[Top 5] D&D Best Blood Hunter Builds That Are Fun To Play

Monster Hunting done right

Blood hunters are clever warriors who have undergone extensive training, ruthless conditioning, and mysterious rituals of blood magic in preparation for destroying evils old and new.

Armed with blood magic and well-honed combat techniques, they protect the land from the shadows, walking the thin line between humanoid and monster as their powers grow.

From noble knights to cutthroats, 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons has all martial classes, and Blood hunters can bring a whole new flavor to your table.

If you’re a fan of the Witcher series, Castlevania, Van Helsing, and similar media, then the Blood hunter is the class for you. Feared by people and monsters alike, these experienced hunters go to any length to destroy their quarry, even if it means dabbling in the dark arts.

When playing as one, you must be careful of staring too long into the abyss, for it may require you to roll for initiative, so, before that happens, we’ve made a list to help you build the best Blood hunter possible!

Pick up your silvered arms, read up on the occult, for tonight we’re hunting monsters…by becoming one.

Remember that, while very popular and available in DND Beyond, Blood Hunter is still a Homebrew class, so make sure your Dungeon master allows it in advance.

5. Full metal Warrior.

Blood Hunters are usually conceived as dexterity-based fighters, however, they don’t have to stay that way.

The “Full Metal Warrior” is a strength-based build that revolves around wearing heavy armor and hitting things as hard as possible.

Since Blood Hunters willingly sacrifice hit points we’ll need a big enough pool to stay fighting. 

By starting as a Hill Dwarf fighter, we’ll get an awesome +2 to Constitution and +1 to Wisdom, proficiency in heavy armor, a +1 to Armor Class (AC) with the defense fighting style, and an extra Hit Point every level.

From second level upwards, we’ll continue leveling up as Blood Hunter, wielding the biggest weapon we can fight, comfortably staying in the front lines with our heavy armor.

What the Full Metal Warrior Excels In.

  • Blood Hunters are a Multi-Attribute Dependent class, by multiclassing with Fighter we reduce the necessity of raising Dexterity and Hill Dwarf nets us more Hit Points.

Full build details: 

Race: Hill Dwarf.

Class: Fighter at level 1, then take your first level in Blood Hunter. From here on, you’ll only be taking levels in the Blood Hunter class.

Stats: Strength > Constitution > Wisdom > Everything else.

Equipment: Heavy Armor & Two-handed weapons.

Feats: If your game uses feats, Tough and Great Weapon Master are the way to go.

4. Mutated Sniper

Who says a hunter can’t bring down their prey at range?

This build revolves around increasing our ranged capabilities as much as possible.

Wood Elf racial features are perfect for this build thanks to the ability score increases and the extra movement speed.

By picking up the Archery Fighting Style, bumping our Dexterity as high as possible, activating the crimson rite, joining the Order of the Mutant, and using the Celerity mutagen, we’ll become a deadly archers.

Since we’ll be hitting foes from far away, we can stay outside the range of effects that have us roll Wisdom saving throws (which our mutagen lowers). 

What the Mutated Sniper Excels In:

  • Picking foes from afar. With our constant damage output, no foe will be capable of escaping.
  • A ranged build gives you more freedom to move around the battlefield and lets you pick off flying enemies.

Full build details: 

Race: Wood Elf.

Class: Blood Hunter, Order of the Mutant all the way through.

Stats: Dexterity > Constitution > Wisdom > Everything else.

Equipment: Light armor & longbow.

Feats: If your game uses feats, Sharpshooter is the default choice.

3. Undead Bane.

They say that the deadliest poisons come in the smallest packages.

This build focuses on that, for Stout halflings can become the most dangerous undead hunters in the land.

With an awesome +2 bonus to Dexterity and +1 to constitution, resistance to poison, and the lucky trait, we’re geared towards a dexterity-based combat style.

After refining the secrets of blood magic for combat against the undead at level 3, we’ll pick up the Order of the Ghostslayer to become potent against the creatures of the grave!

With the mobile feat, we’ll make the most out of our Dexterity with guerrilla tactics and make short work of vampires and liches alike.

What the Undead Bane Excels In:

  • Killing undead is this build’s whole niche. If your campaign is going to have a lot of zombies, specters, and more going around, few choices will top this one.

Full build details: 

Race: Stout Halfling.

Class: Blood Hunter, Order of the Ghostslayer.

Stats: Dexterity > Constitution > Wisdom.

Equipment: Light armor, Shield & Rapier.

Feats: If your game uses feats, Mobile and Tough are great choices that complement your fighting style.

2. Heretical Hunter

Some blood Hunters push the limits of blood magic for use against the terrifying monsters that lurk in the darkest corners of the world.

The “Heretical Hunter” is a build that blends magic with the prodigious martial skill of the Blood Hunter class.

With a +2 to Dexterity and +1 to Intelligence, High Elf is a great choice since it also expands the number of spells (cantrips) available to us.

At third level, by joining the Order of the Profane soul, we get access to powerful warlock spells like Hex and Armor of Agathys to increase our fighting chances.

Booming blade is an amazing choice for melee combat and Eldritch Blast is, simply put, the best ranged cantrip in the whole game.

What the Heretical Hunter Excels In:

  • Magic translates to versatility: By unlocking spells we can bypass annoying enemy resistances and immunities.

Full build details: 

Race: High Elf.

Class: Blood Hunter, Order of the Profane Soul.

Stats: Dexterity > Intelligence > Constitution > Everything else.

Equipment: Light Armor, Shield & Rapier.

Feats: If your game uses feats, Warcaster and Tough are a must.

Recommended Spells: Eldritch Blast, Booming Blade & Hex.

1. The Beast Within.

Here it is, the most potent melee build for the Blood hunter.

The “Beast Within” makes the most out of the Order of the Lycan features…and it lets you be a freaking werewolf! (or werebeaver, if that’s what you’re into).

Besides making for some interesting roleplaying, this subclass gives you a bonus to AC, damage resistances like a barbarian, a reliable, two-weapon fighting-like style of combat that is compatible with your crimson rite, and tons more.

As you level up, the drawbacks from the subclass become insignificant if you want to go Dexterity-based.

There is no way to go wrong with the Order of the Lycan, you just need to pick a race that increases your Dexterity and either Wisdom or Constitution.

We recommend picking either Wood Elf or Stout Halfling.

What the Beast Within Excels In:

  • As the name implies, you get to on the form of a Lycanthrope!
  • Reliable damage output and tons of endurance.
  • Sporadic urges to howl at the moon.

Full build details: 

Race: Wood Elf or Stout Halfling.

Class: Blood Hunter, Order of the Lycan.

Stats: Dexterity > Constitution > Wisdom > Everything else.

Equipment: Light armor.

Feats: If your game uses feats then Tough is an excellent choice to further increase your endurance.

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