always useful. (SSJ) Goku’s Kamehameha is no exception. You basically win the neutral game and force your opponent to block by pressing a button. If you chase them down right away, you can even corner-carry them if they get hit by it, which will allow you to start some serious pressure. You can also use this assist to extend combos through Dragon Rushes. 

The fact that the assist is attached to (SSJ) Goku isn’t bad either. (SSJ) Goku is a character that anyone can pick up and use, so he’s not overtly broken, nor is he really bad. He’s a decent choice to have on your team and arguably the best “Goku” in the game. Goku Black is the other contender, and, funny enough, has a beam assist too. However, (SSJ) Goku’s comes out a few frames faster.

2. Vegeta (SSJ)

"Shut up, Kakarot!"

Power Rating: 95/100

DBFZ nerfed Vegeta’s assist from the best in the game to one of the best in the game. Even though he doesn’t offer the same block stun he used to, and your opponent can opt to super dash or reflect his volley, you can still auto-win the neutral with him. You can use him to bait out your opponent’s super dashes and then punish them with a 2H. If your opponent reflects, then you can aim for cross-ups and command grabs. He can also force your opponent to give up any pressure they might mount. On top of all of this, he’s still fantastic at extending your combos and punishing your opponent if they get too aggressive. Also, he's prince of all anchor characters.

1. Yamcha

"But...I'm at the top of the list..."

Power Rating: 95/100

Damage wise, Yamcha is exactly like his anime counterpart. His z-assist, on the other hand, is actually amazing. It’s called the Wolf Fang Dash, and it has a 22-frame startup, which means it comes out like lightning, making it a great neutral tool since it's incredibly difficult to react to.

If the assist hits, it has so much hit stun that you can easily use it to confirm or extend your combos. It also has some of the longest block stun in the game, so if your opponent opts to react to it with a block, you can get some pretty insane pressure in corner situations, and you can perform some pretty potent mix-ups all around. Still, it does mean you have to play Yamcha, and while he’s not an overall bad character, he does require a lot of work and resources to put down other fighters.

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