[Top 10] D&D Best Utility Spells

Best D&D Utility Spells
Little spells that can make a big impact in any situation!

What do you do when a Fireball just won't cut it?

Not all spells need to be about combat. There are actually dozens of spells within the game of D&D that are perfect for all kinds of things—from setting up a great base camp to ensuring any food and drink that you eat is totally safe! Such utility spells are perfect for keeping the game moving and encouraging characters to think outside the box. If you haven’t put much thought into these specific kinds of spells before, now is a great time to check them out. Here are 10 of the best utility spells to consider for your next character. 

10. Purify Food and Drink by Cleric, Paladin, Druid, Artificer

Gluttony kills more than the sword. 

You’ve just arrived at a great feast being thrown by a suspicious member of your country’s government. The tables are decked out with delicious-looking food and drink, tempting you to fill your plates and dive in! But can you actually trust what sets in front of you? With a quickly murmured ritual spell, you can simply purify all the non-magical food and drink within a 5-foot spherical radius, making sure that not a drop of poison or potential disease can harm your party! 

Why it is a Great Spell:

  • The effects of this spell are instantaneous
  • No components are needed 
  • An easily accessible first level spell that’s perfect for beginners 
  • Avoid unnecessary illness or death that could be caused by tainted food and drink  

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/spells/purify-food-and-drink

9. Catnap by Bard, Sourcerer, Wizard, Artificer

Just a bit of quality shut eye can do wonders!

A great battle has just taken place and your party has safely snuck their way into a rolling caravan, hidden underneath tarps in the back. While the ride won’t last long, any break is welcomed considering the damage and how many of your companions are depleted of both energy and spells. What can possibly be done to help in such a short amount of time? Why the Catnap utility spell of course! Thanks to this helpful spell, with just a small pinch of sand and a whispered command, 3 willing creatures of your choice will fall into a restful sleep. Within just 10 minutes, these sleepy individuals can gain the benefit of a short rest! But there’s a catch. The benefits are only gained as long as the spell isn’t broken and once the short rest has been used it can’t be performed on the same people again until after a long rest period

Why it is a Great Spell:

  • The component sand is easy to come by
  • Gain an hour-long rest in only 10 minutes, acting as a buff
  • Has a range of 30 feet
  • At higher levels, you can target additional willing creatures 

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/spells/catnap

8. Knock by Bard, Sourcerer, Wizard

Knock, knock. Who is it? 

What do you do when coming in contact with a locked door or chest? Do everything you can to open it of course! With the Knock spell, you can open virtually any locked mundane item with just a quick incantation. Simply look at the desired locked item, mutter the knock spell, and voila! With a booming knock sound that can be heard from 300 feet away, the item will become unlocked. Just keep in mind that if there are multiple locks on just one item, only one of the locks will be opened with this spell. 

Why it is a Great Spell:

  • The results are instantaneous 
  • No components are needed
  • You can unlock anything with a mundane lock 
  • Can be used to render the spell Arcane Lock useless for 10 minutes 

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/spells/knock

7. Light by Bard, Cleric, Sorcerer, Cleric, Artificer 

May the light forever chase away darkness. 

No dark vision? No problem! If you find yourself in a dark area and in need of light, this little spell is absolutely perfect to call upon. All you need is a firefly or a small ball of phosphorescent moss and you’ll be set for the next hour. Simply touch a medium-sized object (no larger than 10 feet in any dimension) that you’d like to illuminate and decide what color you’d like it to glow. The object will spread bright light out within a 20-foot t radius with an additional 20 feet of dim light around that. Unless you use up the entire hour or end the spell with an action, the light will continue to glow. 

Why it is a Great Spell:

  • Perfect for lighting up dark areas when fire can’t be used
  • Lasts for 1 hour
  • Can also be used in battle and requires an enemy to succeed on a Dexterity saving throw to avoid the spell’s effects
  • Requires relatively easy to acquire components 

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/spells/light

6. Feather Fall by Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard, Artificer 

Let the wind carry you...it's much better than the alternative. 

You find yourself falling from a great height. Perhaps you were thrown, or maybe you jumped, who knows—but there’s no doubt you’re going to be seriously injured once you land. Luckily, you happened to grab a simple feather from a chicken roost earlier today, but now it has a much bigger purpose! With a shout, you cast the reaction spell of Feather Fall, which spreads around you for a range of 60 feet. You and any other companion within that range begin to fall slower and slower, decreasing your descent by 60 feet until the spell ends. If you happen to reach the ground before the end of a minute, you take no falling damage and land on your feet like a graceful cat, thus ending the spell! 

Why it is a Great Spell:

  • Helpful for non-flying creatures when falling from great heights
  • Requires easy to acquire components 
  • Can slow the fall of up to 5 other creatures
  • 1st level spell that’s perfect for beginners 

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/spells/feather-fall

5. Legend Lore by Bard, Cleric, Wizard, Knowledge Domain, The Undying

Within books, entire worlds reside. 

Although this spell requires a few more high-quality components than our previous spells, it is extremely useful for obtaining information about the world you live in. Have a question about a specific person or place that you just heard whispers about in town? Simply think of that name while you burn four ivory strips and incense as you speak the Legend Lore incantation. The spell will present you with a brief summary of the item in question in the form of a story, secret lore, or a current tale. While these tidbits are helpful, the more information you know about something already, the more information you can get from the spell! So don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you can about the person, place, or thing you have in mind to get the most out of this utility. 

Why it is a Great Spell:

  • The results are instantaneous 
  • Casting time only takes about 10 minutes
  • You can gain a wealth of information on items of legendary importance 
  • Very useful for solving mysteries or discovering useful information about a magical item 

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/spells/legend-lore

4. Skill Empowerment by Bard, Sorcerer, Wizard, Artificer

Most any situation can be improved with a bit of skill and luck. 

We all know how stressful it can be going into a big moment of the game and being unsure of how the rolls will turn out. Well with Skill Empowerment, you can boost a player in a skill of your choice and even the odds a little! No components are needed for this spell, and with just one touch, you can help a comrade deepen their understanding of their talents. Until the spell ends in 1 hour, that comrade now has a double proficiency bonus for any ability checks that require that chosen skill. The only drawback? You can only choose a skill that the comrade is proficient in already! 

Why it is a Great Spell:

  • No components needed
  • The results last up to 1 hour
  • Double proficiency bonus for one of a willing creature’s skills
  • Helps to give a bit more sense of control in a difficult situation  

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/spells/skill-empowerment

3. Commune with Nature by Druid, Ranger, Circle of the Land (Arctic/Forest), Oath of the Ancients/of the Open Sea

With nature comes both peace and destruction...which will you choose? 

Where do most adventurers spend a great deal of their time? That’s right, the outdoors! Because of this, having a utility spell that makes nature work for you versus against you is a must-have. That’s where Commune with Nature comes into play. If you are a Druid or a Ranger, all you need to do is take a moment to meditate with nature. As you do, you’re able to gain knowledge of the surrounding area. For those meditating outside, you get information on the land within 3 miles of your location. If you are in a cave or underground, the area is limited to 300 feet. Once the spell has been cast, you can gain information on three of the following things: 

  • Nearby bodies of water 
  • Plants, animals, people, or minerals
  • Powerful undead, fey, or other magical creature
  • Buildings
  • And even other planes of existence 

Why it is a Great Spell:

  • No components needed
  • Instantaneous results
  • Provides vital information for survival 
  • Covers vast areas outdoors

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/spells/commune-with-nature

2. Magnificent Mansion by Bard, Wizard

Home sweet home. 

Are you tired of sleeping in a tent or even worse, just in a bush somewhere? Well, then you’re going to love the Magnificent Mansion utility spell! As this is a 7th level spell, you’ll have plenty of time to acquire the necessary components needed to summon the mansion—a miniature portal that has been carved out of ivory, a small piece of polished marble, and a tiny silver spoon. Once all of these items are together, you can summon a lovely mansion in any location, for 24 hours. But this isn’t just a simple mansion, no! It comes with a staff of 100 servants that can help perform easy tasks like cooking and cleaning, which makes the warm and comfortable atmosphere even less lonely.  With this spell, you can travel in style and be comfortable no matter what type of terrain you may find yourselves in! 

Why it is a Great Spell:

  • Completely customizable where you can have any layout you like as long as it doesn’t expand over 50 cubes in size
  • Comfortable lodging and service regardless of where you are
  • Lasts 24 hours
  • When the spell ends, everyone simply finds themselves outside and no one gets stuck inside the spell

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/spells/magnificent-mansion 

1. Dawn by Cleric, Wizard

Hope comes with the dawn. 

Never be afraid of the dark or the undead again with this utility spell. Dawn is a great spell for dire situations where a little light needs to be shed.Fighting in a pitch-black cave? No problem. Need to take out a bunch of monsters that are only sensitive to light? This spell is for you! With a sunburst pendant in hand, you lift your staff to the cave ceiling, calling upon the power of light. Instantaneously, a 30-foot wide by a 40-foot tall cylinder of morning light streams down on your location. Any creature within the beam of light must make a constitution saving throw to avoid radiant damage. This cylinder can also be moved up to 60 feet as a bonus action on your turn, making it easy to cast and move at will. But move fast, it only lasts for a minute before the sunlight fades back into the darkness!  

Why it is a Great Spell:

  • A quick but powerful spell that can help deal a lot of damage to a wide area
  • Sheds light in dark areas 
  • Only one component needed 
  • Can be moved as a bonus action 

Full Spell details: https://www.dndbeyond.com/spells/dawn

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